Lab Rats 2 [0.41.2] [Vren]

Cover Lab Rats 2

Release date: 10 June, 2021
Genre: Ren’py, Interactive, Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, All sex, Lesbian, Family Sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Voyeur, Corruption
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Lab Rats 2 v0.41.2 + Cheat Mod + save
Language: English
File size: 1.69 GB

About game:
The game will focus on corrupting your female employees as you build your pharmaceutical empire. The game will feature procedurally generated girls, a detailed clothing and outfit system, and a complex sex system…

+ Changelog
– Updated Ren’py version from 7.3.5 to 7.4.5
– Removed previous shader code.
– Updated draw/animation code to use native Ren’py shaders. Performance greatly improved.
– Reimplemented old shaders as native Ren’py shader fragments.
– Added animation_speed parameter for animations, seperate from the effect strength.
– Tidied up role files to seperate individual storylines into their own files.
– Lily InstaPic payments now vary depending on her breast size.
– Lily+Jenefier InstaPic payments now vary depending on both of their breast sizes.
– Added strip_shoes parameter to strip_to_underwear related functions.
– Added ability for Roles to have specific date types associated with them, improving moddability of date system.
– Affair “Fuck date” moved from to the date menu.
– Added girlfriend specific shopping date.
– Added two shopping paths to the shopping date.
– Added a “go get food” path to the shopping date.
– Added random event for Lily where she invites you to go shopping.
– Added random event for Jennifer where she invites you to go shopping.
– Background colour for frames can now be transparent.
– Background frame for girls is now based on their dialogue colour and semi-transparent.
– Handing None to background_fill function now results in no character frame being drawn.
– Tweaked way date actions are coded to make them mod friendly.
– Added patron content.
– Added character colour auras in the style of Lab Rats 1.
– Added functionality to generate character colours with various alphas and saturations.
– Added preference option to have characters displayed without frames unless specifically required by an event.
– Aura-only display is now the default setting.
– Adjusted the spacing of characters when drawing a group using aura-only character images (no longer worried about character overlap).
– Expanded customizable colour pallet to 20 colours, increased from 10.
– Added ability to purchase extra stat, work, and sex points for Clarity. Cost stats at 50, doubles with each purchase.
– Lowered Stephanie starting Sluttiness (from 24 to 14) to allow for better event flow.

Lab Rats 2 BUG FIXES
– Fixed crash caused by lactation hormone trait.
– Fixed bug with get_strip_to_vagina_list not returning a list.
– Fixed bug with get_strip_to_vagina_list returning overzealous strip list.
– Added unit tests to cover strip list generation functions.
– Fixed crash during climax in sleep limited time event.
– Added integration tests for text messaging tests.
– Added unit tests to cover taboo break functions.
– Fixed image frames being distorted by the background colour.
– Fixed nightgown clothing item not counting as hiding breasts when it should.
– Fixed crash during DikDok video event due to improperly called strip function.
– Fixed crash during model session due to improperly called cum dialogue.
– Added “Hide keyboard” button to character creation screen to prevent name entry keyboard permanetly grabbing screen space and hiding other inputs.
– Fixed accessories being able to add an infinite number of the same accessory to an outfit due to improper item comparison.
– Fixed error when checking if an outfit contains facial accessories like makeup or sunglasses and added unit tests to prevent bug regression.
– Fixed many mispellings of the word “efficiency”

– Added skeleton of Clarity system.
– Added Clarity requirement to unlock Serum Traits.
– Redesigned research screen to display Clarity costs. Now uses click to view instead of click to select behaviour.
– Added Locked Clarity stat. Locked Clarity is generated by any event that would sexually excite your character.
– Added Clarity stat. Clarity is produced by “releasing” Locked Clarity by climaxing.
– Locked Clarity is now generated while having sex. Amount is Girls Skill * Male Arousal Gain.
– Added ClimaxController class, which is responsible for displaying different orgasm options and related Clarity information.
– Different climax types now act as a multiplier for the amount of Clarity produced from Locked Clarity.
– Refactored massive sections of the LR2 code base. Should make the project easier to browse through, mod, and maintain.
– Moved fonts into seperate folder for better game file organisation.
– Added indicator to all business policies if they are toggleable or permanent after purchase.
– Added three new policies that allow you to turn idle R&D Research Points into Clarity.
– Updated all sex positions to use new ClimaxController class to control climax dialogue flow.
– Updated all crises to include Clarity increases where appropriate.
– Updated all limited time events to include Clarity increases where appropriate.
– Updated all role events to include Clarity increases where appropriate.
– Updated all personality dialogue to include Clarity increases where appropriate.
– Updated all crises to use ClimaxController and release Clarity where appopriate.
– Updated all limited time events to use ClimaxController and release Clarity where appropriate.
– Updated all role events to include Clarity increases where appropriate.
– Updated many existing events/role events. Added some new branches, fixed typos, incorrect triggering conditions, ect.
– Added Novelty stat to girlsNovelty goes from 100% to 50% and acts as a multiplier on Clarity gain. Reduced by 5 each time you cum, increases by 1 per day.
– Added Masturbation Novelty. Same as novelty for girls, but used when you masturbate.
– Added Serum Tolerance stat to girls, default 2. Girls under the effect of more serums than their serum tolerance suffer progressively higher penalties.
– Added Toxic side effect. Lowers serum tolerance by 1 for the duration.
– Added Novelty and Serum Tolerance to girl character sheets.
– Added Serum Tolerance to serum select screen.
– Breaking taboo increases girl Novelty by 5.
– Added ability to try and cum early (up to 20 arousal early) or hold back and avoid cumming. Success chance depends on Focus stat and how close you are to cumming.
– Daily serum policy now does not give girls doses of serum unless their current dose would expire during the work day.
– Refactored daily serum code and simplified out of stock messages.
– Tweaked tooltip behaviour. Now appears more quickly and disappears when no longer hovering the item (previously remained for inconsistent delay).
– Added patron content.
– Prostitutes now have situational sluttiness added when hired. Situational obedience has been reduced, but not removed.
– Removed Sluttiness and Obedience effects from objects. Resulted in strange progression for many positions.
– All serum effects are now handed the serum being applied, allowing them to track effects specific to that application.
– Added effect_dict to SerumDesign class. Used to hold information related to a specific application of a serum, so that it may be used by serum effects.
– Added inhibition suppression trait. Increases Sluttiness by 10, to a max of 30.
– Reduced Obedience loss from Aphrodesiac trait to 1/turn instead of 2.
– Added 4 new serum traits. Each increases a girls sex skill in one particular area.
– Added Pleasure Center Stimulator serum trait. Reduces girls max arousal by 20 for the duration, making it easier to make her climax.
– Added new serum trait that raises max arousal for girls. Makes it harder for them to climax, but may be useful for generating extra arousal based Sluttiness.
– Rebalanced several on-turn trait effects. Decreased amount of permanent resources lost.
– Added three new business policies that provide a way to raise Sluttiness of all girls at company passively, at the cost of increased HR requirements.
– Updated LR2 license.

