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Lesson of Passion / Sex & Glory – Gold Collection [22.05.2024]

Release date: 22 May, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Dating Sim, Corruption, Cheating, NTR, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Handjob, Footjob, Titfuck, Multiple Penetration, Group Sex, Animated, Interracial, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, School Setting, Adventure, Bukkake, Prostitution, Superpowers, Paranormal, Lesbian, 3D Game
Censorship: NO
Developer / Publisher: Lesson Of Passion – LOP GOLD – Sex and Glory – Read Love 3D – Play Force One
Language: English
System requirements: Any platform play Flash videos
Size: 11.59 GB

About Collection:
The new fullest gold collection of the all games from Lesson of Passion, Sexandglory and Read Love 3D + Bonus!
All games are hacked and working 100%!

Lesson of Passion is an adult-brand video game company began by Leonizer. The site originally started out with using famous models and adult entertainment actresses, until the introduction to the 3D/2D model concepts that are featured on the websites today…

+ Changelogs
LwT: American Sunset Preview 2

HOROS: Web of shadows

Club Velvet Rose: MIDNIGHT BLISS (Win & Mac)

Added LIVING WITH TEMPTATION: Luscious secrets part 2 (with unlocked gallery)
Added HOROS – monster slayer and lover of many

Added Horos

Added Lilith – making of the star!

21 March 2023:
Added Curt Maddox

26 October 2022:
Added LOP: Adrianne & Oliver

16 October 2022:
Sensual Haunting v1.2 Redux
Office Romance
Hot wife Tara: Nocturnal desires
Much Ado About Nothing

31 December 2021:
Living with Serena: Evil sister
Living with temptation 2: Revelations
Pledge: Extra Credit
Romance after dark v.Final
Serbian Casino
Beneath steel clouds Final HD Cracked
Bloodlines of Shadow Springs Final
My name is David v.Final
Seducing the Throne Premium v.Final
Under the Black Banner v.Final
Wild Wet West v.Final

October 2021:
Added Living with Temptation 1 Final – REDUX

June 2020:
Added [LOP GOLD] Eleanor 3: Blue Orchid [Full Game + Mod]

Collection Gold:
Lesson of Passion Gold:
Call Girl Denise v1.0 Fixed
City of Love v1.02 Cheats
City Of Love Ghost Of The Past v1.97 Expansion Cheats
Club Velvet Rose Madame Miranda & Teri v2.10 Expansion
Club Velvet Rosev0.98
Dignity One v1.00
Eleanor Loving Wife Or Dirty Whore v1.01
Eleanor Loving Wife Or Dirty Whore Asking for More v1.99 Expansion Cheats
Eleanor 2 Loving Wife Or Dirty Whore v1.21
Hank Moody v0.98
Hot Wife Story 2 v0.99
Jacob’s Rebound v0.97
Jacob’s Rebound Ménage à Trois v2.00 Expansion Cheats
Johnny Bullet v1.00 Cheats
Jordan 500 Reloaded v2.10 Cheats
Lily In Hawaii v0.96
Living With A Nympho v1.00
Living with Britney v0.99
Living With Britney Glamour v3.02 Expansion Cheats
Living with Britney Secret Exhibitions v2.04 Expansion
Living With Serena v1.01 Cheats
Living With Serena Forbidden Fruit v2.09 Expansion
Living With Temptation v1.00 Cheats
Living With Temptation 2 Foreign Affairs v0.97 Cheats
Living With Temptation Wife Gone Wilder v2.00 Expansion Cheats
Outcast Academy Voodoo Girls v2.01 Cheats
Seducing The Throne v0.98 Cheats
Sisters Teenage Family Sex Affairs v1.01
Snake Valley v1.0
Story of Didi Camera Business v0.96 Cheats
Thorn-E Virtual Passion v1.05
Tori 500 Dirty Business v1.06 Cheats
Trip to Paradise v0.95 Cheats
Eleanor 3: Blue Orchid v1.0.2

