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Transfigure [0.60] [TangoTF]

Release date: 2 September, 2023
Genre: Real Porn, Male Protagonist, Lesbian, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal sex, Domination, Corruption, Transformation, Handjob, Humiliation
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Version: Transfigure 0.60
Language: English
File size: 2.44 GB

About Game:
The main plot focuses on Taylor’s quest to find out what the heck happened to him while finding a way to return to his original body. How seriously he takes the mission is up to you. There is a lot going on in the background and so it will probably take multiple play throughs to unravel the main story and meet all of the characters. Each of the in game romances are unique and have wildly different themes and relationship dynamics and motivators and they each will have several different ends…

+ Changelog
Transfigure .60
9500 words
Taylor becomes popular with the athletic guys on campus. Louise performs a rock show. Taylor tries to solve his predicament alone.
-continued the alternate path where you refuse Damien at the start of his section ([[Refuse and tell him to suck his own dick!]])( 3k+ words)
-added the F-F concert scenes and aftermath with Louise (late Mitch route) ( ~3k words)
-Continued the group activities side branch with Robbie and Evan. (give Robbie your number) ( words)
-Some minor portions of the group activities area have been rewritten and the continuity errors fixed so everything merges properly. The group BJ paths have been reconnected. New media added.
-added the option to give Robbie a fake number (group activities) (~2500 words)
-Added end #21 on Mitch’s route. (750 words)
-Ending tracker recall updated
-The option to recommend Samantha to take your place watching Craig has been cut.
-Lots of minor edits and typo fixes.
-added the short option to surrender on the Taylor vs Taylor combat section (150 words)

Transfigure .59 17k + words
Taylor follows the teachings of the wise and oh-so-pervy Zen Master Peeshi and reaches the pinnacle of personal mastery. The cosplay antics story arc continues. YP Taylor holds out for rescue. Craig discovers Taylor’s secret.
-added end #75 on Damien’s route, yellow potion, bunker area, by choosing the correct answer to the computer password question. (2600 words)
-added Zen Master content, including end # 51 and end # 52 (~9k words) (main path)
-continued the busty cosplay story area found on the yellow potion route. (includes end # 65 2300 words)
-added more Craig content on the [[Try to convince Craig that he is mistaken]] “I like you too” line with 3450 words
-dozens of minor rewrites and polish edits.
-fixed some images not displaying on non windows systems.
-cut the option to try and lie to Peeshi during the initial encounter

Transfigure .57 10k words
Taylor gets bullied by Mitch. Sam and Taylor bond.
-added a new quickjump for the new Mitch content.
-continued Mitch’s resistance route with the option to say no to drugs. (“Just take the ointment”) (7k words)
-added a new surprise character and sex scene on a branch during the above route.
-added a teaser scene on Natalie’s spy route plus a transition scene. (~1k words)
-admitting your feelings to Sam will now direct you to the main romantic route that includes new content. Several passages have been rewritten ( ~2k words)

Transfigure .56 – 7500 words
Hospital antics and more Drew endings.
-added the option to calmly enter the emergency department in the early game, including ends #76 and #77. (2500 words)
-formatted the passages in the hospital section plus minor edits and pics
-added ends 46, 54, and 55 at the end of Drew’s main path. (5k words)
-added the cosplay section to the quickjump
-various misc minor edits and fixes

Transfigure 0.55
~15k words
Evan and Taylor’s story receives two new conclusions.
-added two ends on Evan’s area including true end #8 on Evan’s route as well as a less happy alternative #22. These are found late on Evan’s route with “You’re not so bad yourself” and “I’d prefer less kissing” ( 15k words)
-updated the readme file with new instructions to get Transfigure to run on a new Android device.

Transfigure 0.54
13.6k words
Taylor is forced to come to terms with uncomfortable truths regarding Ryan and the foundation of their emerging relationship. Bimbo Taylor gets put to work.
-added functionality to name your own save game files or use the default passage title
-added a toggle to the settings menu that allows users to switch the game’s default color scheme between night and day (light background / dark text vs dark background and light text)
-upgraded the game’s sound system to better support future background music as well as including a volume slider to control background music (potentially useful on the Transfigure Alternative story areas)
-updated the game’s story format to the latest Sugarcube version to support more advanced code (such as these new upgrades) (thanks HiEv!!)
-misc pic and video fixes on Mitch’s path (centering etc)
-continued Ryan’s primary route with new branches focused on moral dilemmas (brush off her concerns / “Two long days pass before you see Ryan again”) plus lingerie and naughty gifts! (10300 words) Thanks to Director Maiden and the Transfigure Corps for sponsoring this route!
-added end #80 on Ryan’s path
-added a quickjump for Ryan’s route
-overhauled the early portions of Ryan’s story with new centered media and loads of new edits (around 1k words of content) plus reformatted a lot of the text to match other story areas and read easier
-updated the middle node section to modern format (new media, centered pictures etc)
-fixed another branch bug that allowed users to leap to paths they weren’t on during subsequent playthroughs
-added fresh content to the Bimbo area (Trans Corp area / late Deter route ) ( 3300 words) plus end #74
-removed several watermarks and edited a small number of images to better fit various scenes
-updated the game’s main page to reset saved clothing variables so it is possible to correctly choose and track different outfits that will setup for unique flavor scenes and prevent bugs stemming from players choosing different routes / clothing on subsequent playthroughs

