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Never Saint [0.20] [Saint Voice]

Release date: 2 April, 2024
Genre: 2dcg, Anal sex, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Groping, Handjob, Male protagonist, Milf, Monster girl, Oral sex, Titfuck, Vaginal sex
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: Never Saint 0.20 + Mod + Guide
Language: English
File size: 562 MB

About game:
In “Never Saint” hentai 2D porn story you play as a young man raised to be a saint. One day Marjorie found you and you were able to leave the church. Meanwhile some weird things start to happen once you leave that place you will try to enjoy your new life out of the purity.​..

+ Changelog
The changelog:
-New extended scenes of Isabelle:
1 – Scene 15:00 – 18:00: A prank with torn pants at the church while she’s alone -Animation
2- Scene 09:00 – 14:00: Girl in the School Bathroom: Use the Lust Skill.-Animation

– Public Scenes:
Lust Technique: Hex in the park 21:00 – 2:00 -PICTURE
Lust Technique: Snob Girl in the Park 09:00 – 14:00 -PICTURE + Animation
Lust Technique: Pink Whore in the Park 18:00 – 20:00 -PICTURE
Lust Technique: Nut Thief in the Park 15:00 – 18:00 -PICTURE
Isabelle Bust for conversation in the kitchen 18:00 – 20:00- Animation

New sprites for Hex, Snob Girl, Pink Whore, Nut Thief.
1 new sprite for isabelle siting in the table and Mc hugging her.
New enemy sprites: Not active at the moment.

Bug with Isabelle on weekends – The player would lose progress by activating a past quest.

v0.19 Extended
-New extended scenes of Marjorie: Love has to be at Level “6”.
1- Scene: 0 AM-5 AM Sleep with her and fuck her thighs then you can fuck her.
2- Scene: Any time: When you watch porn Marjorie will give you a blowjob if you don’t come, Marjorie will ride you

5 New animated scenes:

New Alexa Animation – Playing with nipples 1
New Alexa Animation – Playing with nipples 2
New Alexa Animation – Pulling down the skirt
New Alexa Animation – Alexa vaginal sex with 2 views
1 New animated picture for Alexa – Church Peeping

2 New sprites:
1 new sprites Alexa and MC covered in cum
1 new sprite the nun eating out the girl.

0.18 Extended:
2 new animated scenes- Only Extended:
New Ashley Animation – Secretly fucking Infront of the altar. (At 9:00 / 14:00) You have to touch the bible Infront of Ashley to trigger this scene.
New Mescary Animation – Molesting her (15:00 / 17:00) Talk to her while she’s using the Telescope.

1 modification to an animation:
Ashley Animation – you can fuck now Ashley when she’s stuck with the podium. (At 9:00 / 14:00) You have to touch the bible Infront of Ashley to trigger this scene.

Old scenes of Ashley are reintegrated:
Ashley Animation – Glory hole – Fuck – Anal (At 15:00 / 17:00) Go to the confessionary and choose fuck.
Ashley Animation – Teasing – Butt job (At 18:00 / 20:00) Get inside the church and talk to Ashley.
Ashley Animation – Fuck (At 18:00 / 20:00) Get inside the church and talk to Ashley.

Some scenes in android get stuck and freeze the game. / Solution: Bad naming in the “.models” of live2d.
Android menu disappear when talk to Marjorie to say good night / Solution: One common event was missing in a line.

