Warlock and Boobs [0.441] [boobsgames]

Cover Warlock and Boobs

Release date: 12 April, 2024
Genre: 2DCG, Fantasy, Male Protagonist, Monster girl, Adventure, Combat, Turn based combat, Futa/transgender, Big tits, Big ass, Anal sex
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Version: Warlock and Boobs 0.441 + WALKTHROUGH + save + Gallery Mod
Language: English, Russian
File size: 1.28 GB

About game:
Krowley always wanted to learn magic, hunt for monster girls, and most of all, get laid. Help guide Krowley in fulfilling his dreams!

+ Changelog
Hotfix v0.440.0.1
It fixes some text issues, missing translation in one scene, glitch with Conda’s scene if she is cumflated, etc

New scenes:
Vaginal scene with Great Paladin. Is unlocked during the first part of the new quest
Vaginal scene with Conda. Is unlocked during the first part of the new quest or later in the goblin village. You will need a heavy goblin armor to repeat the scene
Deep-throat with an orc girl. Defeat her in battle and choose new option
Mushra fucks Krowly. No illustrations for now. Triggers when you lose drink contest to her

Updated scenes:
Eric’s titfuck scene got a variant without Astra. Can be triggered during the hunt
Jill’s barstool buttfuck got a cumflation option (I forgot to add it last time)

New pictures:
Vaginal scene with Great Paladin. 4 variants
Vaginal scene with Conda. 8 variants total
Conda cumflated variants. 3 variants
Deep-throat with an orc girl. 2 variants
Eric’s titfuck. +12 variants without Astra

An old bug that sometimes were making Krowly freeze and stop responding to any buttons, apart from the mouse. It was happening if you click with the mouse right where invisible enemy, that is waiting for respawn, is. I had go over every respawning enemy in the game, but I think it shouldn’t be happening anymore

New scenes:
Barstool buttfuck with Jill. Stare at her ass during the rain, while being naked yourself. Requires 50+ relationship points.
Titfuck with Astra and Erica. Happens at Monday morning in Fina’s mansion if the relationship between Eric and Astra are 15+ (if you see them dance or see how Astra gives Eric a blowjob, it adds to their relationship score. it’s already on 10+ if you have seen their blowjob scene). Requires 30+ relationship with Eric and 30+ relationship with Astra to join.

Updated scenes:
Multi-breasted variant of the flowerjob scene was added

New pictures:
Jill barstool buttfuck. 16 variants
Erica titfuck. 8 variants (+ some more variants with lips etc, about 32 in total result I think)
Eric’s character illustration variant with with semen on boobs, 2 variants
3-boobed flowergirl, +variants for her animated scene

Derek/Taisha scene fix once again.
Bathing goblin fix
Learning ice spell fix
Meril blowjob trigger fix
Learning thunder spell fix

This update is focused on new scenes.
Shaved pussy. Variants with shaved pussy added to all illustration, including Fina, Astra, Carla, Agnieszhka, Jaina,scenes with Goblins, except goblins’ character and battle illustrations. You can set it on or off in the settings.

New scenes:
Great Paladin titfuck. Accessible via flirt menu after completing “At service” quest
Slime girl titfuck. An alternative scene with big slime girl after you defeat her (she is in the slime cave in the woods area)
Alice on table. Anal scene with Alice, after you watch her dancing on table. Requires 50+ relationship
A scene with Tiasha, Derek and Taisha’s goblin friend. Tuesday night at Derek’s house, requires 50+ relationship with Taisha. Gay scenes should be ON in the settings to see this scene
Bathing goblin – under waterfall near Derek’s house at Tuesday evening.

Updated scenes:
Krowly under busty bandit. Illustrations added.
Fina and Sister Elizabeth – added strapon variant that is shown if gay scenes are disabled in the settings

New pictures:
Great Paladin titfuck, 4 variants
Great Paladin topless, 4 variants
Krowly under busty bandit. 4 variants
Alice on table. 4 variants. Made from existing illustrations
Slime titfuck, 2 variants
Bathing goblin
Shaved pussy variants of the illustrations. 108 variants I think, it’s hard to count them

Small things:
Great Paladin is now shown in the dialogues as Maria Lombart after the first titfuck from her
Taisha is visited by her friend at Tuesday. At morning they are in Taisha’s house, at noon Taisha is visiting goblin village, at evening her friend is bathing under waterfall, and at night check Derek’s house (scene mentioned above)

Eric’s transformation cheats should be working right now, I hope
Jill cumflation anal fix

Hotfix v0.430.0.1
It fixes the dialogue with Great Paladin that prevented you from starting the quest “Field research”

This update is focused on the new quest.
New quest. Talk to Great Paladin after completing “Field research” quest to start it. Please, make a separate save file in case of possible bugs.

The quest “At service” is also can be completed now.

New outfit. Bandit outfit can be obtained during the new quest. When Krowly wears it the bandits interact differently (check out male and female bandits). Doesn’t affect the bandits you meet during the hunt events with Eric. After the quest you can also visit the bandit leader in the bandit stronghold while wearing bandit outfit.

New scenes:
Busty bandit leader blowjob. Unlocked during new quest, later is repeatable in the bandit stronghold if Krowly wears bandit outfit
Iss buttfuck. Unlocked during new quest, later is repeatable via flirt menu

Updated scenes:
Jenna and Juliette, illustration added

New pictures:
Jenna and Juliette
Busty bandit leader blowjob, 3 variants total
Iss buttfuck, 3 variants total
Krowly in bandit outfit, 6 variants

Small things:
Option to dance with Jaina at evening. If Krowly already sucked Jaina’s dick and has 200+ lust it can trigger blowjob scene behind the bar without Rose (if it’s not raining)

Hotfix 0.422.0.1
Fixes some graphical issues with Jill, Rose, and limits Sam’s handjob scene only to the day when Jenna is in the spa

New scenes:
Sister Elizabeth buttfuck scene. Can me triggered after her breastsucking scene if relationship are 50+ and Krowly have enough lust.
Jaina doggystyle buttfuck. Added option to fuck her in the ass after the rimjob scene in the spa. The scene is based on a scenario by Idler.
Sam’s handjob. When you join Samantha in the spa if your lust is 200 or higher she will decide to have some fun underwater. No illustrations currently, apart from the aftermath effect
Fina fucks Sister Elizabeth. When you help Sister Elizabeth to repair the church there is a chance that you will see Fina visiting her. Now you have an option to peek through the window and enjoy the show

New pictures:
Sister Elizabeth buttfuck, 10 variants total
Jill cumflation variants. 25 variants
Rose huge boobs. 44 variants
Jaina doggystyle buttfuck. 2 variants of existing illustration added
Fina fucks sister Elizabeth. 3 variants

text fixes by Steen

This update is mostly focused on the scenes

New scenes:

Jaina buttfuck scene. Triggers when you wake her up via handjob if your relationship with her 50 or higher
Diana sucking Krowly. Can be triggered in the Great Paladins camp when she is near campfire. Bring wine
Sam’s kitchen scene. Talk to her when she is cooking at the morning. Requires 50+ relationship. Includes anal and asseating variants
Scene with Eric on the table. Can be triggered if you dance with Juliette during the topless Friday and your lust is 200 or higher. The quests “save topless Friday” and “Field research” should be completed. Uses existing illustrations.

Updated Scenes:

Snake girl blowjob – added variants for the four-boobed magic snake girl
Diana sucking Conlan’s dick. Added illustrations and some more text.

New pictures:

Jaina buttfuck scene. 2 variants
four-boobed magic snake girl blowjob – 4 variants added
Diana blowjob, 2 variants
Sam’s kitchen scene. 16 variants
Fina’s grandma’s portrait
sketch with succubus

Small things:

Missing location was added – the church basement. It’s mentioned during one of the quests, but wasn’t accessible by the player before
A portrait of Fina’s grandma is added to the mansion. Including fap option
the amount of hunger you gain during meditation is lowered.
The cheat that disables hunger gain during time change and meditation is added to the cheat room. Needs to be tested


a number of small old bugs
text fixes by FutaOnMale

Hotfix v0.420.0.2 is up. It fixes the quest “Field Research” skipping the second trip if you talk to Juliette at Friday or in russian version. If you alrady have quest bugged I have added a cheat in the cheat room to reset the quest. It will let you to talk to Great Paladin again and start the quest from the beginning.

Hotfix v0.420.0.2 is up. It fixes the quest “Field Research” skipping the second trip if you talk to Juliette at Friday or in russian version. If you alrady have quest bugged I have added a cheat in the cheat room to reset the quest. It will let you to talk to Great Paladin again and start the quest from the beginning.

What is new:
New quest. Talk to Great Paladin using “chat” option after the quest “Nun’s work” is complete. You don’t need to finish the quest “Wonders of nipplefucking” to start this quest, but it’s need to finish it to complete the new quest. Some of the new scenes can be seen during the quest, so I recommend starting checking out the update from the quest 🙂
New scenes:

Fourboobed elf vaginal/anal scene. Can be unlocked during new quest, and later triggered by talking with her
Double titfuck with Astra and Alice. Talk to them in Fina’s mansion at Thursday morning if there is no rain. You need 30+ with Astra and the vaginal scene with Alice should be triggered at least once to trigger this titfuck scene
Fairyjob scene. Old scene with fairies got new illustrations, and the old illustrations got new more matching text part. So it’s new scene, but I switched the illustrations between new and old one, so they will match better. Loose to fairies to check out new illustrations and win to see new text for the titfuck scene.
A scene with battle nun and an orc at Saturday night near the monastery. Without an illustration for now.

Updated Scenes:

Scene were Eric is fapping got an illustration
Scene with Pregnant Snake girl got variant without Eric.

New pictures:

Fourboobed elf scene. 8 variants
Double titfuck scene with Astra and Alice. 2 variants
Fairyjob scene. 2 variants
Eric’s fapping illustrations. Made from existing ones. A lot of variants.

Updated pictures:

Conda’s butt illustration

Hotfix 0.413.0.2
It just makes some changes in scripts to maybe solve some issues in Wine on Linux, so you can safely skip this one

Hotfix 0.413.0.1
It fixes being stuck in the counter in the spa after sex scene with the spa manager, and adds some changes to game scripts

This update is focused mostly on the new and updated scenes, new illustrations.
Battle animation speed setting added in the settings menu. Will help you to speed up the battles.

New scenes:
Jill’s facial. Can be triggered via flirt menu
Krowly spa group fun. Can be triggered when male villagers are in the spa (Wednesday day time). Has 50 chance that there will be no dancer, and Krowly can fill in. You can save before entering the spa if you want to reroll the chance
Nipplefuck with golem nun. Accessible via flirt menu if the golem has nipples upgrade
Sandra titfuck. Can be randomly triggered when you talk to her during tea party
Goblin Shaman rides Krowly. Added text and variants of the goblin rider illustrations.