Lab Rats 2 BUG FIXES
– Fixed animation rendering crash due to some draw calls attempting to show sceens that have already been handled.
– Typos, tons of them!
– Corrected several event paths that had the potiential to soft lock the game if no option was possible.
– Fixed incorrect triggering conditions for many events.
– Fixed crash when using Instapic to ask for special pictures.

– Added texting UI images
– Updated texting system to use new texting UI.
– “Say” and “Choice” screens can now optionally display a text conversation underneath.
– Texting system now supports narration, choices, and dialogue with other characters while showing texting UI.
– Lily will now pull clothing half off to show her tits instead of stripping fully for related Instapic event.
– Added a couple of new responses to Lily Instapic event when she is at high Sluttiness.
– Added Instapic role.
– Added ability to check Instapic profiles of girls you know.
– Added ability to leave comments on Instapic posts.
– Added ability to make special requests via private message on Instapic.
– Updated requirements for some character titles to have higher sex requirements (ie. 5+ vaginal creampies for “your cumdump”)
– Added some new titles available to all personality types.
– Added ability to make smalltalk by texting girls.
– Added new DikDok role.
– Added ability to view a girls most recent DikDok video post, if one exists.
– Added new OnlyFanatics Role.
– Added ability to view a girls OnlyFanatics page, and subscribe to see content.
– Added multiple tiers of DikDok videos for different Sluttiness levels.
– Characters now generate with a chance to have an InstaPic or DikDok account.
– Chance to have an InstaPic or DikDok account varies based on personality type. Introverted or Reserved characters are much less likely to make one.
– Added ability for girls to create an InstaPic, DikDok, or OnlyFanatics account during the game. Chance is based on personality type.
– Modified InstaPic/DikDok/OnlyFanatics generation chance to consider a girls opinions of showing her tits, ass, and public sex.
– Lily and Jennifer never randomly generate any online pages – events specifically for them will be added in the future.
– Lily now generates an InstaPic account at the start of her “Instathot” storyline, and gives you her profile name so you can check it.’
– Integrated InstaPic content with Lily’s storyline. Helping Lily take pictures will guarantee she has a new Instapic post to view.
– Sending Lily a special request on InstaPic will result in her asking you to help her with a “special request” the next time you take pictures with her.
– Added requirement to learn the profile name of a girls online account to view it’s content.
– Girls will now tell you about their InstaPic account while making smalltalk.
– Girls will now post about their DikDok or OnlyFanatics on InstaPic, giving you those profile names.
– Girls will now tell you about their OnlyFanatics page while making a special request on InstaPic.
– Added option to flirt with a girl via text. Gives choice to be romantic, flirty, or to ask for nudes. Response depends on girl Sluttiness.

Lab Rats 2 BUG FIXES*
– Fixed clothing comparison crashing for some items that do not support clothing patterns.
– Fixed crash while having sex with your affair partner at her place.
– Fixed plaintext buttons not being properly generated by main choice displayable.

– Added Jennifer’s office as a location.
– Added Jennifer’s office lobby as a location.
– Added large sections of content to Jennifer’s storyline.
– Story content includes ability to convince Jennifer to get a boob job.
– Added new randomly generated character related to Jennifer’s boss.
– Added start of storyline related to Jennifer’s boss.
– Added ability to visit Jennifer at work.
– Edited Jennifer’s schedule so she is at work during the day.
– Added ability to visit Jennifer’s office lobby and ask for her to come down and visit you.
– Improved internal logic for how outfits should be worn.
– Added is_wearing_uniform() function for People. Many events that checked if outfits did or did not match uniforms now properly implemented.
– Added basis for the new phone system.
– Added ability to text girls and ask where they are right now.
– Updated all dialogue calls to use Person “dialogue” instead of Person.char “dialogue to integrate with text system.
– “Wait” or “Sleep” options now always take priority in the action list.
– “Go somewhere else” option now takes second priority in the action list.
– Updated all events that made reference of texting to use the texting system.
– Added event paths that can generate infractions when you find a girl masturbating at work.
– Removed Obedience requirement when asking a girl to stop masturbating at work, and added a refusal branch for the event.
– Increased happiness impact of liking/hating certain days.

