Double Perception [3.5] [Zett]

Cover Double Perception

Release date: 6 January, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Big Ass, Big Tits, Handjob, Blowjob, MILF, Harem, Vaginal sex, Adventure, Turn based combat, RPG, sandbox
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Double Perception 3.5 + Cheats
Language: English
File size: 3.56 GB

About game:
Double Perception is a 3D Porn game with 2 realms. First is Reality. Nothing special, just common Earth. Second is a bit more interesting – Dawn of Arcanum. DoA is a VR game, that you can access via VR headset in your room. (But you have to buy it first.) Explore both worlds for opportunities, meet new people and earn a reputation of a titled player…

+ Changelog
New Animated Scene (2 animations) – DoA Threesome with Kim and Rachel – Sex
New Animated Scene – DoA Threesome with Riley and Jennie
New Scene – Jennie After Date Sex
New Animated Scene – Sleeping with Kim and Rachel – BJ

Fixed reappearance of the “Dinner Talk” event in scene options

5 New Animations! New variation for previous scene. New NSFW hobby for Rachel!

New Animation Variation – DoA Threesome with Kim and Rachel – HJ
New Animated Scene (3 variations) – DoA Threesome with Kim and Rachel – BJ
New Animated Scene – Sleeping with Kim – Rachel BJ
New Scene – Rachel Aunt (Cutout Dress) cosplay
New Scene – Rachel Shehulk cosplay

The special events dropdown menu now rescaling to show a full list of options.
Some higher-tier events will unlock gallery scenes that weren’t available at higher relationship scores
Revamped Changelog Screen

Starting the threesome with Rachel was activating the wrong cutscene

New DoA Character – Riley
New Scene – Riley’s Bar Fight
New Animated Scene – Jennie with Riley
New Animated Scene – Voyer Rachel
New Animated Scene – Voyer Kimberly
New Jennie’s Appearance – Riley (All scenes +2 animations)
New Scene – Dinner Talk
New Animated Scene – DoA Threesome with Kim and Rachel – HJ

New Progress Manager button styles to indicate your progress (Yellow – not all scenes, Green – all scenes)

Rachel finding out about sleeping with Kim reappearance

New Scene/Interaction – Family Dinner
New Scene – Rachel finds out about sleeping with Kim
New Animated Scene – Rachel DoA Invisible BJ
New Scene/Interaction – Rachel – Too Drunk
New Animated Scene – Rachel Drunk HJ/BJ
New Animated Scene – Rachel Laundry Sеx
New Animated Scene – Kim SPA HJ
New Animated Scene – Kim Cinema HJ

Strange Rachel Drinking bug

New Quest – Dave – Overload Cassie
New Scene – Dave with Cassie (Overloaded)
New Animated Scene – Innkeeper – Blоwjоb
New Scene – Kim finds out about sleeping with Rachel
New Animated Scene – Kim Blоwjоb while sleeping with Rachel
New Scene/Interaction – Rachel – Drinking
New Scene/Interaction – Rachel – Passed Out
New Animated Scene – Rachel Passed Out – Feetfuсk
New Animated Scene – Rachel Passed Out – Thighjоb
New Dialog Images for Kim and Rachel (Lingerie and Pajamas)
Now, while selecting character in Progress Manager, you can see which character received an update.
DoA Gathering now have an Imagebutton for JoiPlay compatibility
Another batch of .png/.webp errors (Guardians/ Kim’s Photos/ Tips and Hints/ Rachel’s Lunch)
Inviting Rachel to the SPA/Cinema/Restaurant from work
Rachel’s Special Events menu now shows all options
Rare Inventory Bug

New Animated Scene – Kim Reading – Blоwjob
New Animated Scene – Kim Reading – S E X
New Animated Scene – Kim DoA Copycat – Handjоb
New Animated Scene – Rachel Seeping Together – Morning Suprise
New Animated Scene – Rachel Yoga Together – New Position
New Animated Scene – Rachel SPA – Handjоb
New Animated Scene – Rachel Cinema – Handjоb
New Scene – First Date with Jennie
Jennie will have a new 2/2 scheduleafter your first IRL date
You will be able to invite Jennie to the Cinema/SPA/Restaurant after First Date event
New worker at the GYM – Riley

Lots of places were referring to png files and causing errors
Some gallery errors
A lot of typos

New Scene – Kim wants to sleep together
New Animated Scene – Sleeping with Kim – Thighjob
New Animated Scene – Sleeping with Kim – S E X
New Animated Scene – Rachel bath together – S E X
New Animated Scene – Rachel Brekfast grab – S E X
New Animated Scene – Rachel VR mаsturbаtion – S E X

Compressed images to decrease the game’s weight
New Cheat Menu Design
You can now reduce stats in the Cheat Menu