Updated Scenes:
Jimm fucks succubus. Added repainted illustrations, added option to fap.
Goblin girl rides Krowly. Added illustrations, made into a separate scene.
Statue in the church fapping. Added illustrations

New pictures:
Jill’s facial. 2 variants
Krowly spa group fun. 4 variants
Golem nun nipplefuck. 12 variants
Dirt cave battle background
Sandra titfuck. 2 variants
Sandra. Messy variants of character illustration. 2 variants
Goblin rider. 8 variants, including shaman
Statue in the church. 2 variants

Updated pictures:
Jimm fucks succubus. 8 variants. Repainted, plus added 2 extra variants

Small things:
nipplefuck added to the sex statistics

New scenes:

Astra visits spa. Talk to her at Saturday morning. Need 30+ relationship with her, and the spa quest should be finished.
Blowtitfuck scene with Mother Sabrina. Unlocked during the quest, after that accessible via flirt menu. Requires 30+ relationship points
Great Paladin appreciation scene. Unlocked after the new quest, later accessible via flirt menu

Updated Scenes:

Agnieszka and Jason, added illustration, Including inflation variant

New pictures:

Agnieszka and Jason, +3 variants
Astra and elves, +3 variants
Mother Sabrina blowtitfuck, +2 variants
Great Paladin bukakke, 3 variants total
Great Paladin appreciation, 7 variants total

Hotfix 0.411.0.3: It fixes some problems with the spells in the new lab. Should be working now
Hotfix 0.411.0.2: It fixes the last room in the dungeon, adds cumflated image for Juliette’s scene, and hopefully fixes the spa bug (I hope it was fixed this time)
Hotfix 0.411.0.1: It fixes Volt’s new scene not triggering. You will need to watch him fucking Golem Nun again

Hotfix 0.411.0.3: It fixes some problems with the spells in the new lab. Should be working now
Hotfix 0.411.0.2: It fixes the last room in the dungeon, adds cumflated image for Juliette’s scene, and hopefully fixes the spa bug (I hope it was fixed this time)
Hotfix 0.411.0.1: It fixes Volt’s new scene not triggering. You will need to watch him fucking Golem Nun again

New scenes:
Brother Volt buttfuck. Can be triggered when he is praying (Monday and Sunday morning), after you saw him using Golem’s mouth and after you heard a conversation about his butt from Diana (Friday and Thursday morning). Both needs to be triggered in this update (the game won’t remember if you have done it before)
Sister Elizabeth’s and huge dick. Can be triggered during the new dungeon.
Bathing Juliette. Saturday evening, near Eric’s house.

Updated Scenes:
Multiboobed Lamia titfuck scene. Illustrations added and the scene reworked. Mostly a new scene at this point

New pictures:
Brother Volt’s butt. 4 variants
Sister Elizabeth and huge dick. 4 variants
Bathing Juliette
Multiboobed Lamia titfuck scene. 8 variants.

pregnant lamia scene added to RGD1
Big mouse fix. I went trough all the scenes in game and added a fix that will hopefully prevent the bug when if you impatiently clicking mouse during the scene, Krowly starts to move around and while changing sprite. If you will experience a bug where your mouse isn’t working after a scene, press “W” two times to fix it, and report this scene to me.

Hotfix v0.410.0.2:
it fixes the issue with rain summoning and the glitch the the spa

Hotfix v0.410.0.1:
It fixes Golem Upgrades being accessible before they unlocked, and a number or minor issues and translations errors

Hotfix v0.410.0.2:
it fixes the issue with rain summoning and the glitch the the spa

Hotfix v0.410.0.1:
It fixes Golem Upgrades being accessible before they unlocked, and a number or minor issues and translations errors

New scenes:

Carla’s twerking scene. Invite Carla for a dance during topless Friday. If you have 50 relationship with her and 200 lust, it might lead to an afterparty
Brother Volt is using Golem Nun’s mouth. At Friday night, at his tent. No illustrations for now.
Futa elf is dancing for Jason, Derek and Sebastian in the spa at Wednesday day time

Updated Scenes:

Fina fapping. Illustrations added

New pictures:

Carla twerking, 12 variants total
Futa elf dancing. A temporary version, will be replaced later
Fina fapping. 6 variants

Small things:

Pixel animations for alchemy table.
Busty, naked, lingerie and goblin outfit variants for the pixel animations when Krowly is working on the field, cooking, or helping Kestia
you can ask Mabel for sparring again, after you defeated her first time. I also added a pixel animation of her feeding defeated Krowly, and Krowly sucking her boob


Fina’s oral scene isn’t accessible at any lvl of relationship anymore, sorry
all lust attack were working wrong on Krowly. Now it’s fixed
there was a bug where player was able to accidentally delete hidden items that allow Golem Nuns upgrades to work. I added a fix for that, it should also restore these items if you already lost them (you can’t see them normally)
a lot of smaller fixes

It fixes the test event in the elven forest, some translation issues, and the bug with he golem near the spa.

New quest. Talk to Melissa when Brother Volt is snooping around in her tower to start it.

New scenes:
Busty Elf oral. During the hunt or after defeating a Busty Elf in the elven forest
Melissa oral. After completing her new quest and after that via flirt menu.
Jill and Astra oral. Talk to them when Jill is massaging Astra’s butt during sunbathing event. Requires 200+ lust and 30+ relationship points with both
Golem Nun oral. Give her lips an upgrade and test them out at night. The illustrations are placeholder, I think I will replace them in the future
miniscene with stone boobs. No illustration

New pictures:
Busty Elf oral. 6 variants
Melissa oral. 3 variants
Golem upgrades. 26 variants
Jill and Astra oral. 3 variants
Golem oral. 2 variants

Small things:
new decoration elements in the dungeon

This update is mostly focused on scenes.

Drinking event with orc chief Mushra now has alternative ending with Krowly being on top.

Option to invite Alice in the spa at Monday day time. Has a variant of her bathing scene and reactions on Krowly’s getting massage from the elves

New scenes:
Jill’s oral scene. Can be triggered if you have 200 or more lust when you give her the cream during the sunbathing event at the morning
Alice’s butt can be seen at Sunday morning in her house
Krowly fucking Mushra, the orc chief. As a part of the drinking event with her. You need to find a way to over-drink her
Threesome scene with Krowly, a pregnant snake girl and Eric. During the hunt in two dungeons. Also has a variant for Kaaren, without Eric.

Updated scenes:
Snake girl’s oral scene. Updated illustration, plus pregnant snake girl’s variant

New pictures:
Jill’s oral scene. 2 variants
Alice’s butt
Krowly fucking Mushra. 2 variants
Snakegirl threesome. 24 variants

Updated pictures:
Snake girl’s oral scene. 4 variants
Alice bathing. Added 2 variants for the spa
Alice’s buttfuck. Added 2 variants for the spa

Small things:
Small changes to the start of the game. The game asks less questions, but I added a suggestions to check content settings in the menu.
Small changes to sex stats window

event with Jaina’s training should be working right now

New scenes:

Sam’s buttfuck. Dance with her I the tavern or catch her naked at night. Requires 50+ relationship points. Has inflation option
Jenna’s boobs grabbing scene. During the milk event, at Thursday day time
Repeatable variant of the spitroast scene with two orcs (Orc’s tent, Wednesday night, after Eric’s quest is completed)
Mini scene, Orc Chief and Mabel (Tuesday night). No illustration for now

Updated scenes:

All Sam’s scenes – added inflation variant

Sam’s buttfuck. 12 variants
Sam’s inflation. 24 variants
Jenna’s boobs event. 4 variants
Orc Chief character illustration.
Small things:

Sam’s reaction to the scene asseating scene with jaina

New scenes:
Threesome with Jenna and Eric. You can join them when they are having sex at night. Requires 50+ relationship points with both of them
Astra and Jill sunbathing at Tuesday morning near Ironheart mansion. Astra has unique illustration, Jill will get one in the future.
Maruna titfuck. After you helped her tribe you can join Maruna when she is bathing in her pool (Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening)
Meril oral. After event with Agatha, and after restoring the Magic Eye (in the lab) at the enter of the lab an event will trigger, that will unlock the new scene with Meril (and more stuff in the future)

Updated scenes:
Flower girl titfuck. Replaced illustrations
Jaina rimjob. Added illustrations

New pictures:
Flower girl titfuck. 2 variants
Jaina rimjob. 2 variants
Maruna titfuck. 2 variants
Threesome with Jenna and Eric. A lot of variants
New battle background for one of the ruins’ type
Astra sunbathing
Jill naked
Meril oral. 2 variants

Great Paladin’s arrival. Starts at Topless Friday if the quests The Matter of Order, Lost Delivery, Juliette’s quest, Tea with Milk and Succubus Summoning are finished. Starts quest “At service” that can’t e completed in the current version, it’s needed for the future.
Adds 3 new characters and causes some changes in the game’s world.
New Quest. (Not “At service”, a different one) Talk to Carla during topless Friday after Great Paladin’s arrival

New scenes:

Femboy Knight facufuck scene. Win a fight with him.
Sam in spa. You now can invite Sam to the Spa ^^
Fapping on Golem Nun’s boobs. At night.
Brother Volt in panties. Can be caught undressing at some mornings
Option to fap on queen’s portrait in Sam’s bedroom.

Update dscenes:

Added spitroast variant with the pregnant goblin, in the random generated dungeon with Eric.