*BUG FIXES Lab Rats 2 *
– Fixed taboo dialogue crash when paying a girl strip for you.
– Fixed strip dialogue cascading properly when a taboo break was triggered.
– Fixed crash in catfight event cause by improper group redraw call.
– Fixed crash caused when you’re caught in an affair.
– Fixed a crash when you go home with a slutty date.
– Fixed girls not properly returning to their uniforms after they had been commanded to strip.
– Fixed many events improperly checking if an outfit being worn was the characters uniform.
– Corrected logic error in “review_outfit” code.
– Fixed crash in the “horny at work” random event.
– Fixed several crashes in investment opportunity random event due to incorrect variable names.
– Corrected Jennifer not properly moving from her office when you ask to see her.
– Fixed incorrect logic when checking if a girl will ignore your set uniform.
– Fixed incorrect logic when adding serum during the game night event.
– Fixed introvert personality not being picked when generating random characters
– Fixed crash when calling taboo break dialogue during strip scene.
– Refined the clothing item comparison function to incorrectly identifying to items as being the same when they differ in colour, pattern, ect.
– Fixed end of day crash when girls masturbate to relieve arousal.

– Outfit designer now presents clothing items ordered by clothing layer, followed by sluttiness modifer.
– Added clothing layer tokens. Outfit designer now displays what layer a piece of clothing covers.
– Outfit designer is now handed the same slut limit as the outfit section screen when an outfit is created inside of it and prevents an outfit from being created if it is too slutty.
– Outfit designer now displays slut limit, if one exists, on the save button.
– Outfit designer now displays only the sluttiness for the relevant outfit type, instead of listing all of them.
– Events that brought up the outfit selection manager now let you duplicate clothing items even if they are too slutty for the event.
– Girls no longer take control when having sex if you try and leave after you’ve made them cum.
– “Help Jennifer with dinner” option now allows you to give serum to Rebecca and Gabrielle if they are present.
– Sex reports now include if the encounter was in public or not. Other events can use the information for dialogue, ect.
– Most encoutners where you fuck a girl now trigger a “sex_report” dialogue. Varies by personality, special role, stats, and what was done in the encounter.
– Refactored information for dates. Date descriptions are now in dates.rpy.
– “Go home with her” part of the dinner date is now it’s own label so it can be called from multiple events.
– Added “turn her down” option when you go home with a girl and she’s open to being seduced.
– Added affaire-role specific date seduction dialogue.
– Added girlfriend role specific date seduction dialogue.
– Girls can now invite you back to their place after a movie date.
– Generalised strip function now supports girl stripping in any position, not just their default pose.
– Adjusted handjob and blowjob positions so a girl can usually bring you to orgasm if they have any amount of skill and full energy.
– Added large event for Jennifer. Triggers with moderate Love/Sluttiness when you have a date planned with another girl.
– Using Obedience to pick a sex position now has a confirmation stage.
– Using Obedience to pick a sex position is now recorded and affects a girls reaction after.
– Girls with high arousal (50% of their max, modified by their oppinion) will masturbate at night, generating a small amount of sluttiness and reducing arousal.
– Increased total chance that a random morning crisis is generated.
– Increased total number of limited time events generated.
– Added half-off specific descriptions to the generalised strip description.
– Added multiple new ways for a girl to try and convince you not to fire her.
– Reduced prices when paying a girl to strip.
– Taboo breaks that would be triggered when paying girls to strip are now indicated with a text token
– Taboo breaks caused when a girl strips in a payed strip scene now trigger the appropriate dialogue.
– Now limited to groping a girl once per turn.
– Girls no longer stop having sex if an event forces a position that they normally would not allow.

BUG FIXES Lab Rats 2
– Fixed pregnancy dialogue not triggering properly in some situations.
– Fixed crash sometimes caused when a girl strips
– Fixed crash caused when an inappropriate behaviour infraction was generated.
– Fixed a number of typos, some causing minor incorrect event behaviour.
– Re-exported several backgrounds as .pngs instead of .jpg, which should fix crashes in some locations on Android.
– Fixed sleeping walk-in event being infinitely re-triggerable
– Fixed improper group draw call causing crash in catfight event.
– Fixed generalised strip function incorrectly supporting pulling clothing half off.
– Affair related fuck date no longer asks about a condom multiple times.
– Fixed occasional random crashes due to .zip file access collision.
– Fixed public sex sluttiness modifier not being cleared properly after the encounter.
– Fixed vagina region and wet nipple region offset being improperly stored, and thus not displaying correctly.

