Clean Slate [1.0.0] [mugwump]

Release date: 8 April, 2024
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Female protagonist, Simulator, Animated, Sandbox, Transformation, Prostitution, Sex toys, Corruption, Blackmail, Oral sex, Anal sex
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: Clean Slate 1.0.0
Language: English
File size: 1.70 GB

About game:

In Real prn game “Clean Slate” you are given a chance to start your life over with a clean slate but even your gender is up for grabs and if you don’t play your cards right you might end up with a future you never imagined possible. This is a sandbox game and while there will (eventually) be a main story line for the most part you’re just supposed to explore the environment without guided direction.

Version 1.0.0

Media Conversion is full finished!
Total reduction in file size of over 1GB for a final v1.0.0 size of 1.70Gb.
I decided to bump the game up to v1.0.0 due to the significance of the shifted media
Some Minor Bug fixes
Most of this update is for Silver Slut
Reworked initial scenes
the way the individual Clothing items work has changed
you can no long add Silver clothing items to your planned outfit (with one exception)
they have to be put on in the correct order
ArchNemsis – Super Slut
she tries to foil you from stoping crimes
Meet her in the final room of the Secret Lab
NOTE: this path does contain a “bad ending”
Slut Patrol
Silver Slut doesn’t have to wait for crime to find her, she can go search for it on Patrol.
New Trait – Night Breed
New Kink – Pay to Play

Version 0.12.7

  • Minor bug fixes and Media conversions.
    • _FULL game is now at 1.95GB including new media; that means ~800MB in size reduction since start of the conversion
  • New Store in the mall
    • 3rd floor of the mall now has a game store where you can buy new games for your laptop
    • no real impact to gameplay, just another way to waste time
    • Hint: Not all of the games available from the store are on the wall.
    • might add trait/personality impacts later on
  • New Paul event at University Apartment
    • Once you’ve progress to the end of Paul’s content and he’s in control he’ll, at some point, have you start being the apartment maid and clean up the place once a week.
    • Right now mostly just a reason for some sexy-maid media but each cleaning event you do will raise your Cleaning Skill
    • Will add some RNG events and ‘client encounters’ later on
    • In theory this event-loop could be eventually used for any general maid services — ie: a new job!

Version 0.12.4

  • Mostly this update is to push out some Media conversions since file size is already 100+MBs
    • Even with new media added in this update the overall game size is reduced by almost 200MB — that means an overall reduction of around 300MB just from the conversions! More to come in future updates
    • Would recommend you clear your local folder and download the _FULL to benefit from the reduced file size, but the _UPDATE works just as well.
  • AMI Lab Janitor update
    • basic loop and RNG events added with media and text
    • hook added for Silver Slut quest
      • one of the lab RNG events gives you the chance to do some research on where AMI is getting material for their X-Gene trial
  • Rest of update is for Silver Slut arc
    • The Super Villain fights should trigger more reliably once you’re able to defeat them
    • New Super Villain – The Rizzler
      • He’s sent to stop you when your research into the X-Gene trials goes too far
      • able to turn NPCs into sex-crazed nymphomanic Bimbos. Basically he’s a walking orgy!
    • New Powers added – was a bit grindy when the # of criminals gets too high so I added some AOE attacks
      • Summon a Silver Stripper Pole
        • Let’s you do a spin attack to take out multiple baddies
      • Use Hoopnosis
        • Mind control your opponents to attack each other!

Version 0.11.9

  • NOTE: be sure to click the ‘Adjust Variables’ option in the cell phone (only need to click it once) on existing games
  • Misc Updates
    • Bug Fixes
    • Shifted some media around, if you download the _UPDATE you’ll end up with some duplicate/renamed images.
    • “New” Melissa event
      • the event itself was coded some time ago, but a bug in the code blocked it from ever firing
      • while working as a night stripper you can RNG a chance to dance on Stage with Melissa
    • New Streetwalker event
      • NPCs can request you slap them in the face with your big ol’ titties
      • must be at least D cup to trigger
    • Can now use your vamp powers on rando girls at Fairhaven
    • Some tweaks to logic that tracks who NPCs think you are (what body you were in when you first met them)
  • ZCup Island Updates
    • Once you discover a location on the island you can then choose to go directly there rather than randomly stumble into it
    • new location added – Mushroom Fairy Ring
  • Farmhand Updates
    • Scoring and ranking system added
    • new repeatable chore – digging a well – added for those who finish other chores early.
    • farmhands with the lowest weekly score get “punished” with an undesirable job
    • farmhands with the highest weekly score get “rewarded” with a desirable job
    • At end of first week boss tells you about ranking system, after that you can check your score ranking at the end of each day
    • It’s now possible to transition from the Farmhand job to the Housemaid job if make the right/wrong choices
    • If you’re too weak to do some of the farmhand jobs you can ask someone to help you
      • a few RNG tasks the NPC will offer you in exchange for help on your chore
      • One of these options is the path to transition to a Housemaid job
  • Housemaid Updates
    • As a housemaid when you clean you will notice a big metal door. You can try to open it but it’s locked
    • Each time you try to open it, there’s an increasing RNG chance that you’ll be able to sneak inside
    • The doorway leads to the Dairy Farm’s Breeder Den — so proceed at your own risk!
      • This path leads to a fair bit of in-game time passing before you’re free to roam again.
  • New Christmas Event – the Slutty Santa Clause
    • On Christmas Eve if you explore the City Park there’s roughly a 50/50 chance that you can stumble across an abandoned sleigh!
    • Leads to a parody of the movie “The Santa Clause” — you have to fill in for Santa for a night; but it’s not your parents’ Santa!
    • And remember – refusing to agree to some events in the game can lead to their own events
  • Two New Traits added
    • Grinch Blocked
    • Joy of Giving

Version 0.11.7

  • Minor Updates
    • some bug tweaks and fixes
    • added some missing media for various scenes
    • Male-presenting MCs can now take “Cute” and “Sexy” selfies
    • added an “already owned” filter to outfits at all clothing stores
    • sitting on the bench or watching TV now offers a variable for how long you want to do it. Let’s you be more targeted in waiting for specific times
    • some new smoking pics
  • Kindred Trait updates
    • can now use your power on Julia and Jeffory
  • Kingston Falls update
    • Day 1 is more complete, but not yet 100% done
    • can visit the stores in town
    • more interactions with husband and kids
  • MISC
    • There’s a ‘Necklace Fix’ option in the cell phone, existing games will want to use that to correct a variable name mistake from a few updates back
    • Kingston Falls is really still only 1 day long, so if you want to repeat it you can use a ‘reset Kingston Falls’ option in the cell phone
Developer Notes
Due to the amount of new content, it is strongly advised that you start a new game. However, in the phone settings is a “Regenerate NPCs” option to generate the new NPCs. This should *NOT* impact any existing NPC that you’ve already interacted with, and should resolve most issues for the new content. **NO PROMISES FOR BROKEN GAMES ON OLD SAVES**

explanation of image packs:

  • Main Media File – v0.2.12 — this includes all media from initial version to 0.2.12 If you feel
  • you missed something ealier it should be in this pack.
  • Images File – v0.2.13 — includes new images with latest release

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