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Babysitters [0.1.1 Part 2] [T4bbo]

Release date: 24 June, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, Male protagonist, Milf, Virgin, Corruption, Harem, BDSM, Group Sex, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, Blackmail, Sex toys, Pregnancy
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Babysitters 0.1.1 Part 2 + Walkthrough + Cheat/Gallery Mod
Language: English, Italian, German [patch]
File size: 1.73 GB

About game:
You play in a role of a quite known and popular modeling photographer. That’s how you met the woman of your life and despite her already having a kid (hot grown up girl now), you married her. It didn’t take much time and you managed to give her your own child, so wanted boy. It seems for you that all dreams came true… however, your wife starts to get frustrated after some time… especially due to fact that while you’re photoshooting hot girls in their bikinis she must take care of your son diapers. She insists she wanna get back to work and materialise her skills as event manager. You fully support her in this decision, but problem is she expects now that you’re going to spend much more time with housework and son’s diapers. However, that is something you can’t afford as you’re at the top of your career. Older half-sister is not the solution at all, as she is quite spoiled, spending all the free time with twitching how she plays the games or makes her make-up. Yeah, you realise that you were too soft on her, but every time you wanted to slap her face or spank her ass for being so arrogant, you just could not… she’s is not your daughter after all. The only solution is to hire a babysitter…​

+ Changelogs
v0.1.1 Part 2
5.) House Party part 4 – Fun with Angelica in the pool, Tony/Lara bathroom session
6.) House Party Night session – hot tub with Lara, Jane and Jessica + Angelica&Erica first stream
7.) Hostel Audition – fun with Jane and Jessica at hostel

v0.1.1 Part 1
1.) Dr. Wick visitation
2.) House Party part 1 – Introduction of guests
3.) House Party part 2 – Drinks preparation, Hot-Tub talk, Massage session
4.) House Party part 3 – Behind the counter fun (MC/Tony), Hot-Tub talk2, Pool Fight

1.) Angelica LonelyFans (Robert Continuation)
2.) Angelica & Erica 1st teaching session (MakeUp, HighHeels, SunTan)
3.) TV news segments
4.) Office Meeting with Tony
5.) Massage Parlour (various scenarios – including Kylie, Jessica, Lara and MC)

1.) Angelica LonelyFans scenarios (2 medium scenes + 1 big scene with numerous paths)
2.) Therapist session (4 scenarios described – photosessions, couple introduction etc.)
3.) DateNight with Lara (roleplay with MC or NTR with Tyrone)
4.) Date with Erica (preparation, lounge and bowling session)

1.) Massage parlour (including swinging, lesbian scenes, cuck-queaning with Miranda and Instructor)
2.) Breaking news broadcast and interview
3.) Horror night / sleepover with Angelica (various outcomes)
4.) Secret office party

1.) Fixed various grammar and syntax issues.
2.) Fixed and photoshopped several more images and glitches.
3.) Added missing gallery for all new lewd scenes.
4.) Added walkthrough prepared by: Zoey Raven
5.) Fixed android issue with crashing game on certain images (Picture617, Picture627 etc.).
For Android Users:
1.) If your game crashes, please report device you use and version of your Android currently installed (updating version helps to prevent errors).
2.) If the keyboard screen pop ups during Saving before you click on “save name” icon, please let us know.
For Mac users:
1.) If the white textbox doesn’t appear and instead there is popping up black one on your device, thus making the text unreadable, please write in the comments.

New episode.

v0.01b Fix
1.) Added scene Gallery in the Main Menu
2.) Lot of grammar and phrasing fixes after additional proofreading by Burt
3.) Fix of Angela stat box (points were not updated and name changed from Angela to Angel)
4.) Increased size of thumbnails in Save/Load section
5.) Background and Main Menu music “pref” adjustments (adjusting through Music Volume instead Sound Effects Volume)
6.) Compiled Android Version
7.) We decreased file sizes for lower space requirements on your disc.
8.) Other minor changes/fixes in the code (added NTR OFF variable which was missing)

First release.

+ Android Users
1.) If your game crashes, please report device you use and version of your Android currently installed (updating version helps to prevent errors).
2.) If your “enter” doesn’t work properly try to remove “Word Suggestions” on your keyboard in Settings/Language Input/Text Corrections or Word Suggestions
3.) If the keyboard screen pop ups during Saving before you click on “save name” icon, please let us know.
+ OscarSix's Walkthrough & Gallery Mod

This mod adds an in-game walkthrough for the important choices in the game Babysitters!
I’ve added a scene replay gallery to the main menu with all gallery scenes unlocked and viewable.

Unzip the mod and put the folder named “game” from the mod in your “Babysitters-0.0.4b” folder.

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

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