– All distributions of Lab Rats now share a .zip file format for storing images.
– Rebecca outfit design event now allows you to select an existing outfit from your library if you want.
– Added support for facial accessories setting a mandatory special modifier.
– Jennifer and Rebecca will now only wear outfits to their weekly euchre games that the other would approve of.
– Added Pinafore clothing item.
– Added Frilly dress clothing item.
– Added Frilly shirt clothing item.
– Added Colourful Bracelets clothing item.
– Added Kitty Panties clothing item.
– Added Kitty Babydoll clothing item.
– Updated piledriver outro to be consistent with comdom useage and more properly tie into personality specific dialogue
– Updated some text to prevent overflow.
– Jennifer’s payment offer now triggers on Saturday morning instead of Friday night. Provides more opportunities to make use of serum effects.
– Bedroom walk-in event now leads directly into a conversation instead of kicking you back to the main room menu.
– Detailed person info screen now provides a hoverable and clickable button for active serum effects to show included serum traits.
– Updated serum select screen to leave serum tooltips up, allowing you to scroll through all effects for complex serums.
– Person info ui now only displays the bonus sluttiness due to arousal when arousal is higher than 20 (meaning the sluttiness bonus is at least 5)
– Expanded Rebecca dialogue branches when you have sex after drinking with her.
– “Keep going” option now displays energy and arousal costs for the next round.
– Tweaked Judge Outfit function so girls with an opinion about showing tits or ass judge those outfits more favourably.
– Added support for polcies with on_move functions.
– Updated out of uniform event. Is now a limited time event, chance of triggering based on difference between girl sluttiness and uniform sluttiness.
– Added large night and morning limited time event for Lily and Jennifer.
– Added immaculate conception style dialogue if you somehow manage to get a girl pregnant without actually breaking the appropriate taboo.
– Changed how the bathroom location is defined and when it’s background is shown in some events.
– Added simple .zip error handling to avoid most issues while grabbing files.
– Added November patron rewards in Lab Rats 2
– Added multiple outfits using new clothing items.
– Small talk Love gain is now capped at 20.
– Virgin Killer bottom is now layer 3 (overwear), letting girls wear skirts/pants underneath.
– Transitioning between positions no longer prompts a second time for you to put on a condom.
– Mandatory special uniforms are now worn for the rest of the work week instead of just until the end of the day.
– Added finer gradations for opacity in clothing manager in Lab Rats 2.

– Fixed background buttons still being clickable while the serum select screen was being shown.
– Fixed sexual performance reward giving incorrect results based on outcome.
– Fixed person info ui not being tied properly to screen layers.
– Fixed a set of facial types not being enabled on android and not being used.
– Fixed training seminar event displaying the improvment as if it applied to the current person being talked to.
– Fixed dresses not properly displaying their top or bottom regions being moved when made half-off.
– Fixed other inconsistencies likely related to the above problem where the bottom of a dress was not properly identified as being linked to the top.
– Fixed the temporary happiness modifier to sluttiness not being removed after sex.
– Fixed anchoring code not properly recognising when some clothing can be moved half-off.
– Fixed Summer Dress Clothing item counting as underwear.
– Fixed garter and fishnets clothing item improperly displaying pattern.
– Fixed infractions not properly reporting how many days they were valid for.
– Fixed error when using Obedience to have a girl strip
– Fixed infinite loop when having girls strip during broken AC event.
– Fixed birth control influence on asking for a condom being inverted.
– Fixed incorrect Emily masturbation sluttiness requirement.
– Fixed “begs you to finish” option being infinitly repeatable when you stop having sex early.
– Fixed background sometimes not changing properly when Gabrielle’s storm-in event triggers.
– Fixed some dresses that contained underwear layer components being listed as valid for overwear outfits.
– Fixed deepthroat outro text overrun.
– Fixed weekly euchre game not properly recognising when it’s triggered before.

– Refactored several sections of code to improve maintainability and modability.
– Roles may now have functions assigned to them that are run on each turn, during each move phase, or on the end of each day.
– Added support for dynamically modified character dialogue.
– Extended Ren’py support for Person, dialogue may (and should, to support dynamic dialogue changes) be written as the_person “dialogue”, instead of the_person.char “dialogue”
– give_serum function now returns the serum given instead of True, if any. If nothing is given returns False.
– Added generic strip description function to help centralise a number of related event actions.
– Added infraction Class and related functions
– Added punishment system. Each infraction has a severity ranging from 1 (least serious) to 5 (most serious). More serious infractions unlock more severe punishments.
– Added 3 severity 1 punishments
– Added 3 severity 2 punishments
– Added 3 severity 3 punishments
– Added 3 severity 4 punishments
– Added 2 severity 5 punishments
– Added office punishment policy. Unlocks basic punishment options and the ability to record infractions for a number of things.
– Added corporal punishment policy. Unlocks physical punishment options
– Added three other punishment related policies.
– Replaced several of Jennifers event specific strip descriptions with a call to a generalised function, providing more varied feedback.
– Jean hotpants now only constrain the pelvis region (removed upper legs), reduces over-constraining when tall boots and other legwear is worn.
– Business vest now hides stomach region when half-off, more accurately matching the way it would be opened.
– Birth Control field in the detailed girl information screen no longer contains perfect information, now is updated any time a girl tals about her BC.
– Updated several Rebecca events to use generalised strip function, making it more descriptive and complete.
– Updated several Lily events to use generalised strip function, making it more descriptive and complete.
– Added group display support to the generalised strip function.
– Updated the Lily and Jennifer insta-pic event to use the generalised strip function.
– Updated the tit comparison break event to use the generalised strip function in a number of branches.
– Added personality based grope rejection dialogue.
– Updated naked_strip, underwear_strip, and top_strip commands to use generalised strip function.
– Strip_naked command now has girls ask if you want them to take off their footwear.
Lab Rats 2 BUG FIXES*
– Fixed android file system access.
– Fixed a number of typos.
– Fixed crash in case where group display had primary speaker removed from group
– Fixed work jerkoff event improperly displaying the group in some cases.
– Fixed employees not being properly removed from one department when transfered to another.
– Fixed girls not clearing from screen after some events.
– Fixed Alexia photography option being available before she had brought up the subject in the first place.
– Fixed some events always using taboo break dialogue, even if that taboo had already been broken.
– Fixed clothing items not allowing lower level items to be pulled half off properly.
– Fixed facial accessories that varied with expressions not being properly displayed.
– Temporarly sluttiness gains no longer contribute to goals that require core sluttiness to be raised.
– Fixed one girl not stripping in tit comparison break event.
– Free_Memory() is now called before and after generating group of candidates, reducing memory usage.
– Improved serum review screen. Clicking on a design now locks it, letting you move over to the tooltip and scroll to see full details for complex serums.