4 new animated scenes:
New Ashley Animation – Missionary Sex
New Mescary Animation – Shaking her tits in the sofa
New Mescary Animation – Using the telescope.
New Mescary Animation – Pov of Mc being saved by Mescary
12 New pictures for Ashley’s diary.
2 New pictures of Ashley- Face and crotch close up

v0.17 Extended
– New Alexa/Step-Sis picture – Alexa sleeping
– New Alexa/Step-Sis Scene – Dick rubing while sleep
– New Alexa/Step-Sis Scene- Getting fuck while sleeping
– Reworked character Mescary and her intro.
– New Mescary/ Scene – Anal / happens in the intro
– New sprites for mescary.
– New MAP – Gallery Slums – A Map where you could find all the Deleted Content-The portal is in the usual gallery hall where it says “Deleted content”
– All the scenes are available in the Gallery hall / Do not confuse it with the nasty slums.
– Some dialogues about the skill “Lust” are missing because they were part of Mescary quest and this character is still development until the next release.
– Some minor bugfixes

v0.16 Extended
New Ashley/Nun Scene — Handjob — Nude version for extended
New Ashley/Nun Scene — Blowjob — Nude version for extended
New Ashley/Nun Scene — Paizuri
New Ashley/Nun Scene — Under Altar sneak
New Ashley/Nun Scene — Under Altar Tease (Extended)
Added Alexa — handjob and blowjob / These scenes Already exist in older versions but they wasn’t included yet.
New Ashley quest system
Quest update / BugFix for quest system avaliable in MC’s Bedroom where it says «cheats» (Use this option if you can’t scroll down in the quest of any character, this options is created for those who don’t want to lose their saves.
Some dialogues about the skill «Lust» are missing because they were part of Mescary quest and this character is still development until the next release.
Some minor bugfixes

v0.15 Extended
New Scenes:
New Scene for Megan / At level 4 of love – Outside school you can fuck her.
New 2 Scenes for Marjorie/ From level 4 of love you can ask for a blowjob in the bathroom.
New Scene for Marjorie/ From level 1 of love you can molest her while she’s hanging the clothes.
All scenes available in the gallery room

Android compatibility complete.
Changelog will be visible in the quest journal.
Quest system has been updated and the black screen has been removed
Quest system is rearranged leaving only relevant information available.
Quest system have been changed to a max of 2 objectives.
Black screen / when you talk to Angie (the girl in the park at sunset)
Black screen / scene with Maria (the Latina) and the broom
Black screen / blowjob scene with Kiyoko (the Teacher) at her house.
Bugfix error / Menu load can’t find actor_1,2,3
Bugfix error / Sprites MARIA, MC, nuns missing (Only happen in Web or Android)
Bugfix SE / Sound effects didn’t work in Android
Added splash intro / Minimum requirements are visible when you open the game.

Marjorie can be fucked in the shower when you have 6 of love with her – At 06:00 AM
Marjorie can be fucked when you spent the night drinking with her when you have 6 of love with her – At 21:00 PM

The intro is finally complete, if you skip it you will appear in mc’s room ready to play the game.
The Gallery Room is finally back!
Locker room girl and the sleeping beauty are back in the game and the gallery room.
Gabby its back!
Added some npcs just for fun.
Quest log Added for Sleeping beauty and Girl in the locker room.

Bug Fixes:
Weekend Switch – Sometimes the weekend switch didn’t activate properly.
Maria Doing the laundry – small correction on her animation- Simply add the Idle position when she has her pants down or naked.
First day school- The class could begin from 14 to 23, now its only from 07 to 13.
Marjorie Bedgown motion is now active while she’s getting ready for sleep
Marjorie Bug love 5= Fixed black screen bug when you ask Marjorie to spend the night drinking at love 5.
Megan Bug quest log: The quest log didn’t update like it should after you receibe the BJ in the sofa.

33 New maps in Never Saint
118 New Parallaxes
Added Alexa Story + Quest log
Added Kiyoko Story+ Quest log
Added Maria Story+ Quest log
Added Isabelle+ Quest log
Added Angie+ Quest log
Added Megan (Waiting for the next update) + Quest log
Quest log improved for All characters; more info about the location of the characters
Auto save active in first slot (You get an auto save every time you complete any quest objectives)
709 text improvements / Each text of every event was reviewed and improved if it was necessary.
Reduced cache consumption for players with problems of fps
Reduced amount of parallax usage from 4 per map to 2.
The animation of the water has been removed due to a high consumption of resources, it’s now a static picture.
Added more sprites for characters (mostly sleeping)
Added Item “the tent” for any player, with this you can wait up to 5 hours at any place, use it only in outdoors to avoid any bugs.

