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The Freshman Year [0.1] [spiritshade279]

Release date: 3 March, 2020
Genre: Real porn, html, sissification, femdom, cum-play, public-sex, mental changes, anal sex
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Version: The Freshman Year 0.1
Language: English
File size: 993 MB

About game:
The porn game is about a young student, who just started his first year in the college…

+ Changelog
What’s new?
7 random mini-encounters when going outside.
1 random events with multiple choices, letting you end the night a bit differently(chasity on and off changes text a little)
2 Events from Katy
New line of camgirl that evolved from Katy line, currently 3 events.

Karma system – when you run out of karma it is a game over!
Now you can smoke weed! at your home or at the park! Park has few random events different from home
New random event from email
Dealer at park to buy stuff from
Work at the bar! 2 random events
New content from Katy
New content from your roommate
Bug fixes

Paperdoll (quite basic so far)

Randomised event on phone, it has 12 different gifs/videos and 25% chance of getting it while walking outside of the house.
1 event from the phone app, you’ll have to explore map to get the notification for it
Some content for Katy
Some content for your Roommate

3 Random Events:
Random event at the bar (Ordering a fancy drink) – chance is 25%

Random event at the toilet in the bar – chance is 33%
Random event at Park entrance (Finding a phone) – chance is 33%

Some new content for Katy
Rework of the Player Room UI (I’m still unsure if its good and works as it supposed to on different computers with different resolutions, would appreciate feedback on it)
Some new content for your Roommate
Closed lingerie and adult shops as well as salon until I feel that it’s good and appropriate.
Fixed few bugs here and there (and probably made a bunch of new ones)

What’s new?

Updated Objectives
Roommate storyline continued
Katy storyline continued
New location
Updated UI

In comparison to previous version:
42 new passages
14,16k new words

– Added 2 more random pizza joint job events
– Updated Objectives
– Kylie storyline continued
– Katy storyline continued
– 2 random events
– Added 3 random dreams
– Updated Friends List
– Updated UI

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Tezfiles]

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