Lust and Power [0.59 Premium] [Lurking Hedgehog]

Cover Lust and Power

Release date: 31 July, 2023
Genre: Visual Novel, Male Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Incest, Beautiful Ass, All Sex, Blowjob, Anal sex, Doggystyle, Hardcore Sex, Forced, Family Sex, Mother-Son, Brother-Sister, Fantasy, Corruption
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Lust and Power 0.59 Premium + Cheats
Language: English
File size: 586 MB

About game:
In this game you play as a young man, whose family inherited a mansion from a distant relative. There you are going to reveal some mysteries and to gain some dark powers. You will have to face demon attacks, to protect your family (mom and sister), and to use their gratefulness to gain control over them and to make them your sex slaves…

+ Changelog
– no new content, we just fixed a bug that didn’t let players interact with girls and made previous version (0.58) impossible to play.

– added 7 hot options for Emma in the living room. They are: 4 undressing options, dance, fondle breasts, blowjob.

– added “Quick Mode” option to the “Undress” part of every corruption screen for all girls. Now you don’t need to click through four undressing scenes to strip girl naked. When you turn QuickMode on, you just need to click 1 time on the clothes button and it’s off without running the scene.

Attention: as this option uses new variable, the game will crash each time you try to interact with any girl, so please, first either let at least 1 hour pass in the game, or click on the image of a hedgehog fixing a bug in the lower right part of the screen.

After you get such strings as “Updated to v.0.58.” and “Update finished.” in the text area, this crash won’t happen anymore and you’ll be able to play normally.

– we added 3 hot scenes with Emma in the kitchen

– we added the ability to pass the time by just clicking on the clock button on the house map

– we added new interface that keeps all information that players need to play the game. Mostly useful for new players. Just click on the “Quests” sign in the right part of the screen and you’ll see there all the info about the things you can or should currently do in the game. Reminders about stored food, health, energy, useful items, locations, quests, tasks, possibilities, spell upgrades and so on. Now you won’t miss any important content in the game.

– added interface for interacting with Emma in the kitchen. Now you won’t see “Under construction” if you click on her while she’s cooking, but you’ll get her reaction about you bothering her and access to interface which allows you to talk to her or run some hot scenes in the kitchen.
– added option “Offer help” in the kitchen. Now you can help Emma with cooking and earn some of her love points.
– added 4 options of asking Emma to take off her clothes in the kitchen. Now you can make her get naked there.

– added 3 scenes for Emma in the bathroom

– added 2 totally new sex scenes for Emma. They are available after you had classic sex with her.
– new animation for Emma’s dancing scene. Consists of 30 frames sequence.
– fixed bug where the scene of Lisa showing you magic spells in the library was shown as black screen. Now it’s an art there.

– added such option as using magic spells in Emma’s bedroom. It’s 9 new short scenes total. You can use 4 spells directly on Emma (Exhaustion, Vampirism, Stun Charm, Telekinesis). You can also use 5 spells to try impress Emma with your magic power (Dark Boost, Stone Ram, Stone Wall, Fire Ball, Fire Wall). Caution: not every spell gives good result. Save the game before try it.

v0.51 Regular
– added 3 hot scenes with Emma.

– Added Jessica’s intro scene (when you meet her first time)
– Added Jessica’s second intro scene (when you meet her second time)
– Added Jessica’s ambush scene (the starting scene of her regular ambush event)
– Added battle with Jessica, her reactions for certain spells during the battle, and 3 scenes of battle endings (you run away, you loose battle, you win battle).
– Added 2 scenes for talking with Jessica (give her compliment, discipline her).
– Added a scene of giving food to Jessica.
– Added 10 scenes of main character showing Jessica (or using on Jessica) his magic spells.
– Added 1 scene of Jessica’s reactions when you leave (with extra scenes when she didn’t get food or her clothes were stolen)
– Added 3 hot scenes with Jessica, 1 set of positive responses for repeating unlocked scenes, 1 set of negative responses for repeating unlocked scenes.
– Added 1 scene of Jessica reacting to her clothes transformed (an option for $15 tier)
– Added Jessica’s info to relations info screen.
– Added 3 scenes with Jessica for strange visions in Sharp’s cave during trance.

– restored 3 Lisa’s hot scenes with extended texts
– created new animation for Lisa’s dancing scene.
– added Lisa’s voodoo doll to the magic table in players room. Now $15 tier patrons will be able to turn Lisa’s outfit into sexy one.
– fixed bug where game jumps to main menu when you try to run Kelly’s hot scene and she refuses you.
– fixed bug where game crashes if you try to make Lisa take off her top for the second time.

+ 3 hot scenes with Lisa.

