New Life Project [0.5.2] [Nota Bao]

Release date: 26 January, 2024
Genre: Real porn, Female protagonist, Anal sex, Animated, Groping, Masturbation, Sex toys, Text based, Incest, Lesbian, Oral sex, Vaginal sex
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: New Life Project 0.5.2
Language: English
File size: 529 MB

About game:

Meet a young, vibrant 18-year-old girl from Riverton Heights – popular, well-connected, and living her best life!
Perky tits and firm ass. Her body at its prime!
With just one year left of high school, she’s handled it pretty well, balancing academics and social life effortlessly. She’s in a committed relationship with her boyfriend and has her parents’ approval!
On her 18th birthday, she went out with friends for a few drinks to celebrate, nothing too wild.
What happened next, nobody knows as everything faded to black… Discover her story and unravel the mystery!​


  • Added an event to doing yoga at the gym. The instructor will help you personally if he thinks you need it, and if you’re aroused enough, you can reciprocate.
  • Added an event to lifting weights at the gym. A random gym goer will help spot you during your lift. If you’re aroused enough, you can instigate some fun time.
  • Added generic names to NPCs. I.e “Janine the Receptionist” to induce better immersion.
  • Added your old phone! View some saucy pics and read your old texts here.
    • Added pin code to the player section of the old computer in the mansion basement.
  • Gave the therapist a name. Tim! Changed some generic words.
  • Added more steps to seducing the bouncer. You’ll start by flashing him, and given enough corruption, arousal and a lowered inhibition, you’ll be able to go further. Maybe he will let you in now? (He won’t)
  • Watching memes on your phone will now advance time, making it an effective way of skipping ahead of time instead of having to go home to nap.
  • Added a whitespace to the memes passage.
  • Added some text if you’ve chosen Guy start to the player section of the old computer in the mansion basement
  • Added image to underground kidnapping room.
  • Added hints for the PIN code.
    • Hints will be hidden when no longer necessary.
  • Added code to check which hints you’ve seen. Displays additional hints after some time.
  • Added a special hint for Patrons.
  • Your old phone will remember your last input PIN code!
  • Added 36 images!
  • Nerdy specs
    • 70.055 words! (Patron version)
    • 1.489 words added!
    • 601 passages (Patron version)
    • 25 passages added!
  • Special thanks to Taulion for playtesting and helping with this update!

v0.5.1 (2024-01-12)

This update adds a lot of new variables, mainly to track stuff. If something looks wrong or if you get an error code, please try going to sleep and retrying the thing you did. Sleeping sets a lot of first time variables for existing players, so you don’t have to restart the game.

  • Therapist will now no longer throw you straight to the asylum after escaping the first time.
  • Added chance to get kidnapped while going into the alley. This requires you to have worked at the alley for at least 21 times.
  • Added a new function at the gym job. Clean gym!
  • Added blankspace to some necessary points.
  • Added new stat to the gym, which counts how many times you’ve cleaned it
  • Added new unlockables to the StatTraKer
  • Added the following stats to the StatTraKer
    • Times had fun
    • Times had forced fun
    • Times had mouth fun
    • Times had fun with more people
    • Times where fun ended with a pie
    • Times had tiiiiight fun
    • Times had fun alone
      • Please let me know if I missed some scenes where you think one of these stats should increase.
  • Fixed spelling errors.
  • Added a day-long dates with Noah! Go spend your day with him in various locations! (This works the same way as the day-long Lily dates.)
  • Added a new job position at the gym. You now have the chance to become gym manager. This includes a few new tasks and a paycheck of 499 per day. Tasks include:
    • Manage budget
    • Manage equipment status
    • Host staff meetings
  • Added imaging to existing scenes
  • Added 27 images
  • Fixed character random pop up events – you will no longer see Noah or Morries in the streets and cafe if you haven’t met them before.
  • Nerdy specs
    • 68.566 words! (Patron version)
    • 3.865 words added!
    • 576 passages (Patron version)
    • 23 passages added!
  • Special thanks to Taulion for playtesting and helping with this update!

v0.4.9 (2023-12-02)

  • Fixed bug with office where you could answer emails and override night/asleep timeblock
  • Removed unnecessary whitespace at Lilys room
  • Removed unnecessary whitespace at Zacks room
  • Added new items to patron cheat menu
  • Added option to date Zack as boyfriend girlfriend
  • Added option to date Lily as girlfriend girlfriend
  • Added option to date Chloe as girlfriend girlfriend
    • Added Chloe’s apartment!
    • Added Chloe as contact on the phone!
    • Send nudes to Chloe or ask for some, eitherway… nudes!
  • Added option to date Noah as boyfriend girlfriend
  • Added option to date OC as boyfriend girlfriend
  • Unlocked the outskirts for access even after reaching the bum-den
  • Added whitespace to the outskirts
  • Removed flavortext in your room.
  • Restructured some of the text in different rooms in the mansion. Barely noticable.
  • Restructured phone links.
  • We’ve reached 500+ passages! Nice job :)
  • Added ability to quit the gym.
  • Added flavor text to the therapist to make him seem a bit more pervy.
  • Camming will now show current followers and gained followers seperately
  • You’ll now also lose makeup and hairstyle when showering at the mansion.
  • Fixed an image with the cult!
  • Added 27 images!
  • Nerdy specs
    • 58.821 words! (Patron version) ←previous REMOVE
    • 1.578 words added!
    • 502 passages (Patron version)
    • 15 passages added!
  • Special thanks to Taulion for helping me with some of these features during this update v0.4.9!

v0.4.8 (2023-12-02)

