Big Brother: Ren’Py Remake [0.13 Fix5] [PornGodNoob]

Cover Big Brother renpy

Release date: 20 June, 2020
Genre: Erotic Adventure, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, Inc, Family Sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Voyeur, Titfuck, Sex Traning
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: Big Brother: Ren’Py Remake 0.13 fix5 + Save
Language: Russian, English
File size: 2.22 GB

About game:
Big Brother – RenPy is the port of the famous RenPy game.
The port was made in order to adapt (adjust to the plot) all the released mods for this game, and it is also possible to try to continue the story yourself, naturally not in the way the author intended…

+ Changelog
Fix 5
— Fixed an error with «tubs1»
— Fixed an error with time condition at the School
— Fixed bug with appearance of Kate by the pool in the morning
— Fixed an error with Kira’s sprite at the Club
— Removed excess from the game interface, forgot to remove it when correcting past errors.
— Fixed an error with the display of the Club icon
— Fixed a possible error when Max is discharged from the clinic
— Fixed a bug when you could get to the clinic room early
— Fixed map blocking error
— Fixed an error in English translation
— Fixed an error in the dialogue menu when passing events with Kate
— Changed conditions for the possibility of vaginal sex with Katya in the living room (for arch. №170)
— Added images in statistics for blowjobs and masturbation

— If there is no cheat mod in the game folder, the screen about alien scripts in the game will be removed.

Version 0.13:
Innovations and additions:
– Added new location “Club” and features
– Added “Movie 10” in the porn studio.
– Added new events with Katya, Mama Katya, Eva, Alice, Kira, Mama and Linda.
– Added 22 new achievements and 1 bonus
– Added possibility to view on the map the working time of locations. When you point (for phones, when you tap) to the time displayed in the bottom right corner.
– Added the possibility to see the progress of past story events with the characters.
– Added new walkthrough with more detailed explanations
It is impossible to switch between versions of passages. If you choose the easy one, you’ll have to play this version to the end.

Changes and corrections:
– The location of the “Porn Studio” and some related artworks was updated.
– English translation corrected inaccuracies over time
The game uses 24 hour time.
– The opportunity to change for fitness training when there are no coaches.
– There are some corrections made mostly in the passing.
– There will be no more punishments associated with Lisa until the events with the school are over.
– If you invited Kira to have sex in an apartment, you don’t have to wait for her at home, you can go straight to the apartment and wait for her there.
– All previously released corrections have been applied.

Version 0.12:
Innovations and additions:
– Added new location “Clinic”
– Added 21 achievements
– The scenes of punishment on the veranda have been expanded.

Changes and corrections:
– Updated the map of the city, as well as changed the time of travel time on transport between locations
– Reduced number of sex required for events with Lisa and Kate
– Less chance of Lisa waking you up at night
– Buttons changed for phones when selecting action or answer
– Phones are no longer able to save with their own names due to interface difficulties
– Changes and corrections have been made to the last update with Alice:
* Fixed problems with sex toys and inaccuracies in prompts
* Fixed a bug that caused Alice to go to her aunt’s apartment with Max, even though Kate was coming
* Fixed the bug in Alice’s unavailability of punishments
* After the Mom, the cam show is available again when Mom’s not home.
– Fixed bug when Max couldn’t go shopping with everyone if he missed breakfast
– Now, if breakfast was missed on Monday, the house fee is still deducted.
Earlier this could have been avoided.
– Corrections in events “Priestess”:
* The first time you shoot with Lisa, the pass will be automatically disabled
* if you ignored the passage, you could count the event as passed, even if you were in another movie.
– A hint with the events with Angelica Frederico was corrected

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