– Added support for characters being drawn on different layers. By default there are now 4 layers for characters (which may then have an arbitrary characters on each layer).
– Added support for adding extra character drawing layers if needed by mods.
– Added support for drawing multiple characters at the same time.
– All character displays are now anchored from the bottom instead of the middle, making height consistant when multiple characters are drawn together.
– Added GroupDisplayManager class. Provides support for tracking and drawing multiple characters as a group, as well as updating single characters.
– Updated Mom/Lily insta-pic event to display both characters at once
– Updated Friends help friends be sluts random event to dislay both characters at once.
– Updated Emily intro event to show both characters at once.
– Updated Emily/Christina study recap event to show both characters at once.
– Updated Emily/Christina dinner event to show both characters at once.
– Updated catfight random event to show both characters at once.
– Updated AC random event to show all characters at once.
– Updated futuristic serum research event to show all characters at once.
– Updated aunt/cousin intro events to show all characters at once.
– Updated aunt/cousin moving events to show all characters at once.
– Updated horny at work event to show all characters at once.
– Added a no_animation flag that can be handed to any draw request to prevent default animations from being applied.
– Only characters adjacent to the primary speaker are animated, to reduce performance impacts.
– Characters in the resume select screen are no longer animated.
– Optimized character animation code. Characters now display more quickly after a draw call and have a massively improved frame rate while multiple characters are being drawn.
– Expanded horny at work event to be more aware of how many people are in the room.
– Added options to the friends help friends be sluts event to just ignore the girls.
– Added new evening event involving Jennifer, Lily, and Rebecca.
– Added new dialogue branch when having sex with a girl who likes creampies. May ask you to take off a condom at the last minute.
– Added patron reward content.
– Daily serum dosage policy now only applies a dose on a week day.
– Standardised “judge_outfit” function now used whenever a girl reviews her outfit.
– Opinion on lingerie now has a girl treat an outfit as more/less slutty instead of changing sluttiness for wearing it (up to 8 points in either direction).
– Updated scheduling code, allowing for girls to have different destinations depending on the day.
– Added new limited time event triggered while at work. You may discover slutty employees who are masturbating while at work.

BUG FIXES Lab Rats 2
– Fixed an issue with half-off clothing that was leading to clothing not being correctly anchored when stripping.
– Fixed several incorrect title references (“your employee” instead of “their name”)
– Fixed Lily checking incorrect outfit name when adding new instapic outfit to her wardrobe.
– Fixed crash when demanding a blowjob.
– Fixed crash when Gabrielle gets a boob job.
– Fixed several typos and crashes caused by incorrect variable references.

– Added pregnancy specific dialogue to multiple situations when it would be appropriate.
– Many dialogue options now use the least “worried” branch when a girl is already pregnant.
– Emily will now ask for a reward when studying at home with high obedience (At low obedience she demands one).
– Add a “spank her” punishment option when tutoring Emily at home.
– Added “Your student” possessive title option when appropriate.
– Re-added Standing Doggy position to a number of events now that the image crop offsets have been corrected.
– Reworked sex dialogue. Added a “pull out” request stage before you cum.
– Added a centralised check for girls to see if they want you to pull out or not.
– Added a “condom_cum” dialogue branch when you cum into a condom.
– Added a creampie taboo, along with dialogue triggered the first time you cum inside a girl.
– Added creampie taboo break dialogue specific to aunt character.
– Cumming inside a girl lowers love and happiness if they told you to pull out. Girls who like/love creampies are affected less.
– Added a dinner event with Emily and Christina after you have tutored her for a while.
– Added a new event for Christina after coming over for dinner.
– Added an “oral punishment” puninishment option when tutoring Emily at home.
– Added more internal support for half off pieces of clothing. Now allows for half off clothing to give access or vision.
– Added half off regions for all clothing items.
– Added new vagina region for clothing constrain/hiding purposes.
– Updated all region weight images to be cropped to smallest possible size, reducing active memory usage and increasing image load speed.
– Adjusted the constrain regions of the vest and business vest to reduce improper spillover into other clothing items.

BUG FIXES Lab Rats 2
– Girls no longer immediately know if they get pregnant a second time.
– Fixed Standing doggy position images lacking their correct image offsets.
– Fixed crash when asking a girl to leave her significant other to be with you
– Resetting a goal will never generate the same goal again.
– Character images will no longer overlap when multiple draw commands are triggered in quick succession.
– Fixed creamies not being properly tracked when they happen during cowgirl.
– Fixed happiness modifiers to sluttiness not clearing properly after sex.
– Fixed low obedience girls sometimes demanding to call you the exact same title they were already calling you.

