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Red Brim [0.14 Alpha] [Euphoria Studios]

Release date: 28 June, 2024
Genre: 2DCG, Male protagonist, Point & click, Sandbox, School setting, Animated, Dating sim, Voyeurism, oral sex, sex toys, anal sex, titfuck, vaginal sex, masturbation, groping, pov, big tits, big ass, creampie, milf, mobile game
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Red Brim 0.14 alpha + IPatch + save
Language: English + Italian/ Spanish/ Portuguese patch
File size: 424 MB

About Game:
Welcome to Red Brim, an exciting and immersive erotic game in the style of a dating-sim graphic novel! Join us on this thrilling journey filled with passion, romance, and intense encounters.
In Red Brim, you embody a young and passionate photography student, dedicated to capturing the essence of life through your lens. As you delve into the world of visual storytelling, you encounter a mysterious woman with a wide-brimmed red hat, whose enigmatic presence adds an intriguing twist to your artistic journey.
Guided by your insatiable curiosity, you traverse vibrant cityscapes and breathtaking landscapes. Along the way, you engage with a diverse cast of characters, each with their own dreams, desires, and secrets waiting to be uncovered.​

v0.14 alpha
Continued Taylin’s quest
New scene with Taylin (21 images)
New location: the library
Continued development of the photography minigame with mission implementation
Improved some parts of the code
Fixed various bugs

v0.13 alpha
New NSFW scene with Zoe (18 pics)
Additional scenes with Zoe (9 pics)
New scene with Emma (6 pics)
Reworked Dialogues for “Mate for Emma” Quest
Minor Bug Fixes

v0.12 alpha
Continued Love Letter quest line
New scene with Cynthia (17 images)
New location: computer lab
New model: Bridget (3 poses)
PC in the bedroom now functional, useful for future updates
Fixed minor bugs

v0.11 alpha
Continued Lora’s questline
New scene with Lora (8 images)
Updated Mainscreen with animation
Added a reminder if a new update is out on the Mainscreen
Fixed a major bug in Lora’s questline

v0.10.1 alpha
Bug fix crash during Lora’s quest

Progression in Eve’s storyline.
Continuation of the storyline with the photographer Tom.
Addition of a new scene with Eve. (11 images)
Introduction of photography gameplay featuring the model Claire, along with two new backgrounds.
Minor bug fixes.

– Meet Nina, a new character helping out with some tech challenges in the principal’s office.
– Keep the momentum going in the “Love Letter” quest.
– Uncover more in Lora’s ongoing storyline.
– Enjoy a new scene with Agatha (17 images).
– Continue Lora’s sub-quest with another scene in Red Brim.
– Groove to added music for Lora, Bea, and our main protagonist.
– Fixed that pesky bug with Eve in the gallery.

Bug-fix: Fix bug Eve start scene

Bug-fix: Fix bug Agatha start scene

Red Brim v0.8
New Characters: Meet Eve and Tom, the latest additions to Red Brim!
Game Kick-off Upgrade: I’ve juiced up the game’s start for a more immersive kick-off..
Fresh Quest Content: Dive into a new storyline with a juicy scene featuring Bea and Eve. (10 images).
Improved Lora Encounter: The first scene with Lora got a facelift, a touch-up that you’ll surely appreciate. (1 image).
Enhanced Zoe and Emma Scene: Enjoy an upgraded first encounter with Zoe and Emma (3 images).
Font Facelift: Update the dialogue with a new font style, and Simon’s thoughts get a fresh look too.
Quest Alerts Upgrade: Now, when you snag a new quest, a “new quest added” popup will let you know.
Quest Visuals Makeover: The quest display also got a slick redesign, including a tab for your completed quests.
Bugs: some minor graphic bugs to keep things looking as sharp as ever.

v0.7 Alpha
Introduction of Cynthia, the school principal.
Addition of a new location to explore.
Inclusion of two new scenes: one featuring Taylin, and another showcasing Agatha.
A total of 36 new images to enrich your Red Brim experience.

v0.6.1 Alpha
Fixed issue with replay gallery of some scenes not displaying

v0.6 Alpha
Dive deeper into the main storyline!
Enjoy 3 thrilling new scenes (including 2 with Lora and 1 with Isabel) that will keep you hooked!
Feast your eyes on 16 brand-new, stunning images.
Flex your creative muscles and personalize the names of the protagonist, Lora, and Bea.
Immerse yourself in our shiny new Gallery System. Relive your favorite moments whenever you want!

Red Brim v0.5 Alpha

New Scenes: Get ready for fresh adventures with 3 new NSFW scenes, (51 images) including 1 with Bea and 2 with Randy. Brace yourself for captivating interactions!
Expressive Poses: The protagonist and Bea now sport new facial expressions, adding depth and realism to their emotions.
Thematic Music: Immerse yourself further into the Red Brim universe with thematic music in the main menu, intro, and map sections. Feel the atmosphere!
Custom Language Support: Now, it’s even easier to personalize your experience. Find translation files in the game/tl/custom folder, edit the files inside and change your preferred language in the game menu.
Enhanced Android Support: I’ve worked on improving the Android experience, making it smoother and more enjoyable.

v0.4 Alpha
Introducing the enigmatic Isabel, a mysterious addition to the cast.
Advancements in the main plotline, Zoe and Emma’s paths, Taylin’s tale, and the intriguing letter’s unfolding.
Welcome a brand-new location to enrich your Redbrim experience.
3 NSFW animated scenes, (13 images).

Red Brim v0.3 Alpha
New Scenes with Lora: Dive deeper into the story as you encounter Lora in two captivating new scenes.
Expressive Facial Animations: To enhance the immersion and emotional depth of the characters.
Introducing Albert: Meet a new male character named Albert. Interact with him to uncover valuable insights and clues about the mysterious girl with the red hat.
Advancing the Main Storyline: The main storyline continues to evolve, with pivotal moments and significant plot developments.
Foundations for Side Quests: As the world of Red Brim expands, I’ve laid the groundwork for engaging side quests.
Smartphone GUI with Quest Log and Skills: A brand-new addition to the game is the interactive smartphone GUI. Access your quest log, track your progress, and develop your skills.
Skip Minigame Option: Now you have the choice to bypass any challenging minigames if you prefer to focus on the story.

Fixed the bug with the lock quest ending. The scene with Bea was repeating, but now it stops exactly where it should. There is no location image for the locker yet, so the quest stops there for now.
Fixed the two-day jump forward when going to sleep.
Temporarily removed buttons that are not yet implemented, leaving only the button with the notebook. Added functionality to the gear button.

Introducing three new captivating characters: Randy, the owner of the hardware store, and the dynamic twin duo, Zoe and Emma, working at the beachfront café in Sunhaven.
Lockpicking minigame added to test your memory skills.
Explore two exciting new locations with stunning visuals (3 pics).
Unveil two thrilling NSFW animated scenes (7 pics).
Embark on two new quests and unravel their mysteries.
Various minor bug fixes for smoother gameplay.

0.1 alpha
Welcome to Red Brim

Main story’s introductory quest-line (unfinished)
Female characters: Lora (nude bathroom), Bea, Taylin, Agatha

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

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