New pictures:

spitroast with the pregnant goblin. 8 variants.
Femboy Knight facefuck scene. 8 variants
Great Paladin. Character illustration
Brother Volt. Character illustrations +variant in only panties
Golem nun. Character illustration +variant in sperm
Sam bathing. 4 variants
Queen’s portrait

Updated pictures:

A generic Order Guard character illustration, made from Conlan’s


Sam schedule should be fixed
Some other fixes that I forgot about

Dreams. The sleeping event were remade. It was very complicated and messy, so I have to change it. It will allow me to more easy add things in the future, and will make it more easy to avoid bugs. This is mostly technical thing, but it needed to be done, and it took some time. Also I added “dreams” – oneliners that describes what Krowly was dreaming about. These are just for flavor. Some of them are normal, but some are generated by a script were added, so they might be a little strange (as the dreams often are)
Shaved pussy. An option in settings to set “hairy pussy” to less. For now it affects only Fina, making her pussy shaved. In the future it’s planned for Carla, Astra and Agnieszka. Maybe for goblins

New scenes:
Astra’s facefuck. When Astra visit Krowly at night if he has 200 lust and 30 relationship with her, he can choose to facefuck her.
Krowly fucked by Mattew, the caravan guard. No illustrations. Tuesday or Friday night, if you have already titfucked Iss. Bring Goblin Ale.
Samantha’s titfuck. Stare at her boobs and then ask for a titfuck ^^ Has some extra lines from Juliette and Fina
Krowly’s night activity now has an option to use fingers or dildo on his butt in his bed, before sleep. Works with Jade Dildo or the one that you can buy from Raina.
Jill and Carla. Friday night in Carla’s bedroom. (option to join might happen in the future.)
A painting of a demon girl with an orc on a wall in Fina’s mansion. +futa variant

Updated scenes:
Staring on Samantha’s boobs. Added illustrations with her showing off her cleavage.
A mini-scene where we catch futa elf fapping got an illustration (a variant of the existing one)
New pictures:
Astra facefuck (variants made from existing illustrations), 2 total
Samantha’s titfuck and cleavage. 13 total
Krowly’s dildo and buttplaying. 28 variants total
Jill and Carla.12 variants total
Demon girl and orc painting. 2 variants.
Updated pictures:
Faries buttfuck. Updated illustrations. I made them in July, but forgot to add in game. +2 more variants
Added about 29 variants of Fina with shaved pussy.
Goblins shouldn’t be chasing player offering snu-snu anymore

UPD: hotfix 1. it fixes Taisha’s quest, brings back the time cheat, fixes broken events with Jill and Samantha, fixes scene with Derek and Jenna, etc

What is new:

Taisha’s dildo miniquest. Small quest where Taisha asks to bring her an item. You can find one of the possible items, or buy a different one. Quest starts in Sebastian’s store at the morning. You will need 25 or more relationship points with Taisha. It unlocks her buttfuck scene.

Cumflation for Taisha. Drink the big load potion, fuck Taisha in the ass, and she will get big pregnant looking belly for three days (or forever if the special cheat is enabled)

The spell “mind reading” now works via scripts, and will be showing the relationship points every time the character speaks, is the spell is active. Previously it was done manually in only first messages of the dialogue, not it works automatically. Should slightly speed up the future development 🙂 Also it now shows characters’ names in yellow color every time (for main characters. I need to make a list of side characters and add it for them too.)

Minievents that randomly triggers when you help Fina at the morning, Alice at the morning outside or Sister Elizabeth at the evening. One scene with Fina mouth, miniscene with Alice cleavage, miniscene with Sister Elizabeth booty, two sketch illustrations. Similar to the minievents with Astra, Melissa and Mother Sabrina that I added previously

New scenes:
Taisha’s buttfuck. Via flirt, after completing her new quest
Fina’s oral. First time triggers when you help her at the morning if you have 30 or more relationship points with her. After that can be randomly triggered during the same event, or via her flirt menu.
Alice’s buttons miniscene – randomly, when you help her at the morning outside
Sister Elizabeth’s booty miniscene – randomly, when you help her at evening
Jenna and Derek, with Taisha watching (she likes it) – during the topless Friday, if both Taisha and Jenna are topless, talk to Jenna, then talk to Taisha. It will trigger the scene this night in Taisha’s bedroom. Dancing with Jenna will disable the scene (in case you don’t want her to be fucked by Derek) and if Jenna already has appointment with Eric she will choose him. Uses existing illustrations with some edits.
Kaaren’ titfuck scene. Go to Fina’s house at Monday morning after defeating Kaaren in the battle. After that the scene can be repeated at Kaaren’ place (Tuesday and Saturday morning)

Updated scenes:
Added illustration wot the scene with Sebastian and Iss. Might be replaced in the future.

New pictures:
Fina’s oral scene. 3 variants
Kaaren’s titfuck. 3 variants
Cumflated Taisha. 6 variants
Taisha’s buttfuck. 4 variants.
Iss’ oral. 1 variants
2 bonus sketches
Alice’s extra cleavage variants
Sister Elizabeth’ booty

Small things:
selling items to Raina and Leaf is reworked
option to trigger buttfuck scene with the nun in the monastery (the one near the boxes)

New outfit for Krowly.You can get it if you participate in snu-snu orgies in goblin village 3 times. Snu-snu orgies starts if you trigger snu-snu event while having max lust. New outfit makes goblins more friendly, and changes the way they refer to Krowly. Doesn’t work on goblins in dungeons, because you have other party members.

New locations for exploration. Check north-vest corner of the bandit’s region. The 3 new locations doesn’t have related quests right now, but will be used on some in the future.
Option to disable screen flashing effect was added to the settings menu.

New scenes:
Alice titfuck. Scene can be triggered during topless Friday
Mabel under waterfall. Thursday morning in the elven forest
Eric fucks Krowly under waterfall. Join Eric when he is bathing under waterfall, requires 50 or more relationship points. Has reactions from Juliette
Mother Sabrina cleavagefuck. Can be triggered via flirt menu. Needs 20 or more relationship points

Updated scenes:
Carla’s buttfucks scene got a version with her body and face visible, not only her butt. Also has spanking option and original butt-focused option

New pictures:
Alice’s titfuck. 6 variants
Mabel under waterfall, 2 variants
Eric fucks Krowly under waterfall, a ton of variants
Mother Sabrina’s cleavagefuck. 3 variants, plus variants of her character illustrations covered in sperm
Krowly in the new outfit, 10 variants

Updated pictures:
Carla’s buttfuck scene, now has 34 variants

New animated scene with the flower girl.
Mini events.
These are very small flavor events that are randomly happening when you do everyday activities. Some are just a block of lore text or a bit of exposition. Some of them depends on your statistic or other conditions.

Helping Astra: 4 mini events
Reading Melissa’s books:4 mini events
Help in Monastery: +3 mini events, +1 event with Mother Sabrina (different depending on relationship with her)
Reading books in Krowly’s bedroom: +5 mini events

Rose joins topless Friday. Talk to her during the topless Friday evening if Jaina already joined and if you have already seen huge boobs event with Rose (huge boobs even needs to be triggered again, in this update)
Samantha joins topless Friday. Just talk to her during topless Friday evening
Jill joins topless Friday. Talk to her during topless Friday evening if everybody else have joined (check for Agnieszka, Rose, Taisha and Samantha)
New scenes:

Agnieszka’s titfuck. Flirt with her during the topless Friday in the tavern. 15 or more relationship points.
Rose autofellatio. Has random chance to be triggered when you help Rose to test potions (gay scenes shouldn’t be disabled in menu for this scene)
Flowerjob. Animated. After first encounter you can meet flower girl in different places around the map. (the wood, elven forest, near Melissa’s tower, fairies’ glade) If you choose not to fight, there will be an option to trigger the scene. Same scene with different flower girl is triggered when you loose a fight to her during the event on the hunt (the one with dick shaped plants)
Mother Sabrina’s boobs demonstration. Flirt with her during the day. Requires 10 or more relationship points with her

New pictures:

Flowerjob. Lots of variants and elements for the animated scene.
Agnieszka’s titfuck. 3 variants
Rose’s autofellatio. 4 variants
Mother Sabrina’s nippleshowing and topless variants.
Rose topless
Jill topless
Samantha topless
2 “sketch” images that are used during mini events

Small things

Variants of Mother Sabrina’s and Battle Nun’s illustrations without weapons
Melissa points to her books when you are looking for the “eye of Beholder” spell during the quest
fix: cheat causing Juliette’s event to trigger before she is saved
fix: party menu Krwoly’s portrait
Lizzy’s heal buff

Hotfix 1. Fixes the scene with Lizzy and Samantha not triggering. It should work, but you might need to wait till next Thursday if your your save is at Thursday

What is new:
New quest. After Eric’s quest, try to summon Jimm to start. More spoilers info in in the attached file.
New character. As a part of the quest 🙂

Lizzy inflation. If you drink big load potion before fucking Lizzy in the nipple (new scene) it will give her huge boobs filled with sperm. She will stay like this for 3 days, or forever if “pregnant bellies” cheat is activated. It affect her other scenes and her pixel sprite when she walks around Krowly’s home.

Lizzy and Meril can be summoned in battle. Lizzy can be summoned right away, Meril – after the quest. I have no idea if they will be busted or useless, it’s something we need to test 😀 Old spells are removed

New scenes in Warlock and Boobs:
Nipplefuck with Lizzy. Another way to feed a slime girl 🙂
Lizzy and Samantha oral scene. Thursday morning if Lizzy and Samantha are in Krowly’s home. No illustration for now. Written by Idler. (triggers when you come inside first floor, from outside or form other floor)

Updated scenes:
Alice’s morning scene got new illustrations, 2 variants total. + some text changes. +Jenna is commenting on the lipstick marks on Krowly’s dick in her own oral scene.
Lizzy titfuck. Added inflation variants
Lizzy feeding. Added inflation variant
Krowly fucked by trap moster. Added illustrations. + text update
Krowly and Big Goblin Girl. Updated illustrations, added belly grab option.
Krowly fucks an orc girl. Added illustrations, changed to buttfuck

New pictures in Warlock and Boobs:
Lizzy’s nipplefuck +3 variants
Lizzy’s inflation variants. 9 variants total
Krowly fucked by trap monster. +3 variants
New character’s illustration
Krowly fucks an orc girl in the ass +4 variants

Updated pictures:
Krowly and Big Goblin Girl. Completely repainted, + 2 variants added

UPD: Hotfix 1 is uploaded. It fixes the bug with the bandits and several other bugs

What is new:
Event where Krowly is caught by the butt bandits. Has 40% to be triggered when Krowly is defeated by bandits (the normal male ones that are roaming around). It’s not hard to escape, but there are 6 ways to escape at the moment. Some depends on your choices, or spells you know, some on your relationship with some of the characters.

New enemy, the femboy elf can be met in the elven forest.

New scenes:

Scene between Astra and Fina. Friday night in Astra’s room. (Astra’s masturbation event moved to the Saturday)
Carla’s breastfeeding scene, as an option when you are buying a dinner. Requires 15 relationship with Carla, or higher
Femboy elf win scene. No illustration for now.
Femboy elf defeat scene.
Double titfuck scene with Samantha and Fina. Ask Fina for titfuck when Samantha is around and she might join. Requires 25 relationship points with Samantha.
Conda’s butt appreciation scene. Talk to her while standing behind her.