– Added 7 new face varieties
– Images are now clipped to remove most blank space. Offset distances now stored to assemble images
– Moved animation into a separate thread.
– Reworked sex logic flow to properly cover taboo breaks, automatically pick objects if only one exists.
– Introduced Emily, a student of Nora’s who turns to you for tutoring.
– Added ability to tutor Emily on campus, as well as several branching choices while tutoring her.
– Added ability to tutor Emily at her house, once you earn her trust.
– Added a “Masturbate first” option when tutoring Emily at her house.
– Added a “Punish for wrong answers” option when tutoring Emily at her house. More options for this branch will be added in a future update.
– Introduced Christina, Emily’s mother. Christina will be given more content in a future update.
– Updated Nora’s storyline events to introduce Emily.
*BUG FIXES Lab Rats 2 *
– So many I gave up keeping a useful bug record. Sorry!

– Added ability to import wardrobes.
– Added flirt dialogue varients to all base personalities when the girl is your girlfriend.
– Added flirt dialogue varients to all base personalities when the girl is in an affair with you.
– Added pregnancy role.
– Added pregnant character models.
– Added pregnancy content settings.
– No pregnancy content setting prevents all pregnancy specific content from triggering and changes pregnancy related dialogue.
– Predictable pregnancy setting allows for all pregnancy content but makes all triggers clear and makes accidental pregnancies impossible/
– Realistic pregnancy setting allows for all pregnancy content. It also makes birth control unreliable, has girls off their birth control, and has a simulated fertility rhythm.
– Added multi-stage event for pregnancy. Begins with swelling breasts and eventually results in a changed character model for the duration of the pregnancy.
– Added ability for girls to become pregnant. The chance to become pregnant on each creampie is 20% at base, and decreases with age.
– Girls may now take birth control. Birth control is 100% effective at preventing pregnancies on predictable settings, or 90% effective on realistic.
– Added fertility rhythm for realistic pregnancy setting. A girls fertility rises and falls from the base level throughout the month.
– On realistic pregnancy setting girls may now not be taking birth control at the start of the game. Chance of not taking it increases with age. On predictable all girls start on birth control in Lab Rats 2.
– Added Sluttiness based conversation option to ask a girl to start or stop taking her birth control.
– Added Love based conversation option to ask a girl to start or stop taking birth control. Girl must be your girlfriend or paramour to consider it.
– Added Obedience based command to order a girl to start or stop taking her birth control.
– Added birth control suppression serum trait, which reduces chance of birth control working on predictbable or realistic settings.
– Added fertility enhancement serum trait, which increases the chance of becoming pregnant.
– Added fertility suppression serum trait, which decreases the chance of becoming pregnant.
– Added pregnancy accelerator serum trait, which increases the rate at which a pregnancy advances for the duration.
– Added pregnancy decelerator serum trait, which decreases the rate at which a pregnancy advances for the duration.
– Added massive pregnancy accelerator serum trait, which provides a very large increase to the rate a pregnancy advances.
– Added initial lactation content. Girls who are pregnant (or who begin lactating for other reasons) will leak milk at high arousal. Leaking milk will turn clothing translucent in the area.
– Larger breasts, multiple lactation sources, or higher arousal all make the effect more pronounced.
– Added lactation hormones serum trait, which triggers a lactation response.
– Added a new Nora trait that can be discovered when bringing a very slutty pregnant woman to her.
– Adjusted condom requirement thresholds when using pregnancy content. It is now lower when on birth control, but higher when not.
– Added Mom event for stopping her birth control.
– Added on-birth-control variants to all personalities condomless sex taboo break dialogues.
– Girls never ask for a condom when having sex once they realise they are pregnant.

*Lab Rats 2 BUG FIXES*
– Fixed crash during tit fuck facial.
– Added animation resolution scaling for Macs which should solve an with high res screens and stretched character images.
– Fixed “cheating on men” opinion being revealed any time a girl had sex with you, not just if it was relevant.

– Added clothing constraint regions, greatly reducing instances of clothing items clipping through each other.
– Updated all existing clothing items with their appropriate constrain regions.
– Changed flirt thresholds so the lower flirt levels are accessable.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for introvert personality.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for relaxed personality.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for reserved personality.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for wild personality.
– Added unqiue flirt dialogue for bimbo personality.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for Aunt.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for Cousin.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for Mom.
– Added unique flirt dialogue for Sister.
– Flirting now properly triggers taboo breaks and taboo dialogue when appropriate.
– Hiring Alexia to be your company model now automatically purchases the Public.
– Menu character iamges are now generated and displayed by a separate thread, improving menu responsiveness.
– Optimized character animation creation, increasing speed and improving responsiveness.
– Groping a girl now costs 5 energy at each stage instead of 10 flat at the start. Increased last stage arousal modifier.
– Increased the relative proportion of girls who are single vs. in a relationship.
– Refined requirements for demanding a girl to strip naked.
– Added a chance to give a girl a dose of serum during a dinner or lunch date some of the time in Lab Rats 2.
– Slightly increased chance of significant other returning home during a fuck date with your affair partner.
– Lowered starting Love for Jennifer and Lily.

