Bad Bobby Saga [Dark Path 0.15.4889] [DRincs]

Cover Bad Bobby Saga

Release date: 17 August, 2023
Genre: Ren’py, Visual Novel, Animation, Erotic Adventure, Incest, Male Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, Family Sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Seduction, Voyeur
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Bad Bobby Saga 1.00 Taboo Edition + Incest Patch + The return v0.1.0 + Bad Bobby Saga 2 v0.2 + Dark Path v0.15.4889 + v1.1 Demo
Language: English, Italian, French, German, Polish, Russian, Spanish
File size: 3.42 GB + 64 Mb + 919 Mb + 3.06 Gb + 1.28 Gb

About game:
This game is about a young brother who lived with his mother and 3 sisters. He will use all the means to drag them into a sexual relationship… Previously “Bad Brother Saga”

+ Changelog
This is a small update but a nice one.
The Ms Anna Office nightmare should trigger when you go to bed and if you ever have visit MsAnna at the office.
The Lucy Study scenes should be there once you have “NOT” trigger the Lucy shower scene after thenight out.

What has been changed:
-Lucy exam study helping her.
-Ms Anna Office nightmareAnyhoo

What has been changed:
Liza new shower scene (If you have unlocked the old version you can see the new one.)
Liza night visit to check her phone.
Talk to liza after party and quick visit with Ms. Anna
Visit Liza in her room after party.
Visit Liza in her room after party – Game Over
Lucy exam study when you first talk to her
Lucy exam study helping her ( will be continue in next update )
Ms Anna Laundry event part 2

Will be added in a few days
Lucy exam study helping her
Ms Anna Office nightmare ( Needing some extra polish)


** This content is at the start of the game so you will need to start a new game **

Here is the next update.. This will be a two part release due to the amount of content and changes. This will remove all the old renders and either enhance or replace existing scenes. Also I have added the “Replay Gallery” on the main menu you can replay scenes you played in the game.

Ms Anna Office with be in the next update as the lighting was not great and I need to redo it.

Dark Path Choices:
I have added dark part choice to the Ms Anna laundry scene like what I did with Lucy in the fight scene. The dark path choices will let you change how you treat the characters in future updates and will either show or hide scenes based on you choices.

What has been changed:

Bobby visit Ms Anna after his dream
Liza in the kitchen making breakfast
Ms Anna in the Laundry part 1 — route 1
Bobby see Jenny in her room
Lucy doing her nail in the sitting room.
Liza and Jenny in the sitting room and Bobby play with himself

What leave to do:

Liza shower scene
Ms Anna in the Laundry part 2 — route 2
Sneaking into Liza room to access her phone at night
Bobby in Liza room after she come home from night
Lucy in the sitting and Bobby plays with her
Ms Anna Office Nightmare

New features:

New music for Bobby scenes
New main menu gallery screen
Day Dream flash – Liza in the kitchen
Day Dream flash – Liza and Jenny in the sitting room

v1.1 Demo:
This demo offers you a glimpse into Liza’s corruption, a taste of what’s to come in the full game. While it’s a compact version, I believe it captures the essence of the gameplay and story that I meticulously shape.
The full update is about 90% ready and will be released very soon.

Version1.0 is finally ready!
1GB of new content!
A lot has been changed, the story has been updated, sound effects added, there are marker…

Here is what is in this release:

2 x Jenny Yoga scenes
2 x Jenny Night Scene
2 x Jenny Morning Scene
1 x After Shower scene Ms Anna
1 x Night Scene with Lucy
Start of the Night Club (Fat Kat’s) Story-line
Others smaller scenes around the house and night club

What left to do:

Liza sunbathing add more events
Lucy college events.
Lucy Photo events
Jenny Night Club events
Jenny Sunbathing
Few other events I still working on.

Technical Changes:

fixed some typos.
Made some small changes to the UI
Added some new music
Fixed some bugs in the storylines etc.


The main purpose of this update is to add in the starter events for some of the bigger storyline which will be updated of the next 2 mini update 0.15.46 / 0.15.48.
The office storyline will be very big so I have spent a lot of time setting up the models and scenes which will play out over the next 2 updates.
The same goes for the college events as there will be a lot of new content and events.

Here is the next release:

Ms Anna Last part of the sunbathing
Liza start the sunbathing events
Office event with Ms Anna and friends
Lucy College event with Camila the teacher
Lucy College event with Scarlett the cheerleader

What left to do:

Liza sunbathing add more events
Office add more events to find out what going on in the office
Lucy college events.

Technical Changes:

fixed some typos.
Made some small changes to the UI
Added some new music
Added hacking stat for the new story-line events

12 September 2022:

Added Bad Bobby Saga Dark Path v0.15.42

Version1.0 is finally ready! 1GB of new content!
A lot has been changed, the story has been updated, sound effects added, there are marker…

Bad Bobby Saga 2.0 is an unofficial continuation to RAinces’ iconic adult visual novel, Bad Bobby Saga, driven by the one & only Summer Penguin.

v0.1.0 The return:

153 renders

This version is about Ms.Anna story.
It will be a kind of a “Story mode” for this character.
There will be no new progress with the character, but there will be several new hot scenes.
I had to do this to make this game more simple and less grindy. As well as the script get kinda messy by now, and I’ll have to do some clean up in the future.
If you already play the game, don’t worry, you will not have to start a new game. you can access the mode from Bob’s computer and keep your progress and saves.
Also, you can start the mode from the main menu.
As I said before, I’m planing to release this mode for the other main charterers as well in the future.(But not in the next update).

Lucy- Bobby finds a way to make Lucy go out again, and with the help of her friend Julia, He can really manipulate her this time.
Liza- Bobby finds a new way to corrupt Liza with her computer, they are really getting closer at the end before Bobby’s messing things up.

New progress with Ms. Anna.
New progress with Lucy.

2 new scenes in Bad Bobby Saga
one with MC trapping Liza under his bed and a small shower scene with a drunk Lucy…

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