Updated scenes:

Krowly fucked by a slime. Added illustrations

New pictures:

Femboy elf character illustration + 2 variants
Conda’s butt illustration plus variants
Fina and Samantha double titfuck illustration + 4 variants
Samantha’s character illlustration bukakke variants
Carla’s breastfeeding scene illustrations. 12 variants total.
A scene with Astra and Fina. A bunch of variants
Futa painting illustration.
Hidden sketch
Krowly fucked by a slime, 4 variants

Small things:

Mabel visits elven’t camp and orc camp
futa painting on the wall in Fina’s mansion
horny Krowly now has better chances at casting (Before he had even worse chances, then normal), but lower defense
sleeping Conda on the furs in the snu-snu chamber


Bug with Krowly’s pixel sprite during the training with Jaina and many other small bugs.

New scenes:
Samantha’s oral scene. Can be triggered randomly at the morning (33% chance, if Jill’s scene wasn’t triggered), or at evening via flirt menu, when she is at Krowly’s house
Jaina’s ridding Krowly’s dick. During the training with her at Wednesday and Saturday morning. Require 20 relationship point with her and 50 lust
Jills’ reverse titfuck. Wednesday and Friday morning in her bedroom, at the second floor of Krowly’s house. 20 relationship points and 50 lust are required
Joining Jenna when she is bathing. 15 relationship points required
Joining Alice when she is bathing + possible continuation. 15 relationship points required, and 50 required for the continuation.

New pictures:
Samantha’s oral scene. 6 variants total
Jaina’s ridding Krowly’s dick. 4 variants total
Jills’ reverse titfuck. 2 variants
Jenna’s bathing variant with sperm
Alice’s buttfuck variants for the bathing scene.

Updated pictures:
Alice’s buttfuck (improved pussy, updated sperm)

Small things:
When starting new game Krowly now can get starting resources to help the new player. Seeds from the field, a couple of potions from the alchemy table and some food from the kitchen. Also Krowly starts with small amount of money.

Text fixes by Anonymous.
The bug with endless supply of Eric’s swords.
“Yes” and “No” a switched when you are choosing to enable or disable “commitment mode” to prevent it from accidentally being enabled when player rushes through the introduction.
Gardening bug when you get a lot more ingredients for sale then you ever need.
Astra’s titfuck scene got the missing pixel animation
The magic shield now works against Busty Elf, but her immunity to the freezing was fixed too. Aslo, her stats were slightly nurfed

What is new:


Krowly’s stepmom added in the game. She is arriving next Sunday morning after Jill starts living with Krowly (check second floor). Her name is Samantha, and it’s just her introduction. She will get more content in the future, including sex scenes and the quest.

For now she has some dialogues, a schedule, clothed and naked illustration, possibility to cook with her, to stare at her boobs and to catch her naked.

She also has relationship system, including cheat in the cheat room, and “stepmom” system similar to the “stepsis” system for Jill, or the one for Jenna.

Hope you will like her 🙂

Gardening update

The gardening system were rewritten to work via scripts.

Krowly now can work on the field only if there is at least one full grown plant.

You don’t need to work on the field for the plants to grow anymore. Only watering is required, and considering rain, you can just plant seeds and they will grow eventually without your attention.

When you work on the field the chance of getting “ingredients for sale” depends on the number of the full grown plants and your gardening skill.

1 plant – 33% chance to get “ingredients for sale”
2 plants – 66%
3 plants – 100%
more then 3 plants gives a chance to get and extra “ingredients for sale”, which means more money. The formula is +30%/100*(skill) for each plant, so the more plants the better. If you have say 5 plants you can even get 5 “ingredients for sale”, but you will have to be super lucky.

Each full grown plant will drop at least one seed when harvested, and has a chance to drop extra one, depending on your gardening skill.

New scenes:

Futa elf buttfuck. Can be triggered when you win a battle with her, or as a massage in the spa
Rayna topless. Has a chance to happen when you help her in the smithy
Battle nun titfuck. Has a chance to be triggered when you lose to her. +variant in the monastery. Talk to the nun outside at the evening.
Stepmom naked. Friday and Sunday night, her bedroom, after her arrival
Staring on stepmom`s boobs, mini scene. Talk to her when she is with Jill in the tavern

New pictures:

Futa elf buttfuck. 8 variants
Rayna topless
Battle nun titfuck 4 variants
Battle nun covered in sperm
Stepmom + naked variant and portraits

Small things:

Decoration elements. A statue and small ruin in the snake girls’ area, a tapestry with busty nun in the monastery and another one with two kissing girls in the church ruins (hunt dungeon). Most pixel portraits on the walls in the village got bigger boobs.


A bug where Melissa always had dick in her buttfuck scene. I hope now it’s fixed

New scenes:
Naked Agnieszka. Her house at Wednesday morning.
Topless Sandra. During the tea party.
Spa manager fucks Krowly. During the quest and the repeatable variant via flirt menu.
Krowly nipplefucks Carla. After completing new quest, via flirt menu.
Mini scene during the quest. Repeatable.

Updated scenes:
Jenna ridding Eric now has Erica’s variants with boobs, longer hair, big and huge lips
Agnieszka’s sex scene got inflation option
When you look on Jill’s butt in the tavern, if it’s a morning and if it’s raining then she will have no panties on.

New pictures:
Carla’s nipplefuck + 7 variants and small see-through picture of Krowly’s dick in Carla’s nipple
Spa manager fucks Krowly +3 variants
Agnieszka’s naked and cumflated variants. 8 variants total
cumflated variants of Agnieszka’s scenes. 3 variants
Sandra topless.
Illustration for mini scene during the quest

Updated pictures:
Jill’s naked butt

Small things:
Protective circle and concentration can be used outside the battle, as a preparation. Circle stays on till you move, concentration – 30 steps
New naked statues in the dungeons
English text fixes by anonymous
Sister Elizabeth’ cleavagefuck pixel sprite, fixes of the sprites by Criss

UPD: I have uploaded a hotfix 0.351.0.1, it fixes the new quest not working on the old saves

Hotfix v0.350.3.1 is uploaded. It fixes Mind reading not working on Rayna, adds missed pixel animation to the scene with busty bandit, replaces one of Sister Elizabeth’s facial illustrations with the right one, fixes Erics blowjob scene in the crystal cave, translation error in the gloryhole booth. It also makes it so you have much higher chance to get event with busty bandit at the hunt for the first time

The saves from the previous version will work.

Thanks to the people who helped with this update:

Elizabeth Darkwood – new music track for the title screen

Criss — Sister Elizabeth’ pixel sprite

Mr. Roon – a lot of russian text fixes.

P. Whiskers – 2 scenes in the spa blowbooth.

Idler – Juliette’s reactions to Sister Elizabeth’s buttfuck scene

What is new:
Alchemy menu update

Alchemy menu was reworked to be more like the cooking menu. It allows player to choose the potion from the list instead of having to scroll through them. I had to change every single potion, so it could have created a couple of bugs. Please, let me know is something won’t be working.

Relaxation booth in the basement of the spa.

Elven spa got the underground floor and more activities. Relaxation booth in it has 2 options – to use it, or to go inside. Right now it has 3 scene variants, 2 of them are written by P. Whiskers. At Wednesday Krowly can work in the blowbooth, and get money instead of paying for it. It has pretty complex scene, with several variants. These scenes right now don’t have unique illustrations.

Also at night some hot moments are happening in the elven bedroom (Tuesday and Friday night.)

Eye of beholder

A new spell that allows Krowly to see hidden things. It will be used to find secret rooms in the dungeons. Cast the spell and for 30 steps you will see the hidden doors. Here is a screenshot of how they may look:

5 secret rooms where added to the dungeons that you can visit during the hunt. The rewards in them aren’t random and not respawning.

The spell can be learn by studying books in Melissa’s tower. (same looking book as in Krowly’s bedroom). After doing it 5 times Krowly will learn the spell. In the future it will be randomly triggering events with Melissa.

In the future I wan to add more applications for this spell.

Krowly’s facial.

Sperm is now showing on Krowly’s face on his character illustration if he got a facial. It stays on for a day, if not washed off or not disabled in the settings menu.

Potentially creates visual bugs. If the sperm keeps flying in the air when the illustration in hidden, press W key two times to fix it. Also please report scenes and interactions that will be casing this bug. There will be probably a lot of them, but they needs to be hunted down.

New scenes:

Rayna’s cowgirl scene. At night, except Tuesday and Friday. You will need at least 25 relationship points with her. The relationship can be raised by doing her tasks. Or in the cheat room.
Jenna naked. At Tuesday morning in her bedroom.
Busty bandit titfuck. After Juliette’s quest. At the event during the hunt where you and Eric are attacked by the bandits. Eric will join if he has enough lust.
4 scenes in the relaxation booth in the elven spa. No illustrations for now, some mini illustrations are used, like in the scenes with Sebastian
Futa elf on futa elf pixel scene at Friday night in the spa. No illustration for now.

Updated scenes:

Mabel’s facefuck scene. Added illustrations and slightly undated text, plus Juliette’s reaction
Sister Elizabeth buttfuck scene got the reactions for Juliette. The continuation (in a form of the scene between Juliette and Elizabeth) isn’t in the game, but will be added (I need to add a certain item first). Written by Idler.
Repeatable variant of the scene with Eric and Sister Elizabeth (morning, if Eric has more then 200 lust)

New pictures:

Mabel facefuck +2 variants
Busty bandit titfuck +2 variants
Rayna’s cowgirl scene +7 variants
Jenna naked.

Updated pictures:

Sister Elizabeth’s character illustration and all it’s variants and scene illustrations made from it. 19 variants.


Eric’s buttfuck scene during the hut were showing huge lips if they where disabled.

Small things:

Alice’s house new look
New music for the title screen by Elizabeth Darkwood.
New pixel sprite for Sister Elizabeth by Criss
Money cheat and some other cheats were reworked
A lot of russian text fixes by Mr. Roon

What is new:
Comitment mode. Can be activated at the beginning of the game. Makes it possible to save the game only at the morning after sleeping in the bed. Isn’t intended for the first playthrough, potentially can be buggy. Needs to be tested. No need to use it, if it’s not for you 🙂

(Note: It’s a public post, so I can’t use more interesting screenshots here)

Kaaren, the busty snake. Added in the Snake girls’ location. Can be met at Tuesday and Saturday morning. The event with her will have continuation in the future.

Conda, the big goblin. Added as the new character, that plays the role of the big goblin in the quest “big green”. For now doesn’t have illustration for the sex scene. After the quest can be met in goblin village at Tuesday and Friday day time. In the future will have more events. (No need to start the game form the beginning, the quest haven’t changed much.)

Event with Rayna. At Wednesday day time she isn’t in her smithy. But where is she? (file with spoilers is attached to the post) Check her shop’s assortment after the event.

Small funny event with Conlan, the guard. At Thursday day time. You may want to bring him specific item. Maybe it will have some continuation in the future.

Effects of the spells. I have made some changes to how statuses works.