*Lab Rats 2 BUG FIXES*
– Memory freeing is now done once a day instead of every turn.
– Fixed crash caused by improper taboo break call in mother morning visit event.
– Applied fix to animations for high resolution monitors with UI scaling, most commonly Macs.
– Fixed incorrect character title being applied when a girl asks if you’d like a new title.
– Fixed crash in cousin blackmail event caused by incorrect object selection.
– Fixed significant other name not changing when you ask a girl to leave her boyfriend/fiance/husband for you.
– Fixed incorrect default transition call for handjob.
– Fixed Dinah’s default underwear selection
– Alexia’s storyline is now disabled if public marketing is purchased instead of requiring it to be active.
– Fixed a number of typos throughout the game.
– Fixed a non-graceful error caused by random event being removed twice.

– Some purchased policies can now be toggled to be active or inactive. Some policies are always active when purchased.
– Added support for policy fuctions when applied, removed, on each turn, or on each day beginning.
– Redesigned policy purchase screen. Now allows you to select a policy without purchasing it, instead of requiring you to hover.
– Adjusted policy purchase screen style to match the rest of the game.
– Some policies now require lower level policies to be active before being activateable.
– Active policies that are required by other active policies can not be disabled.
– Policy info screen now shows what other policies are preventing you from enabling/disabling a policy.
– Uniforms may now be invalid if uniform policies are deactivated after they are defined. Invalid uniforms will not be worn until the appropraite policies are activated.
– Girls will change out of newly invalid uniforms if they are not naturally slutty enough to wear it anyways.
– Added a disabled slug to set daily serum action when policy is owned but disabled.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for Rebecca.
– Removed generic “Seduce” option.
– Added “Grope” option, available on all girls once sluttiness is 5 or higher.
– Added multiple tiers to grope action, leading to entering the normal sex system at high enough Sluttiness.
– Added “Command” option, available on all girls above 100 Obedience.
– Moved “Command her to take serum” option into the general “Command” menu.
– Added “Command her to let her touch you” option. Allows you to enter the normal sex system at high enough Obedience.
– Added public sex check and dialogue to grope and command sex options.
– Redid flirt dialogue, now has three tiers for different levels of Love. Highest level may also lead into sex system.
– High or low happiness now has a minor effect on sluttiness.
– Added “Command her to strip” option, with three possibilities: Show me your tits, show me your underwear, and get naked.
– Girls will now only attempt to take control if you try and stop having sex when they have at least some (30+) energy.
– Removed generic option to “give” anyone serum (note: you can still “Command” someone to take it).
– Moved policy based requests for employees to test serum to an employee specific action.
– Implemented support for partial clothing based on body regions, available to modders to make use of.
– Slightly expanded “Kiss me” option for early Mom morgage help payments.

*BUG FIXES Lab Rats 2 *
– Fixed another crash source for Macs with animation system.
– Fixed incorrect transition call going from skull fuck to deepthroat.
– Reduced max available rollback to reduce eout of memory errors.
– Fixed incorrect strip list implementation that would result in skipping strip transitions and progression.
– Fixed position taboos not breaking when a girl took control.
– Fixed stripping not breaking a taboo when a girl did it.
– Fixed incorrect boob and ass animation mask being used during animated strips using a characters default pose.
– Fixed incorrect outfit check for company model.
– Fixed several crashes caused by incorrect function calls.
– Fixed girls talking to themselves instead of you wnen you ask them to lunch.

Lab Rats 2 v0.26.1:
– Rerendered high socks to have a flat colour base version.
– Added two tone pattern to high socks.
– Added gradient pattern to high socks
– Added two tone pattern to medium socks
– Added two tone pattern to short socks.
– Added two tone pattern for plain panties.
– Added two tone pattern for panties.
– Added two tone pattern for cotton panties.
– Added new ass jiggle animation.
– Added new tit jiggle animation.
– Some stripclub scenes now use ass jiggle animation.
– Tit fuck position now uses tit jiggle animation.
– Introduced taboo system: Unique dialogue and small sluttiness penalty the first time you do something new with a charactacter.
– Lowered condom request threshold to account for the new condomless sex taboo.
– Added a common name for all clothing items, used in some dialogue instead of the more descriptive name used for menus and the clothing designer.
– Rerendered tube top to remove default text.
– Added a text pattern for tube top in Lab Rats 2.
– Addd a text pattern for panties.
– Added a text pattern for tshirt.
– Added a text pattern for booty shorts.
– Adjusted many events to reference and break relavent taboos, usually at a lower sluttiness point than is possible with normal sex/interactions
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for introvert personality.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for relaxed personality.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for reserved personality.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for wild personality.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for Mom.
– Added full suite of taboo break dialogue for Lily.
– Added correct disabled colouration to “tell them to strip” option in workplace AC breakdown event.
– Outfit taboos are automatically broken when talking to a character (underwear, bare tits, or bare pussy as appropriate).
– Added dialogue when outfit taboos are broken when talking.
– Added a taboo break symbol to the position select for positions that would break a taboo if selected.
– Expanded tooltip for positions that would be effected by taboos to explain their effect.
– Updated menu labels and tooltips for common work actions.
– Family members now consider anal sex less slutty and vaginal sex more slutty than unrelated people.