Lesson of Passion Bonus:
Alice Erection Race v1.00 HQ
Die 4 Glory v0.92
Divided Heart v0.93
Erotic Date Gina HQ
Erotic Date Margaret And Walter v0.90
Erotic Date Sylvia And Nick v0.92 Cheats
Hot Wife Tara v0.91
Lake Party v1.00 HQ
Life Of A Teacher v1.0
Looking For Love v1.00 HQ
My Sex Date Eleanor v1.00 HQ
Olivia, Ellie & Paul v1.0 Cheats
Party With Friends v1.0
Passion One v1.00 HQ
Prima Ballerina v1.00 HQ
Ryan Blender Detective Agency v1.00 HQ
Spy Agent 069 v1.00 HQ
Stripper Pick-Up v1.00 HQ
Working 4 Evil v1.00 HQ

Lesson of Passion Free:
Almost Noble Hero v0.99 Cheats
Call Me Desperate v0.92
Camera Business v0.95 Cheats
Casino of Passion v0.91
Claire The Exchange Student v0.97
College Romance v1.00 Cheats
Date With Naomi v1.01
Detective Dick And The Secrets of Ancient Talisman v1.2
Die 4 Glory v0.92 Cheats
Dirty Pictures v0.80
Divided Heart v0.93 Cheats
Driving With London v0.95
Elven Fantasy v0.96 Cheats
Erotic Date With Gina v0.91
Exposing Sexy Alicia v0.96
Farm Stories v0.90 Cheats
Get Me Pregnant v0.90
High School Romance v1.00
Hot Wife Story v0.96
I Love Laura v1.01
Jordan 500 Stories v1.1
Kim The Cheating Wife v0.96
Kitsumi The Cheating Wife v1.10
Lake Party v0.96
Lesbian Fashion v1.00
Lesson of Passion 2 Black Edition Platinum Release v2.01 Cheats
Living With Lana v1.00
Living With Sasha v1.11 Cheats
Looking For Love v0.94 Cheats
Moonlust The First Bite v1.00
My Girl Is A Model v0.97 Cheats
My Sex Date Eleanor v0.92
My Sex Date Emily v1.01
My Sex Date Megan v0.90
My Sex Date Paula v0.98
Nicole Meets Roxy v1.02
Night With Angelica v1.0
Nite With Kelly v0.95
Olga 20 Dollars Girl v0.93
Passion Hotel v1.04
Passionate Moments Business Trip v1.10
Passionate Moments Teacher’s Pet v1.01
Peyton And Avery v0.91 Cheats
Real Estate Agent v0.86 Cheats
Rob The Unfaithful v1.11
Ryan Blender Detective Agency v0.97
Secrets of Heaven v0.92 Cheats
Sexizu Sylvia v1.0
Shelly The Escort Girl v0.92
Spy Agent 069 v0.97
Stripper Pick-Up v1.10 Cheats
Teen Fangbangers v0.90
The Agency v1.30
The Bitcher v1.00 Cheats
The Heist v0.93
The Pussylight Saga Sexmoon v1.03
Thorn-E v0.97
Tori 500 Lesbian Passion v1.53
Tori 500 Top Model v2.02
Venona Project Episode 1 v1.02
Venona Project Episode 2 v1.03
Weekend With Bradley’s v1.0
Working 4 Evil v0.96
Xmas 2014 v1.00
Zoe And Vince v1.00

Sex & Glory:
7 Day
Abyss The Rise Of Chtulhu
Arkham The Dark Legacy
Bounty Hunter
Camgirl Confessions
Girl With Tattoos
House Party
Jade Dildo
Medusa’s Curse
Mysterious Island
Roommates Evening With Lina
Sensual Alchemist
Sensual Haunting

Real Love 3D:
Blind Date 3D BIG BANG v1.04
Night With Veronica Premium Final
Flirting with Yasmine v0.0.1

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