Status “Wet” (new)

removed by any fire spell

can’t get “aflame” status

+20% protection against fire

+20% chance to be frozen

+30% weekness against thunder

If the battle happens outdoor during the rain, this status will be added to all party and to all enemies at the beginning of turn 1

Status “Aflame”

Removed by any cold spell

+20% protection against ice

+20% protection against water

can’t get “frozen” status

Status “Frozen” (replaced status “paralyze” in the “Freezing” spell)

removed by any fire spell

+20% protection against fire

+10% weakness against ice

can’t get “aflame” status

Status “Sticky”

If spell can add “aflame” status, it will be added 100% to sticky target

Status “Asleep”

+100% weakness against dark spells

Spell darkness deals more damage during the night.

New scenes:
Leaf and futa elves. Several variants, without illustrations for now. Sunday night in elven camp.
Astra’s hotdogging scene. Wednesday or Friday morning, Astra’s bedroom. You will need 25 or more relationship points with her, and at least 50 lust. Has random chance for a surprise variant ^_^
Juliette’s doggystyle scene. Ask her to follow you, and try to go outside the village. You will need 60 or more relationship points with her. Big load potion variant included.

Updated scenes:
Titfuck scene with snake girl. Illustration updated, added variant with sperm

New pictures:
Conda’s character illustration
Kaaren’s character illustration
Juliette doggystyle, 18 variants total
Astra hotdogging, 13 variants total
Alice’s topless dance sperm variant

Updated pictures:
Snake girl titfuck

some locations were not triggering some scripts

Small things:
A cheat, that makes cumflation permanent, was added in the cheat room (right lower corner of Krowly’s basement)
The rain can be weaker or stronger (from 1 to 9), depending on the day.
New music for bandit region and events by Elizabeth Darkwood.

Hotfix 0.350.1.2 is uploaded. It fixes oral and anal scenes with Eric, scene between Eric and Lizzy and problem with topless Alice’s dance

Hotfix 0.350.1.1 is uploaded. It fixes dialogues with Eric about his transformation. Also translation issues and a few other things.

Eric’s transformation system.

This was the main focus of this update. Second part of the previous update, as a continuation to Eric’s quest.

After completing the quest “The Matter of Order” Eric will start to receive one Erica point every morning.

If he has 7 points he get more feminine body.
14 Erica points – longer hair
21 Erica points – boobs
28 Erica points – lips
35 Erica points – huge lips.
After first transformation, if he sucks Krowly’s dick and swallows the sperm he gets 1 Erica point.
After first transformation, if he gets Krowly’s sperm gets in his ass, he gets 1 Erica point.
If Krowly gives him Boobs potion during the hunt it gives Eric 5 Erica points.
If Krowly gives him Reducto potion during the hunt it gives him -10 Erica points.
After first transformation if Krowly gives him Minotaur or Futa elf sperm, it gives Eric 1 Erica point.
After first transformation any event on the hunt where Eric gets fucked in the ass or mouth gives him 1 Erica point.

It may sound grindy, but I don’t want this changes to happen over night in game. It’s new thing and it will take players’ attention, of course, but later the players will be doing other things while the changes will be happening on the background.

Transformation is happening at the morning, not exactly when the number of points is reached.

After every transformation level reached there will be a dialogue with Eric about it. Some choices will tell the game if the player wants this transformation or not. For example if you tell Eric to cut his hair short he won’t grow them out again.

I also added two cheats to the cheat room.

First one lets you choose how you want Eric to look, but it doesn’t disable the automatic transformation. So he will be transformed accordingly at the next morning. Second cheat will let you disable/enable the automatic transformations – you can disable only lips growing for example. You can transform Eric using first cheat and then use the second one to make sure that he stays this way

Feel free to use these cheats if you don’t want to wait for Eric’s transformation.

Reducto potion also can be applied specifically to the boobs, to get rid of them, or to the lips to reduce the size. Using it also disables automatic transformation of chosen body part.

Eric’s character illustration, his portraits and every Eric’s sex scene except cowgirl scene with Jenna has variants for all his transformations. Please, tell me if after sex scene Eric’s boobs will be floating around 😀

I have also added dialogue about Eric’s lips into Jill’s banters in the tavern. Jenna has comments about his lips and boobs. Astra – about boobs.

New scenes:
Rose’s breasts expansion titfuck scene with huge dick Krowly. Can be randomly triggered when you help her test potions.
Futa Fina’s faping scene at Thursday night. Check the hole in the wall. This scene is written by HelloWhat. No illustration for now. This scene can be triggered only after the scene with Futa Fina in the church

Updated scenes:
Eric’s buttfuck scene. A lot of additional illustration variants for Eric with longer hair, boobs, and big lips.
Eric’s oral scene. About 26 additional variants for Eric’s transformation. I’m not sure how to count them
Eric bathing. +14 additional variants.
Threesome with Jaina and Eric. Additional variants for Eric’s transformation.
Jenna’s facefuck scene. Additional variants for Eric’s transformation.
Krowly’s titfuck scene. 2 additional variants for busty Eric.
Priestess nipplefuck scene. 6 variants for busty Eric.

New pictures:
Rose huge boobs titfuck. +3 variants
New variants for Eric’s sex scenes. Check “updated scenes” for more info.
Eric’s character illustration. Something about 48 additional variants I think. Including new black lingerie design.
Rose’s character illustration. +3 huge boobs variants.

a ton of Russian translation errors
a number bugs with sex scenes and character schedules
Melissa’s oral scenes where showing old illustrations. Now it’s fixed.

UPD4: Hotfix 4 is up. It fixes Lust bar not working during the battle, cooking, and a few other things. Also I made the cheats in the cheat room separate.

What is new:

New quest. Save before starting the quest. Some part of it can be completed in a different ways, so you may want to reload the save to check out the options.

To start the quest help Fina at the morning after completing the Tea with Milk quest. Also to start the quest Eric should have Mighty sword equipped. He gets it at hunt where you met the Priestess at the end of random generated dungeon with puzzles

Carla’s cumflation. Make Big Load potion, fuck Carla in the pussy or ass and enjoy her with big pregnant looking belly. Proper illustration will be shown in her pussyfuking and nipplefucking scene. The effect stays on for 3 days. Potion recipe can be obtained during the quest with Juliette.

Juliette can join topless Friday. Look at Alice dancing topless and then talk to Juliette. You will need 30 relationship points with both Alice and Juliette.

Agnieszka can join topless Friday. Next Friday after Juliette joining the topless Friday go look for Jason at the evening. 10 relationship points with Agnieszka is required

Lust and hunger UI bars are now working properly. In the past they were just gradually changing, but now they are properly changing their length according to the exact amount of lust or hunger you have. It’s probably simple thing for somebody, but I’m proud of it ^^

New scenes:

A few scenes during the quest 🙂

Updated scenes:

Pregnant goblin girl buttfuck – illustrations added. Scene was already in game, can be triggered randomly when you help Maruna to repopulate the goblin tribe
Carla’s pussyfucking scene – cumflation variants added.
Carla’s nipplefuck scene – cumflation variants added.

New pictures:

Pregnant goblin girl buttfuck (+11 variants).
Alice’s topless dance on the table. Can be seen during the topless Friday if Alice is dancing on the table.
Carla character illustration with big belly. + topless variant.
Carla’s pussyfucking scene big belly variants
Carla’s nipplefuck scene big belly variants

Updated pictures:

Melissa oral scene (+15 variants)
Jenna’s oral illustrations. Small face update

Small thing:

Small change to Eric’s portraits
Change of how Elizabeth Darkwood is playing the music by request.
New pixel sprite for Elizabeth Darkwood when she is playing music. Done by Criss.
New pixel sprite for Agnieszka. Done by Criss, who contacted me on twitter.
New script for Return and Meditation spells


Infinite titfuck with Eric.
Learning Wicked Mind spell from Meril multiple times.
Once again, mushrooms were not respawning. It’s like 5th time I think.
A huge amount of other bugs and text problems.

UPD: Hotfix 1 is uploaded. It fixes the scarecrow bug at the beginning on the quest at some days of the week.

UPD2: Hotfix 2 is uploaded. It fixes the bug with Eric after completing the quest.

UPD3: Hotfix 3 is up. It fixes the bug where new quest can’t be started if the labyrinth dungeon was finished and a few other bugs

New scenes:
Buttfuck scene with Melissa. Can be triggered in the middle of oral scene (option “change pose”), if relationship is high enough. Oral scene now can be triggered after tea party, and it will require 20 relationship point to activate the buttfuck scene. Via normal flirt menu it will require 50 relationship points. The scene has variants for futa and non-futa Melissa, and huge boobs variants.

Krowly’s sucks orc’s dick – scene with orc mob
Krowly sucks Derek’s dick in the barn

Ghost girl titfuck. Has two variants, active and passive. Ghost girls can be found in the dungeons, or, one of them, can be met at night in the village, after Krowly defeated the ghost girl near Melissa’s tower.

Updated scenes:
The scene where Krowly fucks Eric in the ass got a variant to do it on the table. This variant has 50% chance that Jenna will catch the boys in action.

New pictures:
New battle background for some locations with ruins
Melissa buttfuck. 18 variants total
Ghost girl titfuck. 8 variants total
Krowly sucks a dick. 9 variants total. Illustrations added to the scenes with Sebastian, Derek and orc mob

Updated pictures:
Melissa’s oral scenes with huge boobs. Temporary variants, will be updated in the future. 3 new variants. Unfinished.
Eric buttfuck illustrations with hard dick. 4 new variants

Small thing:
New icons for some spells and for Juliette’s outfit

If the “lost delivery” quest wasn’t started then in every ancient urn can be found a “strange rune” item. Ancient urn can be bought from the drunk orc. It is done for the players who struggle to find “strange rune”

Raina sells things during the evening

What is new:
Tea party is now repeatable event every Wednesday day time. Talk to Melissa to go in tea club. It has new funny dialogues, option for Melissa to grow huge boobs and play with them, repeatable scene with Velena. Sandra has a couple of random reactions on Krowly’s behavior. Option “keep company” will end the event, so check everything before choosing it.

Option to help Sebastian at Sunday day time. It may trigger a buttfuck scene or oral scene. Some of the characters may catch you in action (random). Also the shop may be visited by Sister Elizabeth or Jenna (random). First time Sebastian will give player a bottle of wine (new player will need it for Iss), other times – 10 gold.

Buttfuck scene with Sebastian uses small windowed illustration. It’s a test. I think things like this can be used as placeholders in the scenes that don’t have unique illustrations yet. Let me know what do you think about it 🙂

Work for goblins. (after “lost delivery” quest) Maruna, goblin chief, got a name and portraits, and now offering the work. You can agree to fuck her goblin girls in exchange for gold. Your client goblin girl can be default goblin girl, the big one or the pregnant one. Goblin girl will choose what hole she want your dick in and where she wants your sperm. (existed scenes are used, with changed dialogues.)