  • Completely reworked the camgirl line. Gain followers and unlock options to camming. Get paid according to your follower count!
    • Special thanks to Taulion for working on the algorithmic diminishing follower gain and widget for the scenes.
  • Halved tips gained from followers. This should even out to more money in tips either way, due to the increased amount of followers available to gain.
  • Added an asylum. Don’t let your sanity fade away! Otherwise, you’re gonna have some problems getting back out.
  • Nerdy specs for the above 3 points.
    • 3.010 words added!
    • 23 passages added!
  • Minor bugfixes.
  • Spelling fixes.
  • Added a bunch of images!
  • Added a new event to the bar job, which requires 250+ corruption.
  • Added 42 new images

v0.4.7 (2023-11-17)

  • Added gym clothes, a gym and the ability to workout! Track your fitness stats in the gym!
  • The new gym will have the following:
    • Working out strength
    • Working out cardio
    • Doing yoga
    • Yoga job
    • Spinning job
    • Ability to roam the gym.
    • Ability to flash people at the gym.
    • Events.
    • Added 30 images in relation to the gym. Enjoy!
  • Sleeping with high trauma will cause you to have nightmares. These nightmares will give you trauma. It’s an evil spiral.
  • You are now told when your sanity is lost. Remember, if you lose your sanity, you won’t get it back. Be nice to yourself, stay out of trouble and keep going to the therapist. He wants the best for you… Supposedly.
  • Events that raise your trauma will now have flavortext to tell you they’ve raised your trauma.
  • Given enough strength stat, you will now have a random chance of a stranger staring at your ass in the grocery store. This will result in you teasing him.
  • Jerking off in the mansion showers will now lower Trauma.
  • Fixed bug with the alternative therapy not correctly setting corruption due to a malformed macro.
  • Fixed therapist alternative therapy disappearing after one or two times after being unlocked.
  • Added a link back from reading the compliance and disclaimer.
  • Going on a date with Lily to the library will lower trauma
  • Going on a date with Noah to the library will lower trauma
  • Added in total 41 images.
  • Nerdy specs
    • 54.233 words! (Patron version)
    • 2.170 words added!
    • 464 passages (Patron version)
    • 19 passages added!

v0.4.6 (2023-11-04)

  • Fixed bug allowing you to work in the cafe without ever needing sleep.
  • Fixed bug in cafe where you couldn’t get any promotions.
  • Moved disclaimer passage into “Disclaimer” linktext.
  • Removed blanklike between “Start camshow” and “Watch porn”.
  • Camming will now display the number of followers you have gained, as well as the current number of followers that you have.
  • Followers will be shown in pink.
  • Tips gained from camming will be shown in yellow. Remember: Tips are proportional to your followers – keep camming to gain more money!
  • Added an event to cafe. While clearing tables, and with enough corruption, you now have the option to flash some guests. This requires them to be looking at you intensely first.
  • Removed extra blankline in the bar once you’ve gotten a job there.
  • Added dealership – buy a bike here and stop wasting time going up and downtown!
  • Added linebreak to the farmers market random event.
  • When you buy a handful of vegetables from the farmers market, you will now gain 1x groceries.
  • Changed promotion text to fit what you actually get from the promotion.
  • Added flavortext and time restrictions to different locations uptown and downtown. E.g the library will display “The library is closed.” if it is night, restricting your access to the library at night. This also happens uptown, e.g “The beauty shop is closed.”
  • Added bike to dev tools.
  • Fixed dev tools cafe instant promotion.
  • Added a way to check how many books you’ve read in the library, once you’ve found The Travels of Lord Baltazar. This will not advance time.
  • Finding The Travels of Lord Baltazar will no longer prevent further exploration of the library.
  • Meeting Chloe first time would initially set her relationship, and thus books read to 1, effectively telling you, you’ve read 2 books when you’ve only read 1. This has been fixed to correctly display the number of books you have actually read.
  • Biking uptown or downtown will have a 1/50 chance of puncturing, requiring you to go to the dealership to have it fixed. This won’t be free.
  • Added bike to backpack. Check its condition there!
  • Added color to the library random events, to match the random events of uptown, downtown, street and city events.
  • Added some mystery to The Travels of Lord Baltazar, allowing you to interact with the book for a short gimmick from your backpack.
  • Interacting with The Travels of Lord Baltazar will effectively increase books read by 1, but only for the first time interacting with it.
  • Added a new task to the third tier of the office job. Emails! Answer them with a substantial reply for a cash bonus at work. You will have between 1 to 10 different emails each day, chosen from a random list of 20 for maximum randomness.
  • Removed blankspace at the mansion room.
  • Added option to shower directly from mansion room in the morning, like the apartment room. This will happen in the upstairs bathroom.
  • Added a car to the dealership. Buy it to get to the city without taking the bus! Now it’s free! The car is also added to the backpack. Check its condition there. The car is also added to the dev tools.
  • Taking the bus to the city will now appropriately cost £2 instead of being free.
  • Using dev tools to gain all items in game will now give you £25,000 as well.
  • Taking your car to the city has a chance of puncturing the tire. It will cost £2999 to get it fixed.
  • Taking the bus to the city will have a chance of getting molested on the bus.
  • Added ability to puncture all owned vehicles from the dev tools
  • Added new code to the facility archives. You can now also write the code in numbers instead of letters. This is to help some of the confusion around the code. This will also show a flavortext in the archives where Constantin appears confused.
  • Added a daily newspaper, which will be available to read from the apartment or the mansion. This newspaper will hold a few articles regarding jobs!
  • Zack will have a 1/10 chance of bringing in the morning newspaper each morning.
  • The newspaper will only show one job article per day.
  • Morris will always bring in the newspaper to your room, apparently he does it while you sleep. Naughty man.
  • Added a new stat to the game. Trauma! This will increase with noncon and decrease by jerking off.
  • Removed unnecessary whitespace throughout the game.

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