Transfigure 0.53
Tim and his cousins meet up with our intrepid protagonist. Taylor fails to escape from a mysterious organization. Yellow Potion Taylor makes some tough decisions.

-continued the choice “scream for help and make a big scene” on the spy area found on Drew’s path including end # 43 ( 5400 words) + closed part of the loop allowing a connection to other routes
-added more Tim content (found late on Mitch’s primary route) plus an offshoot area with his cousin Leon including ending #58 (about 10,000 words)
-added end #9 and #60 at the end of the Yellow Potion section in Damien’s area (4200 words)
-enlarged and centered some media on Drew’s path
-fixed a major bug at the story’s middle node that allowed players to access routes they shouldn’t be able to on subsequent playthroughs.
-numerous small edits and typo fixes

Transfigure 0.52 Beta
Julie and Taylor nurture a budding romance. Taylor negotiates with Mitch for valuable information. Taylor and Teddy find comfort in each other’s company. Threesome at the Clarks!

-added more content for Julie’s section. (truth / love variation) ( 4500 words)
-continued the Mitch route by turning him down after the coffee date (3100 words)
-added solo and threesome scenes in the Yellow Potion / Clark area. (4500 words)
-continued Teddy’s brothel story, adding ends #32 and #33 ( 5000 words)
-added in some side content on the Teddy brothel bypass path: “This is too embarrassing!” -linked a new scene during the Teddy massage when staying silent (Thanks Jkip for the reminder!) Plus one short scene for the answer “Ask him about his family” line
-edited and added several small bits to the spy setup area leading to Natalie’s section in order to prepare for upcoming content.
-reduced Teddy’s age slightly when referenced.
-fixed and marked several minor dead ends.
-added a list of the current in game endings to the main page within a spoiler button
-muted several videos that had sound playing by default. (to enable sound on eligible videos right click and unmute)
-added a recall button to some of the endings (all 100 will be added eventually)
-fixed some bugs with the quickjump and double portraits.

Transfigure v0.51
23,700+ words
Training continues under the Zen Master’s guidance and Taylor engages in a salacious ritual. Little Taylor gets roped into a relationship with an older couple. The Cabin adventure continues. Taylor seeks out Sophie for the sake of the Bell family.
-added more content on Zen Master Peeshi’s area. (7200 words)
-added a new path in the “Yellow Potion” section. (8500 words, special thanks to Director Maiden for sponsoring this route!) Found off “Sorry, but I really need to be getting home…” branch in the yellow potion cosplay area.
-added more content to the “Two Friends” cabin area to make up for the awkward end last time. (~3k words)
-added more content to Craig’s section and introduced the new character Sophie Bell. Content is found with “Give Craig an earful instead” option after the clothing theft incident. ( 5000 words, additional content sponsored by Director Maiden!)
-fixed display errors on the credits page (Thanks Valrin72!)
-minor phrasing and typo fixes on several paths.
-scattered media edits and adjustments, mainly on Craig’s starting area.

Transfigure v0.5 Beta
12400 words
Taylor and his two best friends take a break from recent events by continuing their yearly tradition of spending the long weekend at Evan’s cabin. Zen Master Peeshi trains Taylor in the art of erotic self discipline. Taylor and Samantha struggle to fend off the machinations of Lucas Ferret.
-continued the “two friends” route with the alternate cabin adventure (where the trio go together). (~5k words)
-continued the ZMP route (branch found on Drew’s route, complete the ritual, QJ available) (1800 words) Note: this update isn’t finished and will continue next time.
-added a quickjump for one of the main decision trees at school in the early game
-edited Deter’s route and Peeshi’s, fixed and added more media
-continued the T Corp Resistance route with Samantha, Victoria, and Lucas. 5500~ words (Thanks to Director Jstar6264 for sponsoring this route addition!) To arrive on this route, answer Lucas’ riddle incorrectly and then refuse to cooperate.
-Fixed a minor narrative inconsistency on Ryan’s route (Thanks T7792!)
-added a bypass on the T Corp / Deter area so players can skip the protestor scene if desired.
-many minor edits courtesy of Poopoopuh and Tango (mostly spelling, grammar, and word choice)

