Boring Days [0.33 Public] [AntiMyx]

IMG Boring Days

Release date: 10 September, 2023
Genre: Real porn, Male protagonist, Female domination, Male Domination, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Version: Boring Days 0.33 Public
Language: English
File size: 1.11 GB

About game:

This is a story about a guy who enjoys his happy life. He has large mansion and wonderful wife. He has money and social status. On top of that, he recently made a big deal that may allow him to rise to the top of the career ladder. But, as usual, something went wrong. This is the story of a guy with many enemies, both obvious and hidden. And everyone wants a little piece of him. His fate is now in your hands. This game is in an early stage, so the events taking place in it, as well as its characters, may change in future updates.

Cooking lessons are restored.
Drinking in the pool bar are restored.
Continuation of her role reversal storyline.
All her content are restored.
All her content are restored.
Dev build:
New feature in the Phone menu – Cheats.
That allows you to control some npc’s desires.

Journal changed to wiki-format (it’s not fully ready in this update)
Added option to skip time from anywhere (not available during events)
Added autosave (can be turned of in setting)

New scene with the wife in the Backyard Pool Bar
New scene with the maid in the Master Bathroom (require -30 obedience)
Removed scene where the mc massage the wife’s and the maid’s feet
Added scene where the mc massage the wife’s and Jenny’s feet (they swapped, yeah)

Possible bugs
Secretary path can be buggy, I think. I want add some change to it in the next update, but if there will be too many bugs, I fix it next week.

Developer Notes

I already wrote on Patreon why I decided to redo the story, but I have no problem replicating it here as well.

When I started working on the game and the story was just forming in my head, the prologue should’ve been different. I wanted that our protagonist build relationship first, find girlfriends and etc., and then – new girl appears and starts ruining everything.

Then I decided to move game start straight to her arrival with the intention to show players a core of gameplay. And this was a mistake cause now it all looks like a protagonist have nothing to lose.

Now I wanna move to setting where main character become more adult, have a wife, a job and a social status. Everything is going well for him, but in one moment he starts slowly losing it. This allows me to add more variable scenes and girls. Of course, DOM/SUB mechanics remains the main theme of the game.

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