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A.O.A. Academy [Ch.5 Gold] [TLGGAMES]

Release date: 15 May, 2022
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Romance, School setting, Animated, Oral sex, Big ass, Big tits, POV, Harem, Vaginal Sex
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: A.O.A. Academy Chapter 5 Gold + Walkthrough/Cheat/Gallery Mod + Named Saves Mod
Language: English, Italian, French [patch]
File size: 4.87 GB

About game:
June 2020, the month after your father died. He was the only motivation for you to stay in the old town. Now.. You didn’t know where else to go or what else to do. Due to his bad heart, you decided to take care of him full time, causing you to drop out of high-school to focus on the farm. There’s absolutely nothing else left for you here… Until one day, you found a letter from the A.O.A academy, claiming that you have been accepted into their academy. This surprised you, since you’ve never attempted to enroll in any academy. Not only that, this letter also contained the number of your old friend, Ashley. Determine to face your new future , you headed to the A.O.A Academy.

+ Changelog
Chapter 5 Gold
1. Added chapter 5 > Contains 3600+ renders and 47 new animations (More if you played the gold version). The gold version has 5 extra animations.
2. Added the phone messages from multiple girls, with 6 different images from each of them.
3. Added 16 new Gallery entries. The gold version has 6 extra entries.
4. General bug fixes.
5. File size has been optimized dramatically with almost no loss in image quality.

Ch.5 Beta
The beta release is the first release that broke the 3000 render count, not including animations and other stuff. That being said, with all the numbers, there are still parts that I have to cut out for the beta release because it’s not quite complete yet. However, all the major scenes are fully implemented.

All the prologue changes will be deferred until the public release, due to the fact that I felt the implementation of the changes still needed more work before it’s ready.

Rebecca’s Christmas – 2021 (Christmas Special)
This release is standalone and not a part of the original A.O.A release. While the story contained in this release is not canon, the characters and stories are still based on the real game. I hope you like it!

Chapter 4 Gold Edition
1. Added scenes for :
– Vicky
– Aurora
– Sung – ji
– Elizabeth
– Jenny
– Jade
2. Added new gallery Entries.
3. Added Wallpapers.

Chapter 4 Public Edition
1. Added scenes for :
– Vicky
– Aurora
– Sung – ji
– Elizabeth
– Jenny
– Jade
2. Added new gallery Entries.
3. Added Wallpapers in A.O.A. Academy.

– Added the rest of Chapter 3.
– 500+ renders and a total of 16 animations have been added.
– Multiple bugs and script fixes across the entire chapter.
– More points have been allocated from choices.
– Added 18 gallery images. (16 basic and 2 secret gallery images.)
– Vicky is now added to the relationship menu.

– Note: If you used modded versions on the previous releases, old saves will be broken, making new content inaccessible due to the changes in the script. Consult the mod author for updated versions.

IMPORTANT! For beta testers, please replay the chapter again to implement new checks and points for this chapter.

CH.2 R1
1. Additional scenes have been added.
2. General bug fixes. Basic spelling and grammar errors have been corrected.
3. 16 more Gallery entries have been added in A.O.A. Academy.
4. More animations have been added.

– Added Chapter 2 ( This is a completely new chapter, I apologize for the wrong version label.)

Chapter 1 Christmas
– Massive script fixes, in terms of spelling and grammar for both Prologue and Chapter 1.
– Added a side story – Christmas Event.

Chapter 1 Public :
– An entirely new chapter.
– Bug fixes from the beta version.
– Added 17 Gallery images in A.O.A. Academy.
– Added extra scenes near the start of the chapter, and the epilogue at the end of the chapter.
– To those who have played the beta version, there are new variables and checks in this release version, so you’ll have to replay the chapter to make sure that the choices you make take account in the next release.

v2.0.1 – BETA
Do note that there are missing features that will only be added in the public release :
As of now, New Galleries from chapter 1 are not added.
Expect bugs and other minor issues in A.O.A. Academy.
Naturally, a beta version will be inferior to the full release version. If you’re expecting the best version possible for the next chapter, you should skip playing this one.

This is a repackaged version of the prologue chapter with a few new added things.
There are approximately 10 % more content in these release, depending on which options you chose :
1. New scenes were added during the academy and Jenny’s house’s section of the story.
I toned down how forceful Jenny’s approach is, since people were speculating things that were going way beyond what I initially intended to show.
The added scenes were also added for more clarity and information for what’s about to come.
2. 3 new gallery images have been added in A.O.A. Academy.
1 for each of the following characters : Jade, Rebecca and Valery.
3. A text box have been added to improve readability.

1 – Fix :The bugfix version fixes bugs in the train scene, also fixes some scenes not appearing correctly. Now, Jenny’s final gallery image can be unlocked by achieving the perfect score.

1. Initial Release A.O.A. Academy.

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Tezfiles]

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