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Facefuck Madness [0.74] [MercuryDev]

Release date: 17 July 2024
Genre: Real Porn, Text Based, Male protagonist, Male domination, Humiliation, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Sexual harassment, Sandbox, Slavery, Magic, Mind control
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Mac
Version: Facefuck Madness 0.74
Language: English, Russian
File size: 1.24 GB

About game:
A former porn actor facefuck girls to enslave them with the power of Facefuck Madness. Pretty simple, huh? The whole game is based on facefucking fetish, but there’s a place for classical sex too, and other stuff.

Version 0.74

>The main storyline continued, 1 new scene added (1500 words)
>Added the popularity mechanic, which depends on your total income from webcam sessions
>6 mini-scenes for low and medium levels of popularity ($1000+ and $2000+ earned respectively)
>3 scenes for high popularity (2 with facefucking, 1 with vaginal sex)
>Two new supporters-only scenes (both for Chess Freeroam)
>Fixed a few bugs here and there

Version 0.73

>5 new scenes in total
>Freeroam system now complete with addition of Jazz club (Jam club)
>Two new supporters-only scenes (one of Park Freeroam and one for Cafe Freeroam)
>One more repeatable event for Michelle
>The game now consists of more than 1,300,000 characters of code and text
>Bugfixes, including the notorious issue with the in-game calendar

Version 0.71

>New type of content: Freeroam
>6 new scenes in total
>New ways to increase your Fitness and Artistism skills (check out Art District > Expo Hall and Fitness District > Gym)
>Around 20,000 characters (excluding spaces) of pure content (new scenes)
>Two new supporters-only scenes (both for Expo Hall Freeroam)
>Bugfixes, Charlotte’s content tracking in particular, and some re-balancing

Version 0.70

>More scene for the main storyline
>One more personal quest for Lana
>Procedurally generating scene at the strip club
>Two new supporters-only scenes (one for Charlotte and one for Melody)
>Autopatching system

Version 0.69

>The main storyline gets a total of 4 new scenes!
>A slightly different approach to the main story events: this time you get to choose their order yourself
>2 new supporters-only scenes (one for Michelle and one for Lana, according to votes on my Patreon)
>6 new scenes in total
>8,500 words of pure content
>Director now has a personalized dialogue box

Version 0.68

>The main storyline continued
>Procedurally generated sex descriptions for Teender girls (including enslaved ones), finally!
>2 new supporters-only scenes (one for Elena and one for Michelle)
>5 new scenes in total
>90,000 characters of code and text, overall amount of sex scenes now reaching more than 150

Version 0.67

>One more quest for the main storyline
>Threesome scene with Maria and Amelia
>Hacking minigame expanded: collect nudes to get a juicy bonus
>Progress tracking system: shows exactly how much content you’ve seen and how much’s left
>2 new supporters-only scenes (both for Elena)
>Bugfixes (the hide-ui related bug’s no more!)

Version 0.66

>One more quest for the main storyline
>Anita’s personal event
>Fallout-like hacking minigame as a new way to earn money
>2 new supporters-only scenes (this time in a new format)
>The game now has 1,025,000 characters of code and text in total, how does that sound for a porn game?
>Bugfixes, re-balance, tweaks

Version 0.65

>Introducing Main Quest! Finally, Facefuck Madness will not be just a sandbox, but a sandbox with an actual storyline!
>2 events for the main quest
>Additional scene for Charlotte, can be found in her room
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>Slight re-balance to reduce grind
>Around 7000 words of new content!

Version 0.64

>New feature – lounge at home to spend some quality time with your bitches!
>New event for Lana – watch her and Maria having secret fun!
>13 new sex scenes in total!
>UI overhaul, now the Home screen looks less like a mess, and the standard timeskip button is moved to the sidebar!
>2 new supporters-only scenes, as usual
>The game now consists of nearly 950,000 characters of code and text!

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