Transfigure v0.99 Alpha
25k words
Yellow potion Taylor explores the world with a new body that seems to attract attention before going to a cosplay convention.
-continued alt yellow potion adventure with a cute cosplay section (Thanks Director Rin for sponsoring this route!) 25,000 words (“Are you sure the cops will believe you?” “No way, that sounds way too shady!”)
-added ends 66 and 67 on above route
-extended the ending list capacity from 50 to 100 (Mwaha ahaha…)

Transfigure .96 15.6k words (includes the 95 bonus)
Taylor is coaxed by her alternate mother to embrace her inner cuteness. Spy Taylor learns of Plan Groundwork! + another new shocking ending!
-added end # 37 on Ariana’s spy route – A new enemy is revealed!
-added a new mostly non-sex focused path and ending #20 in the Bloomverse section with Marg Roux (Thanks Director Rin for sponsoring this route!) (10, 600 words)

Transfigure .9480085 – 2 year anniversary edition! 18.5k words.
Yellow Potion Taylor attempts to escape the bunker and pursues different avenues for a potential cure. Brothel-Taylor struggles with the aftermath of her virginity auction… and the pursuit of a stubborn man that won’t leave her the hell alone. Taylor looks after Craig and suffers through the first part of two weeks alone with the perverted manchild.

-added the yellow potion bunker escape attempt on the Damien sub route (altered by changing the PC response to the voice). Plus many edits and recentering the first part of the route as well as the addition of Ending 11 (True End).
-continued the alternative Yellow potion split “Are you sure the cops will believe you?”
-added more Teddy Roux brothel content (~4k words, main path) Thanks Director G for sponsoring this route addition!)
-added more content on Craig’s route (“We can study the next time I come over. I am busy tonight.”)
-small coat of polish edits

Transfigure 0.9280085 ~14000 words
Evan pulls out all the stops in an attempt to woo Taylor and distract her from pursuit of a cure. Taylor’s actions result in blackmail at the Bell household. Taylor argues with a nutty chick with the same name and an unbelievable story.

-added Bell Blackmail (found on Craig path, 5k + words) (Thanks to Director G for sponsoring this route!)
-continued Evan’s route; added the build up to the mega date day. This also includes a bonus section at the beach written by Nicke and Tango. (Thanks Nicke for contributing!)
-added content on the Taylor vs Taylor route (the one where Taylor avoids the first transformation). (“No deal” variation; “invite her to live with you” variation, plus a single short scene at “Deal”)
-added the first decision branch to the quickjump as well as the new Craig branch.
-Minor polish edits and media swaps.
-Fixed a bunch of typos and minor errors (Thanks Poopoopuh!)

Transfigure v0.9180085
17,750 words
Taylor is forced to make lewd concessions by a victorious Craig. Sandra Bell makes Taylor an offer she can’t refuse. Taylor begins a new spy mission and suffers an unfortunate side effect right before being thrust into the life of famed performer Ariana Mucho. Teddy Roux fights to claim his “prize.”

-added the first update of the “Ending Tracker” feature with Transfigure’s nine complete endings- using the return to start link after discovering an end will save its progress! (currently “restart” resets the ending data so be forewarned. Save files save everything until reset and can be reloaded.)
-Added a main menu button to the sidebar to return for ending checks and scene checks (eventually)
-updated credits and info page
-added brothel route to quickjump
-added a new Rhea lesbian scene on the brothel path, found just before the auction (not at the end of the path like usual)
-started Ariana Mucho’s spy mission (chipped variation) 5500+ words
-continued awkward brothel auction with Teddy Roux (Thanks Director G for sponsoring this route!) (5k words)
-continued Craig’s main path up to start of the next chapter. (Thanks Director BUsy Bat for sponsoring this route addition!) ( 7250words)
-added some minor misc media (Cho, brothel) and centered numerous pics.
-Added an end/ warning for a continuity error on the group activities route (Thanks MichelleK2 for pointing this out!) I will replace this with a new scene one day.
Known minor bug note: Navigating to the menu in the middle of a story and then quick jumping can break the appearance triggers and make the portraits display incorrectly. It is recommended to hit the back button or start a new game if you navigate to the menu in the middle of something. (You may DL the extra html at the bottom to fix this.)

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

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