* Lab Rats 2 BUG FIXES*
– Fixed incorrect sluttiness check in a girlfriend text random event.
– Prevented possible division by 0 when creating low production cost serums.
– re-rendered quarter cup bustier to eliminate clipping
– Fixed incorrect animation image scaling on non 1080p monitor resolutions.
– Fixed incorrect sluttiness check when on a fuck date with a girl.
– Fixed crash related to incorrect taboo break scene call.
– Corrected animation image scaling when played in a non-16×9 resolution window.
– Fixed error in cowgirl sex position checking for upper body nudity.
– Fixed incorrect emotion call in text sent from Mom.
– Fixed two incorrect outfit changes in an employee crisis.
– Removed redundant text size definition for text in menu creation code.
– Updated animation code to support Mac implementation of openGL.
– Fixed incorrect implementation of Ren’py openGL support for Linux machines, which was causing a crash with the animation system.

Lab Rats 2 v0.25.1:
– Added internal support for shader based animation.
– Modified character image section of the screen. Now includes a coloured backplate and a frame.
– Added ability for animations to be given region specific effects. Current weighted regions are a girls breasts and butt.
– Added blurred hair backplate. Reduces border effects for thin girls around their neck and shoulders.
– Added ability for aninimations to have their general intensity modified.
– Added ability to lessen or increase specific region intensities.
– Added an idle wiggle animation, bounces a girls tits and ass if no other animation is called for.
– Integrated animations with existing calls to display characters.
– Added menu option to disable animations.
– Replaced previous clothing removal code. Now works while an image is animated.
– Added character specific region weights, allowing for animation effects to differ from girl to girl.
– Large tits now have a higher breast region weight, causing them to move more when affected by an animation.
– Tits made larger through serum effects now have their breast region weight increased appropriately.
– Tits made larger by getting a boob job have their breast region weight increased by less than a natural increase.
– Added support for positions having unique animations, used when that position is called during sex.
– Added blowjob head bob animation.
– Added tit movement to the blowjob animation.
– Added support for speeding up and slowing down animations.
– Sex based animations now have their speed modified by arousal, going from 50% to 100% speed from 0 to 100 arousal.
– Animation speed modification is proportional to energy spent. If the girl is spending 80% of the energy, her arousal counts for 80% of the arousal effect.
– Added ability to tie special modifiers into position animations. Allows for separate blowjob sucking and idle animations.
– Changed cunnilingus position to use missionary image set instead of sitting image set.
– Updated several special mom texts to use new animation effects.
– Added new random event for your cousin at moderate to high sluttiness but low love and obedience.
– Added new random event for your affair partner texting you.
– Added new random event for your girlfriend texting you.
– Added new skull fuck sex position, possible by transitioning from deepthroating.
– Strip club now includes tables, chairs, and the stage itself for fucking on.
– Changed strip club name dialogue to be more readable on blue background.
– Reduced total number of limited time events and reduced relative chance of a title change event when talking to a person.
– Added extra animation effects to some stages of a strip show.

*Lab Rats 2 BUG FIXES*
– Fixed infinite loop while out of energy with a girl in control of having sex.
– Fixed incorrect opinion checks in piledriver position.
– Fixed one date option removing the incorrect amount of money.
– Fixed breast shrinking serum trait increasing instead of decreasing breast size.
– Fixed incorrect random number generation when asking a girl to grow her pubes into a different style.
– Fixed crash/incorrect result when denying a girl an orgasm during a performance review.

+ Trollden's Cheat Menu
Press “z” to open up the cheat menu
(The mod enables console by default press Shift+O to open it, this is in case any unforeseen errors happen caused by the mod)

Gives you the ability to change the stats and arousal of the player character plus the following options for other characters:

Legacy Features:
Stats change
Arousal change
Personality change
Hair and hair color change (similar to outfit manager)
Skin change
Body change
Face change
Fix Salary
Unlock all Traits
Unlock all Policies

Experimental Features in Lab Rats 2:

All of the legacy features
Increase Research Tier (Skips having to go through the Head Researcher events for stronger serums, you still have to research them in order)
Change Day, Time of Day and Force Sleep
Hire anyone you want
Increase company efficiency, supplies, marketability
List of events / crisis and trigger for those
Unlock all policies
Unlock all serum traits
Underpay, overpay or satisfy the pay requirement for all employees.
( More to come )

+ Console Commands = xx = xx

mc.charisma = xx = xx
mc.focus = xx

mc.hr_skill = xx
mc.market_skill = xx
mc.research_skill = xx
mc.production_skill = xx
mc.supply_skill = xx

mc.sex_skills[“Foreplay”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Oral”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Vaginal”] = xx
mc.sex_skills[“Anal”] = xx

+ Mods

New Features in Lab Rats 2:

Adds over 15 new crisis events with new dialogs and situations.
The sex shop owner with a complete story-line
Two smaller story lines for college athletes and wife in a bar
The HR director position (with Sarah story-line)
Adds over 8 new sex positions with dialogs
A hair salon with options to change hair styles and colours.
Some extra actions in the gym studio.
A large collection of new serums to influence characters in the game.
Extra personalities and random character enhancements with dialogs and story lines.
Purchasable new rooms with extra functions
Outfit generator built into the outfit creator (use mannequin selector for wardrobe edit)


Enhanced outfit creator
Enhanced serum editor
Enhanced main map for faster one-click navigation
Enhanced interview UI
Enhanced end of day dialog
Multiple characters on screen (in some dialogs)

Lab Rats 2 Cheat Mod:

Trollden Cheat Mod (press ‘z’ in game)
Opinion Editor (press ‘p’ while talking to someone)


Longshot (Android)

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Tezfiles]

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