Goblin girl:
pussy fuck (finish inside, in mouth or on face);
buttfuck (finish inside, in mouth or on face).

Big goblin girl:

Pregnant goblin girl:
buttfuck (no illustration for now).

If Krowly’s lust was at max level the game will show extra cut-scene after the fucking is done.

New scenes:
Sister Elizabeth titfuck (Wednesday evening, 30+ Relationship Points);
Alice pussyfucking. Help her at the morning and dance with her at the evening, 50+ RP; Alice starts lactating if you suck her boobs 5 or more times.
Sebastian fucks Krowly’s butt (no illustration for now);
Sebastian fucks Krowly’s mouth (no illustration for now).

Updated scenes:
Velena nipplefuck (illustrations +repeatable variant);
Buttfuck with Leaf (option to tease).

New pictures:
Sister Elizabeth titfuck +3 variants;
Naked Alice +1 variants;
Alice pussyfucking +7 variants;
Topless Velena;
Velena nipplefuck +9 variants.

Updated pictures:
Leaf’s buttfuck illustrations +gaping butthole variant;
Sebastian’s face update.

Small things:
Maruna bathing at evening in her room (Monday, Wednesday and Friday);
Taisha visits her goblin friends at Tuesday day time;
Pregnant goblin girl pixel sprite update;
Maruna and goblin shaman pixel sprite update;
New pixel sprite for busty fairies;
Number of fingers on big goblin girl titfuck illustrations is fixed.

What s new:
Rain now affects characters in the village. Most of them now avoid going outside if it’s raining. Here are the changes Warlock and Boobs:
Alice and Jessie are cooking at home. Krowly can join them to learn more about cooking (if his skill is less then 30) and improve relationship with Alice.
Agnieszka and Jason are eating a breakfast. Krowly can help Agnieszka if he knows Soothing Tea receipt. For helping he can get a handjob reward if his relationship with her is 10 or higher. Once per a day.
Derek and Taisha are cooking.
Eric is “training” in his room. Check the map on his table later ^^.

Day time
Astra can be found in the mansion.
Jason and Agnieszka are in their house.
Sebastian closes his shop and joins Derek.

Sister Elizabeth is preparing the next sermon. Krowly can help her if their relationship are 45 or higher.

Rose and Jaina are sleeping in their bed. Just a simple pixel sprite but I think it looks cute 🙂

Anytime, Sunday
Mabel is sitting in the tavern naked. If Jason is there he will have something to say about it. (two variants that he randomly chooses)

Krowly can learn how to summon rain using the book about succubus summoning in his lab.
Krowly’s fap system. Scenes where Krowly faps looking on something now got naked variant and two extra options, where Krowly can play with his butt (if he was fucked in the ass 10 or more times) or grope his boobs (if he has boobs). Also if busty Krowly is lactating the milk will be shown.

The list of affected scenes:
church faping
Fina’s portrait
Alice at night
Eric and Jenna buttfuck
Eric and Jenna facefuck
Juliette and Jenna
Derek and Taisha
Jason and Agneshka
statue in the dungeon
Fina waterfall
Eric waterfall
Rose waterfall

All listed scenes have an option to undress before the scene with automatic return to previously chosen outfit.
Krowly also got an ability to fap anywhere he wants, if his lust is high enough. On the old save Warlock and Boobs you need to use the books on the table in Krowly’s bedroom to update his skills. What Krowly will be fantasying about is randomly chosen and depends on his sex statistic and relationships with some characters. Default variant is monstergirls. (In the future I’m planning to expand this part)

Scenes with slime, trap monster, facial scenes with Sister Elizabeth and Elizabeth Darkwood and the threesome scene with Rose and Jaina also have naked Krowly variants of the illustrations now.

New scenes in Warlock and Boobs:
Battle nun buttfuck +hotdoging variant (happens when Krowly wins the battle) +variant in the church (Thursday, day time, 50 or more relationship point with Sister Elizabeth)
Battle nun’s punishing Krowly (when Krowly looses the battle). No illustration for now. Written by Idler (Krowly’s lust should be at least 50 at the end of the battle)
Alice’s bathing (Thursday evening, if Taisha is in the village)

Updated scenes:
Most of the scenes where Krowly is fapping (see list above)

New pictures:
Battle nun buttfuck +10 variants
Alice bathing
Krowly fapping naked +15 variants
Naked Krowly variants for different scenes. 25 variants total.

Small things:
Mabel got new pixel sprite +it’s naked variant +sleeping variant. During Sunday night she is sleeping in Jenna’s barn.
Taisha is working instead of Alice in the tavern during Thursday’s evening.

New quest with Juliette.
After completing the quest busty variants of the bandits can be met in the world or during the events.
At Tuesday and Sunday evening there is an orgy in the bandits’ hideout.
In the future it will be possible for Krowly to join.
New scenes:
• Busty bandit fucks Krowly. Cowgirl pose. No illustration for now.
• Bandits fucks their busty boss. Tuesday and Sunday evening, bandits’ hideout.
New pictures:
• Flying dick enemy battler illustration
• Busty butt bandit character illustration variant (bigger boobs)
• Busty masked bandit character illustration variant (smaller boobs)
Small thing:
• In the new quest dungeons
◦ New sexy statue as a decoration
◦ New lore book.
◦ Hidden dialogue/joke. Let me know if you will find it

New scenes:
Jill’s titfuck scene (animated).
Astra’s playing with her ass. After finishing quest “Terrible secret of Fina Ironheart” if Krowly fapped more then 3 times peeking on somebody talk to Fina at the morning (Wednesday or Friday). It will trigger small dialogue scene and unlock scene with Astra at Wednesday and Friday night. Scene with Astra has 2 variant depending on the relationship with her.
Krowly can now join Rose and Jaina behind the tavern fucking Rose from behind.

New pictures in Warlock and Boobs:
Jill’s titfuck (+9 variants);
Eric under waterfall (+1 variant);
Jaina in the lingerie (+2 variants);
Astra’s playing with her ass (variant of the old illustration);
Krowly fucks Rose while she blows Jaina (variant of the old illustration).

Updated pictures:
Meril’s sex scene (+1 variant).

Small thing:
Scene where Krowly fucks Eric now has a variant that can be triggered at the hunt via the flirt menu.

Krowly’s illustration stuck at the screen if Jill visited him at night.

New character – elven blacksmith Rayna plus her smithy as a new location. She is the result of several patreon polls. She replaced the elven milf in elven camp. Krowly can help her in the smithy (day time) and bring her specific items (evening). She can visit the spa or be visited by the wine merchant Dario. In the future she will get the illustration where we will see her huge butt and probably some sex scenes.

Now all the characters in game have custom illustration or portrait. It’s a big milestone for me ^^

Event during the hunt with Juliette that leads to the new sex scene with Eric. Accessible after you got both two events with Juliette during the hunt and if your filter of gay scenes isn’t ON.

Two hidden mini locations with some nonrandom loot. I want to add more of them in the future, it’s always fun to find secrets in games.

New scenes:
A blowbang scene for Rose behind the tavern.
Krowly fucks Eric in the ass. First time can be unblocked in the event with Juliette during the hunt, after that can be triggered via the flirt menu in the tavern (50 or more relationship points for flirt option).

New pictures:
Rayna’s character illustration plus portraits
Eric buttfuck. +3 variants
Rose blowbang +2 variants

Updated pictures:
Krowly sucks milk from Mabel’s breast

Small thing:
Dialogues in the scene behind the tavern when Krowly sucks Jaina’s dick now slightly changes if Krowly sucked enough dicks and got better.
Instead of fighting an orc guy Krowly now can offer him his butt if Krowly was buttfucked Wine Merchant and his bodyguard got names. Bodyguard also got pixel sprite.
Smokebombs added to the bandits’ loot.
Flower girl after getting magic pollen can be met again in some random places. The place where she will spawn is being chosen during the morning, so on the old save file you will need to sleep first

A lot of text fixes. A lot.
Juliette’s clothes bug

New short optional side quest for Diana the guard girl. It unblocks her new titfuck scene and her flirt menu. She also was added to the relationship system. To start the quest talk to her if you already met Iss.
Items you will need to find has 10% chance to drop from lesser enemies and 50% from the stronger ones of certain type.
The magic eye is now a character. He has introduction dialogue and something to say about Jimm, Meril, Lizzy, and village girls overall. In the future he will be used in some quests. Also he is a jerk.
New sermon in the church. Has 50% chance to be triggered if there are no other important sermons. It’s short and simple but I think you will like it

New scenes:
Alice handjob in the church. No illustration.
Taisha cleavagefuck
Diana titfuck

New pictures:
Wine merchant
Taisha topless + sperm variants
Taisha cleavagefuck + sperm variant
Futa Fina fucks Juliette +2 variants
Diana topless + sperm variants + no helmet variants
Astra peeping

Updated pictures:
Astra’s butt

Updated scenes:
Fina and Juliette. Added illustrations, added Astra’s illustrations, added chance for Fina to pull out and cover Juliette in her sperm.

Small thing:
Taisha now can join topless friday

New quest about restoration of Krowly’s house second floor. Just go upstairs to start the quest. You will need to bring Taisha in town to progress this quest and completing the quest “Lost delivery” will help you to save money. After finishing new quest you may want to talk to Jill. During the quest it’s possible to repeat oral scene with Derek.

Field work. Krowly can expand the amount of plants he can grow at some time by clearing his field. This one needs to be tested – let me know if it’s causing problem with movements.

Stepbro system. Jill now will refer to Krowly as a stepbro by default. When you will meet her first time the game will ask you if you want to keep it this way, or if you want to change it. If you will want to change it you will have to type in the way you want her to call Krowly (and Krowly call her) manually. The words you will type in will be used in all their dialogues.

Later in game you can go to cheat room if you want to make changes. I was thinking about how to make this change less impactful as possible, and I think this solution is good enough Same thing was done for Jenna and Eric.

Let me know if you will notice that something is wrong. I went through all their dialogues and scenes, probably created a lot of bugs, but might miss something anyway.

