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Shale Hill Secrets [0.17.1] [Love-Joint]

Release date: 1 July, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, Animated, Creampie, Male protagonist, MILF, Oral sex, PoV, Romance, School setting, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Voyeurism, Big ass, Big tits, Anal sex, Mobile game, Sandbox
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Lust Hunter: 0.17.1 + Cracked + Cheat Cod
Language: English
File size: 4.66 GB

About game:

In this story-focused adult visual novel by Love-Joint, you suddenly gain the power to peer into people’s hidden lives. Enjoy beautiful 3D art , while plunge into the secrets beneath Shale Hill University. Unravel a conspiracy, fall in love, or use your power to seduce your classmates. You’re an extraordinary guy doing an ordinary job: working at the tech help desk for a small university, when you discover a mysterious application that allows you to peer into your classmate’s private data. In an evening you go from thankless drudgery to running the panopticon…

+ Changelog
Platinum Gallery Scene:
Genevieve, Valerie’s lackey, is taken to Leah’s room to perform a strip search. After all that happened, one cannot trust the intentions of such a character, right? Well, Leah doesn’t find any bugs on her, but the young woman has another weapon up her sleeve.

And there were many surprises. As he dove headfirst into an investigation, he gradually realized there was a pattern of bizarre events around him. Friends experienced strange interventions in their lives, attempts were made to ruin their futures, teachers displayed odd behavior, and people went missing.
Well, the MC isn’t an FBI agent or anything like that, but he had special help to dig deeper into this web of lies, schemes, and manipulation. The deeper you go, the wormhole seems endless. Just seems, because it’s time to face the puppet master, the person controlling the whole scheme, and once and for all, determine what your future will be.
Is this the end?
This is the final episode of Shale Hill Secrets. It’s been an incredible journey, but we believe a good story needs a beginning, middle, and end. However, we also know that stories have branches, and that’s why the Shale Hill universe doesn’t end here.
Three projects that extend the world surrounding this story are already in production. Initially, there will be two epilogues, showing a small continuation for the different possible endings of the game.
Additionally, another project, a larger one, is also in development. This one will bring a slightly different gameplay and will present to you a story that happened a few years before Shale Hill Secrets. Stay tuned for more news in the following months!

– Instant access to all episodes of Shale Hill Secrets released so far (16 episodes). More than 25 hours of gameplay!;
– Instant access to new game releases;
– Download and play all episodes of Streaming For Love;
– More than 30 playable bonus scenes, with a new one released every month*;
– All CGs of Shale Hill Secrets in 4k resolution*;
– Access to our posts and news;
– Full access to our previous games, including epilogues, cheats, and bonus scenes packs.
– Full access to new games, parallel projects, and more!

Episode 10 is now available.

New monthly platinum bonus scene.

Adds monthly platinum bonus scene.

Episode 16 added

Episode 15 added

bugfixes and adds the Platinum Gallery Scene for November

Platinum gallery scenes added

Episode 14 added

+ Cracked Chapters
You can only play Episodes 1 to 10!!!
(Episodes 11 to 16 are Pay-Walled, so you need to use the CRACKED CHAPTERS to access them).

1 – Download file and place version.dll in the same folder as Shale Hill Secrets vX.XX.X.exe/Streaming For Love vX.X.X.exe.
2 – Optional. You might want to block this game in the firewall as it constantly pings google analytics. (As far as I can tell, as of v0.9, it only logs menu clicks and game choices)
3 – Open the game and you should have all Platinum Bonus Scenes and be able to play up to the latest chapter.

*Android versions can be played for free

+ Android installation help
How to install Shale Hill Secrets game on Android?
— Download the apk file
— After installation, click on the downloaded file in the notification shade
(Attention!) If this is your first time installing applications from third-party sources, you will need to grant the appropriate permission. To do this, you need to enable (allow) installation of applications from unknown sources. This item is located in the Security section.
— The game is designed for Android 8 and higher.

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Keep2Share] Download from [Rapidgator] Fast Link for Android [apk]

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