Battle’s bug – Exception: Grid not completely full
The gallery now displays scenes of successful hacks (Hack In scenes)
Fixed an issue with the recovery of certain spell cooldowns

Scene update – Rachel Breakfast Grab
New Animated Scene – Rachel Breakfast Blowjob
New Animated Scene – Rachel Reading Titjob
New Animated Scene – Rachel Inhaler Training – Sex
New Animated Scene – Rachel DoA Threesome
New Animated Scene – Sneaky Kim

5 New Animations for a total of 1.5 Minutes. Due to last poll results, 4 animations are with Rachel!

New Animated Scene – Kim Yoga Seх
Scene update – Rachel Watching TV
Scene Update – Rachel Morning Shower
New Animated Scene – Rachel Shower Blowjоb
New Animated Scene – Rachel TV 69
Scene Update – Rachel Yoga
New Animated Scene – Rachel Yoga Upside Cunni
New Animated Scene – Rachel Yoga Upside 69


Day skip after starting a New Game
Some typos

New Scene – Rachel Bathroom Blоwjоb
New Animated Scene – Rachel Reading Handjоb
Scene Update – Rachel Laundry Grab/Kiss
New Animated Scene – Rachel Laundry Blowjоb
New Animated Scene – Kimberly Bathroom Sеx
New Animated Scene – Kimberly Gaming Blowjоb
Scene Update – Kimberly Laundry Grab/Kiss
New Animated Scene – Kimberly Laundry Blowjоb

Added sound notification in Restaurant minigame
Added SPA minigame tutorial
Added Restaurant minigame tutorial

Changed “Rachel Bathroom Titjоb” stats

New Scene – Rachel DoA Blоwjob
New Scene – Rachel DoA Sеx
New Scene – Kim – Gaming Sеx
New Scene – Kim – Gaming Сunni
New Animation – Ragdoll Sеx
New Animation – Mika Sеx
New Scene – Doll Sеx Interrupted by Kim
New Scene – Kim-Mika thrееsome
New Scene – Kim-Doll thrееsome
New Item in Sеxshop – Strаpon

New Changelog Screen
Close Browser button is bigger now
SBH minigame is now skippable
New Cheatcodes in Double Perception


2 new outfits in Clothing Store
New “Gift Xmas Dress” event for Rachel
New “Gift Xmas Dress” event for Kimberly
Rachel “Breakfast Grab” – new scene (Kiss)
New Rachel “Lunch Grab” event
New Rachel “Watching TV” event – Massage Shoulders (with several options)
New Rachel “Reading” event – Grab Her (with several options)


Removed message logs
New “Spend time” button – spends 2 Action Points and progresses time (for relocating NPCs)
You can now skip days by clicking on current day button


Progress Manager now shows information correctly
Fixed some typos

There’re 2 known bugs, that I can’t fix. Cinema event and Fighting event. However, I think cinema’s bug is fixed, because I added film list generation before starting new game, so that should be fixed. And I can’t find a reason for fighting bug.
Also, I don’t know why these bugs are occuring in your playthrough, because in my saves and new games – everything works fine.
If you will experience any bugs – write them in our discord and make sure to add your save file.


Rachel grab event (Breakfast Special Event)
Rachel DoA Cunni (Animation event)
Rachel DoA Hаndjob (Animation event)
Rachel Bath Together – Hаndjob
Rachel Bath Together – Titjob
Kim SBH Blowjоb bet (2 New Animations)
Kim SBH Sеx bet (2 New Animations)
Jennie DoA Blackmail – Sеx (6 Animations – No SFX)

Let me just tell you what’s new in 2.1

5 Male enemies were removed from DoA
7 new Female enemies were added in DoA
5 old Female enemies have updated appearance
New Spell in DoA – Boiling Orbs
New Spell in DoA – Blood Rage
New Spell in DoA – Ice Shards
All spells now come as extra level reward, so you don’t have to spend level points on them anymore
New Scrolls for DoA fights: ATK, DEF, MC
All 6 Fighting Scrolls now have greater version
New backgrounds for DoA Fights in Double Perception
New mini-game – Hack In (See more info in Progress Manager)
Each enemy now have NSFW animation, rendered from 3 angles, and with SFX!!!

Stamina increased to 80
Napping now restore half of max stamina
Night sleep restores stamina to Full
Gathering speed increases by 2 (until 16) instead of 3
Level-Up XP modifier reduced from *1.7 to *1.5
Intro quest in DoA gives more XP and gold
Now you can skip First Intro and DoA Intro
So, pretty big update. I never did so many animations in such short period of time.
I believe I got the hang of making animations and now I can do more of them for each update. Also, let me now what do you think about SFX for new animations, because that was my first experience in that area.