Please, if you want to leave a comment about this, keep in mind that there are certain words that aren’t appreciated on patreon

New scenes:

Rose pussyfuck. Has a chance to be triggered first time when you help Rose test her potions if your relationship with her is 50 or higher. After that can be triggered during the hunt via sex menu

Jaina handjob. Thursday morning, talk to Rose. Relationship with Jaina should be 20 or higher. Krowly should already have sucked Jaina’s dick. No illustration for now. Scene is written by Idler

New pictures in Warlock and Boobs:

Rose pussyfucking + 3 variants
Krowly defeated by an orc +5 variants
Updated pictures:

Futa elf mouthfuck +variant
Fina in the spa + variant
Small thing:

Illustration of Diana without her helmet is used when she is relaxing.
When daytime is changing Krowly mentions if he is hungry or too horny.
After winning a battle against busty fairies Krowly not caw choose to fuck one in the ass or to get a triple titfuck (same scene as when he loses)

Lizzy is now working right when she stays in Krowly’s house
Now you don’t have to trigger Jenna’s topless Friday every time

Juliette’s outfit system. Now you can change Juliette’s outfit when she’s is following you. As Rose or Eric, she can be wearing her normal clothes, nothing, or black lingerie. The game will automatically change her sprite, illustration, and portraits in all the dialogues. Also the game will be showing matching illustrations in her titfuck scene.

NOTE: If you’re using old save your Juliette will become naked. To fix it talk to her copy in the cheat room (right down corner of Krowly’s basement)

New randomized dungeon. New dungeon is possible to visit during the hunt if you already completed the first randomized dungeon (the one with Priestess in the last room).
It has new type of puzzles (inspired by the game Immortals Fenyx Rising).
The layout of the dungeon stays the same, but the enemies, loot spawn, exit location and the location of the lever to open the exit are randomized.
It means that you can be unlucky and meet a horde of enemies but no loot xD. Or vice versa.
It also has hidden reference that I found funny. Let me know if you will find it.
This dungeon is the part of Eric’s part of the story.
New scenes:

Carla’s nipplefuck scene. Can be triggered for the first time via her chat menu if the relationship with her is higher then 25. After that it becomes accessible via flirt menu. Starts the quests that will be added in the future.
Eric fucks Jenna in the butt. The variant of Jenna’s full nelson scene with Eric. Uses same illustrations. Sunday’s morning in Jenna’s barn, before the Sunday sermon ?

New pictures:

Carla’s nipplefuck scene +3 variants
Eric fucks Jenna in the butt + 3 variants
Juliette naked +variant
Juliette in a black lingeie +variant
Juliette titfuck naked +2 variants
Juliette titfuck lingerie +2 variants

Updated scenes:

Jenna and Eric at night. Added illustrations and sound effects.


«Defeat» status now will be auto removed after battle. There was a issue where it wasn’t possible to heal defeated party member even if you have potions. Now should work.
Mushroom respawn is fixed. Again.
In the event with the abandoned church and battle nuns the entrance to the church is now hidden.

Small things:

Krowly’s house got a new look. I’m working on adding second floor to it, but for now only the outside part is ready. For now it’s not matching the inside look (it’s surprisingly hard to draw good looking tiles). In the future we will get a quest to restore the second floor.

What s new:
New quest «Show must go on». Can be triggered started at sunday if your relationship with Elizabeth Darkwood is higher then 11 and the quest «Futa music» is finished. Talk to futa manager during the day or to Carla at the evening. Also you can just find Elizabeth on the map. (save before the quest and during it, it has a hard battle)

Hunt sistem was reworked. Now you can hunt with Eric 3 times a day and also you can choose the dungeon where to go if you have already found it. For example you can fight slime at the first attempt, meet Mable and suck her milk at the second, and find a dungeon at the third (all three are random). Or you can encounter a hard fight during the first attempt and then immediately retreat to the camp because you don’t have enough health to continue.

If you will lose in the battle or successfully clear a dungeon you will automatically return to the camp.

Also every time you discover new dungeon game adds it to the list and next time you can choose an option to go to that dungeon instead of hunting. (The cave with crystals and deep wood don’t count as dungeons)

Krowly’s deaths. Now when Krowly hunger first time reaches more then 50 points he is passing out to wake up in Carla’s tavern. It gives him Malnourishment status (-20% MaxHP and MaxMP) for 3 days. It hurts but the game continues. Passing out from hunger second time will also give -5 MaxHP permanent debuff. (later in game there will be a dish to heal it)

Lizzy and Meril. Krowly can use his monstergils help as the abilities in battles. If Lizzy is with him he will get a healing ability. Meril will provide a big debuff for the enemies, if Krowly knows how to summon her. Each time you use their abilities it will cost 1 SP. SP is Sperm Points for Lizzy, and Soul Points for Meril. If monstergirls have no SP they won’t be able to help Krowly. To recharge their SP you will need to feed them.

You can check SP by talking to monstergirl while being under en effect of the Mind Reading spell. Also now you can use Lizzy’s heal outside the battle, and have sex with Meril as many times a day as you have Lust for. Previously it was 1 time per day thing.

New scenes:
buttfuck with Elizabeth Darkwood (+ repeatable version of the scene in the spa). For those who don’t know Elizabeth wrote all the music in game and the players suggested to add her as the bard character.
gangbang scene with the bandits. No new illustrations

New pictures:
buttfuck with Elizabeth Darkwood (+2 variants)
Rose blows Jaina behind the tavern (+2 variants)

Updated scenes:
Rose blows Jaina (added possibility to fap and enjoy the show)

Rose isn’t using Krowly’s equipment anymore
Cooking should be working in the russian version now
Teleport to locations was fixed
Maximum amount of save files increased to 30

The save files from version 0.337 should work.
Big thanks to those people who helped with this update:
Idler – scene with an orc.

The November was free month on this patreon, I was trying to relax and take it easy. So this update will be quite small, but I want to publish it anyway. You may want to wait till the next update ?

What s new:
New enemy – Battle nun. After the witches quest the battle nuns can be met in some locations in game world. No sex scenes for now, will be added in the future for sure. It looks like the nuns are searching for something in the darkest places of the frontier…

New small hunt event – abandoned church.

Eric/Astra relationship. Now you can help to progress the relationship between Astra and Eric. First you need Alice to be dancing on the table. Second – Jenna should join topless friday. Third – relationship with Astra should be higher then 0. After that talk to Astra during the topless Friday evening in the tavern. The scene will give the first point to Eric/Astra relationship. Eric will be sitting with Astra in the tavern and at friday night you can see Astra giving him a goodnight kiss near her house (it also gives +1 to Eric/Astra relationship). But if their relationship reaches 10 or more it will trigger the mouth fuck scene during the topless Friday night.

The ways to improve their relationship:

If Astra notice sperm on Eric’s face it will make her more horny (+1)
If Astra and Eric are sitting together in the tavern they will join the dance if you will invite somebody else (+1)
Dancing during the topless Friday gives bigger bonus because of Astra’s jumping breasts (+3)
The kiss scene (+1)
The facefuck scene (+5)

In the future Eric and Astra will have more scenes that will depend on the level of Eric/Astra relationship.

Eric has other scenes that can be triggered at same time. If you don’t see him there, he is maybe having sex with Jenna or being sucked off by Lizzy

During topless friday you won’t be able to flirt or dance with Eric and Astra if they are sitting together, but it’s possible in other days (for now)

New scenes:
Krowly rides an orc after defeating him. The scene is written by Idler. No illustration for now.
Eric facefucks Astra. Topless friday night, near Astra’s house. Eric/Astra relationship should be 10 or more.

New pictures:
Eric facefucks Astra. +1 variant
Battle nun.

Updated scenes:
Carla’s buttfuck scene. Krowly now can pull out and cover her ass with his sperm

Updated pictures:
Carla’s buttfuck scene (+2 new variants)

Small things:
The food is shown on the tables in the tavern when needed

What s new:

Rose’s outfits. Now you can change Rose’s outfit during the hunt. As Eric, she can be wearing her normal clothes, nothing, or black lingerie. The game will automatically change her sprite, illustration, and portraits in all the dialogues. In the future I’m planning to add relationship requirements and her reactions.

Astra’s handjob scene is now animated 🙂 As previously it can be triggered in the flirt menu at evening.

Cooking. I have added 6 basic cooking ingredients: eggs, vegetables, fish, meat, mushrooms, bread, cow milk, cheese.

Bread, milk and cheese Krowly can eat as is, other are considered as a raw food an it’s better to cook them first.

When cooking Krowly can choose “simple” option and choose one of the raw ingredients to cook.

Also I have added 4 beginner level recipes that Krowly can cook combining the ingredients.

Omelette (Milk+Egg)
Fish with vegetables (Fish+Vegetables)
Sandwich with cheese (Cheese+Bread)
Sandwich with meat (Meat+Bread)

“Raw food” item was deleted from the game, but now different characters sell different raw ingredients. Jenna sells eggs, Jason and Taisha sell vegetables, Carla and Sebastian – bread, Derek sells fish, Agneshka – milk and cheese, Leaf – mushrooms, Drunk Orc — meat. Ingredients also added in game world as loot.

New scenes:

Krowly sucks Sister Elizabeth breasts. Wednesday evening, 30+ relationship. She starts lactating if you suck her breasts enough times (5 and 10 for more lactation.). Her milk causes lactation for busty Krowly.
Krowly plays with Alice’s butt. During the day when Krowly’s eats Carla’s dinner. 35+ relationship points.
Juliette is talking about what she have seen in the wood. (triggers if Krowly had sex with the Drunk Orc). 30+ relationship points. In the tavern, at Thursday morning. Written by Jack White. No illustrations.
Krowly fups on the busty statue in the church at night. Has small consequence next morning. No illustrations.

New pictures:

Krowly sucks Sister Elizabeth’s breasts +5 variants
Krowly plays with Alice’s butt. +3 variants
Rose in black lingerie +variants
A bunch of variants of Astra’s handjob illustration for the animated scene
Naked variant Sister Elizabeth’s character illustration. Temporary

Small things:

Small update of Meril’s handjob scene. New dialogues and Krowly is now visible, not just his flying dick


Scenes with Meril give bonuses that are recovering MP and HP now. Previously it wasn’t working as intended
Krowly’s basement entrance fix

What s new:
Eric’s outfits. Now you can change Eric’s outfit during the hunt. He can be wearing his normal clothes, nothing, or black lingerie. The game will automatically change his sprite, illustration, and portraits in all the dialogues. In the future I’m planning to add relationship requirements and his reactions.

Melissa’s quest (+2 new characters). New quest with Melissa that can be started after the quest with magic circle. Talk to her. It focused on the dialogues and lore info, and preparing the background for the future events. The part of the quests can be solved in several different ways. I suggest you to make a separate save before starting the quest so you will be sure that you won’t miss side content.

The TXT file in the attachments contains spoiler info about the quest.

New scenes:
rimjob scene with Jaina in the spa by Idler. No illustration.
oral scene with Drunk Orc. No illustration.
nipplefuck scene. No illustration.