Upcoming for the next update:

People from the town: Gabby (The shop owner), the girl in the locker room, the girl who sleeps with a window open. (These characters will be added in the next update)
Part of the intro: Yes, part of the intro is missing. ( Will be added in the next update)
Megan Update: From 3 to 4 new scenes for this girl.

Missing Girls:
Mescary and Ashley: Will be added in futures updates.

Known bugs:

The flickering effect on sprites: My nemesis, just bare with it for a bit, I will fix it.
Some minor visual bugs on parallax: I could take them on, but I wouldn’t dare to delay the update one more day.

v0.13 Test
Reworked scene of Marjorie at the door.
Reworked scene of Angie in a bridge position at the park
Reworked scene of Maria with the broom at evening (only weekends
Reworked scene of Maria cleaning the bathroom.

v0.12 Extended
– 1 Sex position Doggy style: Marjorie could get fucked from behind (Vaginal Sex) in the sofa switching positions from missionary and Doggy style
– 1 Oral+Dildo+Anal beats: / Slow, fast and pushing those anal beats out while riding a dildo, Alexa its showing her true colors.
– 1 New picture of Marjorie when cuming while doing the Doggy position.
– 1 New picutre of Alexa when cuming while its trying new clothes and riding the dildo and using Anal Beats
– New Dialogues when MC repeat the event of Marjorie in the Sofa/Watch a movie with her)
– New Dialogues when MC repeat the event of Alexa in the Sofa/Pink Dress-String-Trying clothes)

Small bug fixes in animations:
– Background correction in scene of alexa in the dressing room (Animation #95).
– Background correction in Picture of Alexa posing the Micro Bikini.

v10 Ext
Saves are completely compatible from V. 0.8 ( Please don’t use any older than that)
Scenes Changelog in Never Saint

Mescary new scene – Riding MC
Ashley new scene – showing her ass
Ashley new scene – Getting fuck by MC

Never Saint Extended Scenes

Sleeping Girl – 1 PIC and 1 Scene
Girl in the locker room – 1 PIC and 1 Scene


Fixed: Alexa Blowjob scene getting stuck in the screen when MC Dreams
Fixed: Gabby sucking tits scene stuck in the screen.
Guide: Upload a Doc version of it, so everyone who wants to edit could do it without hassle.
Fixed: Many tileset misplaced in Never Saint
Fixed: Mescary and Ashley quest mixed when Mc goes again to the house.
Fixed: Mescary event when MC its supposed to be in bed but MC Jumps to the wall

Bug that still there:

MC Could enter to Alexa’s room when he isn’t supposed to.


Marjorie – (Drunk in the dinner room)
Marjorie – (blowjob – CUM)
Marjorie – (Titsjob – CUM)
Gabby – ( New expressions)
Gabby – ( Pushing her tits to MC)
Gabby – ( Shop tits out)
Gabby – ( Shop tits out + Milk)


Marjorie – (Honey mess admiring)
Marjorie – (blowjob)
Gabby – ( Swinging tits)
Gabby – ( Sucking tit)

Extended – Animations

Marjorie – (Pinching nipples)
Marjorie – (Titsjob)

New map – Memories room (Extended only)

New Cheat inside memories room
Money Cheat + Souls cheat
New Skill to control time : (Move throw Day- Evening-Night-Late night)
Skills cheat: Can change from Lust to Desire of the heart

+ Mini Guide
1 – Go to the Marjorie’s House.
2 – go to Sister’s room, just pass by the door.
3 – Take the bus and go to the park – sit next to the girl.
3 – Grind a little in the park until you see Maria 5 times.
4 – Go to menu and use the skill of concentration to see where is the keys of Alexa.
5 – Now you can replay the streaching every time you want.
5 – Wait for the monday, Marjorie will let the door open every lun- 06 am.

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

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