New Location – SPA
New Location – Cinema
New interaction option – “Invite”
Now you can invite Rachel/Kim to the SPA/Restaurant/Cinema
New minigame for SPA together
New minigame for Restaurant together
New Progress Manager screen
New Gallery Screen in Double Perception


Stats reset to default after glitched gathering loot
Softlock in DoA

Over 1000 renders, 5 animations. A bit step-back from previous release, but I will try my best to increase content in the next update!

4 of new animations are rendered from different angles, so don’t skip them!


Glitched Gathering System – New Minigame with lots of loot!
“Hack you” – new site for increasing your hacking skill (Also will make Glitched Gathering easier)
New Item and Recipe – Invisibility Necklace
New Interaction with the Innkeeper – “Can I go behind the counter?”
New Interaction with the Innkeeper – “I want to F#$K you!”
New Interactionwith Rachel/Kimberly/Jennie – “Overload her Chip” (Finnaly an animation with Jennie!)


Crafting single Item wasn’t decreasing resources
Variable for amount of items to craft wasn’t updating, allowing players to craft other recipes without needed amount of resources
Fixed bug with appearing characters in Phone’s Characters Screen before raising stats
Rachel’s Dentist Offices images was improved


Now, if location in town is unavailable it will still show up, but you won’t be able to click on it
New Town Map in Double Perception
Added Jennie to Cheats
New button for “Going home” in player’s stats screen


New e-shop – “Pills and Drugs Shop”
New event for Kim/Rachel – Sleep Attack
Ability to upgrade event “Sleep Attack” by giving Sleeping Pills to Kim/Rachel (Night Only)
New options for Rachel’s Inhaler event
New event for Rachel/Kim – Double Perception (give them Sleeping Pills while they’re playing VR)
New Relationship Screen (Don’t look while Rachel’s in the bathroom)


VR-headest is now more visible
Learned recipes are now marked as such
You can’t use recipe, if you already learned it
New Crafting option to craft 0 – max available
New reboot option for fixing softlock in menu (I’m not sure if it works, but you can try)

There’s not so much new content, but a lot of new animations! Over 800 renders! Here’s the changelog.


New Rachel bathroom choice – wash her back
New Doll in Sexshop – Mika
2 new animations with Mika-Doll
New event for Rachel after gifting VR – masturbаting in VR (night only) + 2 animations
New event for Kimberly after gifting VR – masturbаting in VR (night only)+ 2 animations
New event for Kim playing on Console – Duel with Her
New minigame for Duel with Kim – Shield Bow Hammer (Rock Paper Scissors)This event has a lot of replayability and 4 new animations


Now you don’t need to start new game. Save file from 1.6 should work fine. From now on, I will continue to make sure, that old saves would work with newer version.
Added 4 imagebuttons for Construction Work (Now Android Users will be able to earn money!)

v1.6 Public

New interaction with Rachel – Laundry
New interaction with Kimberly- Laundry
New interaction with Rachel – Yoga together
New interaction with Rachel – Massage after yoga
New interaction with Kimberly- Massage after yoga
Dave in DoA with his own quest
New sequence for Jennie blackmail event – inter course
3 new skins for Jennie events
New “Copy” event for Jennie
Cassie photoshoot Quest (Dave/Jennie)
New location – Sex Shop in Double Perception
New item – Ragdoll (with animation)


Kim Shower event was raising Lust instead of Corruption, fixed now
DoA Inventory Sounds bugfixes
SMS screen bugfix


3 New NSFW Animations
New character in DoA – Jennie
Rachel is now able to play DoA (by sharing or gifting VR gear)
New interactions and NSFW content with Rachel and Jennie (No spoilers )
Reworked Battle System and Enemy AI
Spells now have cooldowns
New Spell-Upgrade System
New Spell – Water Clone
New Site – Black Market in Double Perception
Notice Board is now available in Village (DoA)


New Dialog System
New Location: Hospital and Dentist Office (Rachel’s work)
New Location: GYM (way to increase stamina)
New interaction with Rachel at Dentist Office Location
3 New NSFW Animations
New interactions with “Kim in the shower” event
Kim is now able to play DoA (by sharing or gifting VR gear)
New Location for DoA: Kim’s Home
New interactions with Kim in DoA: Gather/Fight together
2 New NSFW interactions with Kim in DoA
New “Share VR with Kim” event
New “Help Kim with playing VR event”
New “Gift VR gear to Kim” event
New PC screen and Browser screen
New Site “Test Yourself” (way to increase Action Points)
New Friends System in DoA (Works only with Kim now)
Google Analytics
Small Bugfixes and QoL


• Rollback Enabled

• Fixed inventory (Showing as full)

• Added button that toggles disappearing of the UI in Guardian scene viewer

• [PLAYER_NAME] in VS screen is displaying correctly now

• Cheat Option + 200 gold was giving 100 gold instead

• Added button Sell x5 / Sell x10 / Sell all

• Fixed incorrect description of recipes

v1.3 Release of Double Perception

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

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