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Hotwife Ashley [Ch.6 v0.4] [respirit]

Release date: 30 April, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, Voyeurism, Female Domination, Interracial, Big Tits, Oral Sex, Teasing, Cheating, NTR, Handjob, Humiliation, Masturbation, Sex Toys, POV, Creampie, Corruption, Exhibitionism, Footjob, Stripping, Vaginal Sex
Censorship: NO
Developer: respirit
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Hotwife Ashley Ch.6 version 04
Language: English (+ Italian | Spanish patch)
File size: 4.43 GB

In this story, you’re husband of a beautiful woman, which you’re willing to share and fullfill both of your and her desires. Will you be able to enter this kind of lifestyle? Give it a try, you might like it. Perhaps that might spice up your almost dead sex life. Enjoy a story full of surprises and excitement!​

+ Changelog
Ch.6 version 0.4
– 300+ new renders.
– 4500+ renders in total.
– 4 new animations.
– Chapter 6 story progression has begun.
– Added an option to select chapters from the very first beginning.
– Main menu GUI has been renewed.

Ch.5 version 1.1
Back to the roots. A small update, completely renewed some scenes and dialogues in Chapter 1. The update is mainly focused on Chapter 1.
– 120+ new renders.
– 4200+ renders in total.
– The beach scene, where Ashley and Rasheed meet, is completely renewed, expanded and extra dialogue was added.
– The massage scene in the first chapter is completely renewed and the dialogues are improved.
– Some options have been changed and some have been removed.
– Ashley’s portrait has been renewed.
– Minor dialogue and characterization fixes.

Ch.5 version 1.0
– 400+ new renders.
– 4200+ renders in total.
– Added a few new choices to Chapter 5 v0.8’s ending.
-Chapter 5 story has been completed.

Ch.5 version 0.8
– 300+ new renders.
– 3800+ renders in total.
– 3 new animations.
-Chapter 5 story progression continued.

Ch.5 version 0.6
– 380+ new renders.
– 3500+ renders in total.
– 8 new animations.
-Chapter 5 story progression continued.

Ch.5 version 0.4 Patreon
– 560+ new renders.
– 3200+ renders in total.
– 9 new animations.
– Chapter 5 story progression has begun.
– Replaced Carla’s side image.

Ch.4 v1.1
– 150+ new renders.
– 2630+ renders in total.
– A Patreon exclusive glory hole scene was added to the dating sequence with Beth.
– Added an additional scene to the massage scene with Mike.
– Fixed “bad ending” and added another option to that.
– The locked scene with Liam has been unlocked for the public version.

Ch.4 v1.0
– 300+ new renders.
– 2450+ renders in total.
– Chapter 4 story progression completed.
– Locked option in the massage scene has been unlocked for Public version.

Ch.4 v0.8
– 450+ new renders.
– 2150+ renders in total.
– Chapter 4 story progression continued.
– Minor coding fixes.
– Piercing failure in the past update has been fixed.
– Locked option in the tattoo studio has been unlocked for Public version.

Ch.4 v0.4
– 300+ new renders.
– 1700+ renders in total.
– Chapter 4 story progression has begun.
– Minor adjustments to the language.

Ch.3 v1.0
– 400+ new renders.
– 1400+ renders in total.
– Chapter 3 story progression has been completed.
– The prologue has been modified and improved.

Ch.3 v0.8
– 300+ new renders.
– 1000+ renders in total.
– The story has progressed.

Ch.3 v0.5
– Half of Chapter 3 has been released.
– Added new options to Chapter 1.
– Added new scenes to Chapter 1.
– Two scenes has been completely re-rendered.
– The intro has been edited.
– GUI and main menu have been adjusted.

Ch.2 v1.1
– 63 images were re-rendered.
– 42 new renders.
– 3 new scenes.
– A new option has been added in Hotwife Ashley.
– Minor corrections to the some dialogs.

Ch.2 v1.0
– Chapter 2 completed.
– Rasheed’s model has been replaced for a better one.
– Most bad renders in Chapter 1 have been re-rendered and replaced with new ones.
– Some minor typos have been fixed.

Ch.2 v0.6
– A new chapter has been released.
– Some grammatical errors have been fixed.
– A few renders that were in Chapter 1 have been reworked and fixed.

Hotwife Ashley – First release.

+ Android installation help
How to install Hotwife Ashley game on Android?
— Download the apk file
— After installation, click on the downloaded file in the notification shade
(Attention!) If this is your first time installing applications from third-party sources, you will need to grant the appropriate permission. To do this, you need to enable (allow) installation of applications from unknown sources. This item is located in the Security section.
— The game is designed for Android 8 and higher.

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator] Fast Link for Android [apk]

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