New pictures:
battle background for deserted areas
character illustration for Old man Jason
Fairy scene (bukakke variant)
Melissa huge breasts variant +bimbo lips variant +portraits
character illustration for Velena
character illustration for Sandra

New scenes:

Repeatable variant of the scene with Fina in the church. Talk to Sister Elizabeth after Sunday’s sermon to repeat the scene if you already seen it. (Relationship with Elizabeth >30)

Variant of the scene with Fina in the church where she fucks sister Elizabeth. Triggers instead of original scene if filter of gay scenes is on. No illustrations and can’t be repeated for now.

Full nelson buttsex with Jenna. Flirt menu during the day, 50 relationship point.

Scene where Krowly and tree lady. 2 variants

Scene where Krowly sucks the sap from tree lady’s breast

New pictures:

Scene with Fina in the church +5 variants

Fina with dick +variant

Full nelson buttsex with Jenna +2 variants

Variant of Iss’ illustration with slipped nipple

Variant of Iss’ illustration with slipped breast ?

Updated pictures:

Ghost girl licks +facial variant

Fairybang scene

Small things:

Krowly can collect elven milk from busty elf if he has empty flacon. No milking scene for now.

Taisha is naked when it’s raining. She just doesn’t want to ruin her dress ^^


All music were converted to Ogg format. It should help to fix the issue with glitching music

UPD: Hotfix1 was added. It fixes the scene with Fina in the church not triggering when the filter of gay scenes is ON. And some other problems

What s new:
Girls’ voices: Several lines and a bunch of sound reactions for Jill, Carla, Jenna, Rose adn Jaina. Oolay-Tiger was directing this small project.
Cooking system. Not Krowly can use recipes he will find to cook special food.
First recipe – “Goblin’s stew”. This food will add you 3 maximum mana point permanetly. This recipe can be looted from the thick goblins (you can find one of them on the old place or in the dungeons)

New dungeon with the goblins including the thick ones. Use it to test the way sex scenes with goblins work if Eric is in the party. I recommend you to try “spitroasting option” ? Also if you will defeat a gang of goblins there will be a small orgy if you have enough lust . In the future I want all mobs in game to work this way.

Krowly’s portraits. If Krowly has different clothes on, the game now will be automaticaly showing the matching portraits in all dialogues, including the ones that I will add in the future. It may sound simple, but it’s a big achievement for me.

New scenes:
Thick goblin titfuck (after defeating her in battle)

Agneshka handjob (flirt menu)

Leaf buttfuck. If you will sell him more then 10 fairy dust it will enable the flirt menu.

New pictures:
Thick goblin titfuck (+1 variant)

Agneshka handjob (+1 variant)

Leaf buttfuck (+4 variants)

Updated pictures:
Carla titfuck (update of the variants with the sperm)

Astra handjob (update of the variants with the sperm)

Lizzy titfuck (update of the variants with the sperm)

Small things:
A dialogue with Jill about Krowly’s parents. Finaly some lore info about them ?

some scenes were slightly changed here and there. Mostly scenes with goblin girls.

Jill’s scenes now have easily accessible short variants in the flirt menu

After first time triggering scene with Fina at the waterfall Krowly can just show himself when he want to start the scene. Nor random chance after first time.

“In church” variant of Sister Elizabeth oral scene now has “animation” too

Sexy decorations. In some dungeons and ruins and also in the goblin village and church you now will naked statues as sexy decorations. I’m very proud of these ones ?

lactation fix (once again)

Mouse fix. Hopefully it will fix an old time bug where game crashed if you spam mouse click right before the battle.

What s new:
Stoner elf now is a proper character. He got a name (Leaf), illustration, house, job, updated dialogue and bright future. Also he is selling mushrooms instead of Rose now.

Help Rose by testing her potions. During the day, once per day. 5 possible effects (some are for busty Krowly).

Possibility to meet Mabel during the hunt.

The hunt event with wine merchant being attacked by the butt bandits.

Jaina, Eric and Rose got new skills.

Shield bash – for Eric and Jaina, only if the shield is equiped. Deals demage and 70% chance to stun.
Precise hit – for Jaina. This attack ignores armor
Dirty move – for Jaina. Jaina throws dirt into enemy face to temporary blind it.
Jump attack – for Jaina. Strong attack but makes Jaina’s defence lower, temorary.
Kick – for Jaina. Deals less demage but adds agility debuff. This skill cost 0 TP.
Mighty slash – for Eric, only if the mighty sword is equiped. Strong attack.
Call to battle – for Eric. Adds buff to the party’s attacks for 5 turns.
Sticky potion – for Rose. Adds agility debuff and makes the target very vulnerable to freezing.
It wont work in the old saves by default, but you can update your Eric, Jaina and Rose in the cheat room (it will also destroy all the equipment you gave them, so make a note of it.)

Now you can give Eric, Jaina or Rose a glass of beer, minotaur milk or futa elf sperm or other drink and see their reaction.

Works for:
Goblin ale
Elven futa sperm
Elven milk
Minotaur sperm
Minotaur milk

New scenes:
Krowly fucks trap monster
Sex with Derek in the stable (after Taisha’s becoming his wife) by Harlekin. Talk to him when he’s fishing.
Huge dick worship scene with Juliette and Rose (it’s one of the possible effects when you are testing Rose’s potions)
New pictures:

Leaf, stoner elf +portraits
Krowly fucks trap monster
Iss titfuck scene +2 variants
Rose facial variant
Scene with Juliette and Rose +2 variants
Small things:

updated sprites for the wine merchant’s horses
a couple of comments from party members about the locations
the sperm is visible on Rose’s and Juliet’s faces
lactation now lasts 3 days
new icons for Eric’s, Jaina’s and Rose’s outfits
new sprite for Rose

New location – bandit region. To the left from the snake girls area. Includes bandit fort. Every time Krowly’s getting defeated from the bandits, they steel his gold. But then Krowly can raid the bandit fort to return his gold back.
New dungeon with bandits’ camp accessible at the hunt with Eric. (dungeon option)
New dungeon for the hunt with Eric, Jaina and Rose. The riddle at the entrance is randomised, but you have two ways to enter the dungeon. (dungeon option)
12 new items as the rewards in dungeons.

Eric, Rose and Jaina can wear accessories.
Eric and Jaina can use shields.
Krowly can change his weapon.
Krowly can take a magic item in the left hand.
Buttplug prevents Krowly from being fucked in the ass by slimes and protects him from the butt attacks from monsters during the battle. (new items aren’t visible on the character illustrations)

New scenes in Warlock and Boobs:

Anal with Jaina in the spa

Updated pictures in Warlock and Boobs:

Rose blowjob scene (+2 variants)

New pictures in Warlock and Boobs:

Character illustration for Jimm, the demon
anal with Jaina in the spa (+3 variants)

Small things:

Rose has a flirt menu with a repeatable blowjob scene now.
Derek’s scene was fully translated to russian.
Jill’s scene in the church was translated to russian.
Snu-snu fruit now has an effect the increases arousing effect of other items and events. Lasts 3 days
some old items were changed and can apear in two versions in the old saves. Just ignore it.

Kalas – Final scene.

What s new:
Easy battle mode – new cheat in the Cheat room, that can be used to enable the Easy Battle Mode. In this mode Krowly has an option to quickly win any battle.

New character – goblin girl Taisha. Can be found in the goblin village. She will be impressed if yu will defeat the Cube. She doesn’t have anysex scenes yet, but we can see her naked.
Derek’s quest can be finished now with Taisha’s help 😉
New spell for Krowly (6 level). Makes enemies attack each other. If you are already 6 level or higher – use books on the table in Krowly’s bedroom. It will update his spells.

New scenes:
goblin girl blowjob (win the battle with one of goblins) You can cum on her face or in her mouth.
Sex with Fina on a table (help her at the morning. Requires 50 relationship points). This scene has 4 variants. Written by Kalas

Updated pictures:
Goblin girl blowjob (+3 new variants)

New pictures:
Fina on table (+19 variants)
Orc cowgirl (+3 variants)
Taisha naked
Taisha clothed +portraits

Small things:
A cheat in the cheat room that will make Fina’s pussy shaved in her scene on the table. Temporary thing till I’ll make something better.
Lizzy is mentioning when she is hungry is she stays in Krowly’s house
Also this month I have played the game from the start to the current finish without any cheats, and found a lot of bugs. I have fixed them, but there should be more of them 😀 It’s kinda fun to play using a gamepad

UPD2: Hotfix 2 was uploaded. It fixes bug with Eric minimal lust, battle music and Busty Krowly’s variant of the scene with Agneshka

UPD: Hotfix 1 was uploaded. It fixed the bug with Eric following Krowly after the hunt

Eric now has his own level of lust. When his lust level is too high he will become weaker in battles or even will be defeated automatically (when his lust is 300)

In the battle Eric can be a target of the monstergirls’ lust attacks and he will gain lust form it. He is loosing lust every night or when he is fucking monstergirls with Krowly or having other sex scenes.
Krowly has several options to help Eric stay battle ready. If your “Gay scenes” switch is set to OFF in the setting menu you will see only the last two of them.

It sounds simple but it required a lot of work from me xD
If everything will be working fine, I’m planning to add lust levels for Rose and Jaina too.
New event during the hunt where you can test new lust mechanic and enjoy a scene with Juliette (can be triggered only if you already meet Juliette during the hunt)

New pictures:
Sex with Agneshka (+ busty Krowly variant)
Agneshka’s pussy (+ cum variant)
Juliette in the trap (5 variants)
Lizzy’s feeding scene (4 variants)
Alice topless bukakke
Krowly sucking Melissa’s dick (the variant of pussyeating illustration) (+ cum variant)
New scenes:
Sex with Agneshka (relationship with her should be at least 30)
Juliette in the trap (during the hunt)
Lizzy’s feeding scene
Krowly sucking Melissa’s dick (the variant of pussyeating scene)

Updated scenes:
Anal and vaginal scenes with Carla (by Kalas)
The scene with Mabel (by Kalas)
Small things:
Slimes’ terror new icon
Portraits for Lizzy
Portraits for Agneshka
Pixelart animation for Krowly fucking a slime
Alice’s anal scene is now accessible during the topless friday (Now we can see her topless and covered in cum)
Some events during the hunt when you choose to leave now start random event from the roser instead of “fighting slimes till the evening”

+ Additional Info
Press F5 to toggle full screen.
Press F6 to change window size.
Press W to show/hide Krowly’s picture.

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

1 thought on “Warlock and Boobs [0.441] [boobsgames]

  1. mod not working. everytime i go to scroll, i get “cannot fine file character/cowgirl”

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