– added scene where you ask Emma for the key from her bedroom.
– if you got the key, you can visit Emma at night and have such options as put aside upper part of her blanket to see her naked breasts, put aside all her blanket to see her body uncovered, pull down her panties.
– if you have hypnosis skill learned, you can use it on Emma in her bedroom at night.
– added scene where you ask Kelly for the key from her bedroom.
– if you got the key, you can visit Kelly at night and have such options as put aside upper part of her blanket to see her naked breasts, or put aside all her blanket to see her body uncovered.
– if you have hypnosis skill learned, you can use it on Kelly in her bedroom at night.

– added bad ending for Emma. Occurs when love points or submission points go lower than 5.
– added bad ending for Kelly. Occurs when love points or submission points go lower than 5.
– added bad ending for Lisa. Occurs when love points or submission points go lower than 5.
– inventory crash fixed in Lust and Power game.

v0.45 Regular
– added 3 scenes with random women that you meet in the streets. Totally new texts, totally new art, better animations.
– added 1 scene of sex of demon in the yellow shirt with random women. Totally new art, better animations.
– fixed inventory crash.
– fixed mind battle crash.

v0.44 Regular
– Fiddle quests: now you can finish his quest of earning gold and get new inventory item as a reward: the note for his old friend.

– Now you can explore the Forest location and unlock the Cave location by searching the forest.

– Added enemies: plant demons. They have totally new art and new animations of better quality.

– Restored mini-game – the test of Spirit of Entrance that you have to pass to enter the cave (a hint for those who doesn’t know – for this test I used the quotations from one of my favorite writers – Frank Herbert).

– Now you can meet the character – Sharp, and buy special things from him.

– You can ask Sharp put you into a special trance where you may suffer a special vision and increase your energy maximum. Has 16 updated or new vision scenes.

– Spell: stun charm. Being bought from Sharp, allows you to stun the battle opponent for some turns.

– Spell: hypnosis. Being bought from Sharp, allows you to invade the mind of a sleeping person and change their love or submission parameters.

– Mini-game: the battle of minds. Now you can take part in the battle of minds when you invade someone’s mind using hypnosis.

– New mechanics: now you can cook potions in the kitchen. This process got new, more user-friendly interface.

– Inventory items: health potion, energy potion. Now you can use them right from your inventory in any moment to restore energy or health or remove hunger or poison.

– Lisa’s scene: you can ask Lisa help you with your first experiment with potions and cook your first potion together.

– restored 3 Lisa’s hot scenes with extended texts.

v0.43 Regular
– the battle against Cherry’s door was added. This door differs from regular doors as it has armor, and you’ll have to use a special spell that can break enemy’s armor (hint: Lisa helps to find this spell)

– added Cherry introduction scene

– restored extended dialogues of Cherry greeting you when you come and making a prediction for you when you leave. Now they differ for different levels of investment.
– added 6 new conversations in the “Talk” option, plus “Compliment” option and “Discipline” option

– added 3 new scenes of Cherry teaching player magic spells and 4 new scenes of Cherry teaching player recipes of potions (unfortunately the skill of potion making doesn’t work yet, will be added in the next update, but you already can buy the recipes)

– restored an option of making investment in Cherry’s buisness (with extended texts)

– restored 7 hot scenes with extended texts (no less than twice more text)

– added 2 new spells for battles: the Fire Ball spell that can deal rather big damage to the enemy even on the low level of this spell, and the Fire Wall spell that creates a wall of fire in front of you, dealing damage to anyone who tries to do a melee attack to you.

– new trading screen and new trading mechanics for Cherry. In the old versions you made investments only to unlock hot scenes with Cherry. Now your investments make the prices of Cherry’s goods more profitable for you. The more investments, the better the prices.

– now you are not returned automatically to the player’s room each time you leave some other room of the house, but go direct to the house map (some players asked me to do so).

– now Emma and Kelly give you quests in the new location – the hallway. It appears only when someone wants to give you a quest.

– we added the new content – random woman that you meet on the streets during the raids. Well, we had something similar in the versions 0.37 and lower, but it’s not some restored old content – it’s totally new. Not a single image and not a single word of text was left from the old version – everything was replaced with new content. It was the most time-taking part of this update.

We created new art for these woman, and it’s much better animated than the old one, we use the increased number of frames. They also have more hair styles and hair colors, more various items of clothes, which are also represented in numerous colors each. This content took us to create 1012 separate image files and make them work together creating various types of women, animated. No matter how long you play, now you just don’t have a chance to meet two women looking the same (though some elements may coincide, but rather seldom as I think).

Now you also can not only save them from demons, but just meet on the streets not being chased by someone, just wandering. You can influence them by trying to dominate while talking, you can share your food with them or use the food to manipulate them. Moreover, now these women have 9 various types of behavior. Some of them are happy to meet you and some are hostile, some of them are confident and some are scared to death. By the words that she greets you, you can try to guess what will be more effective – to be a hero, or a bossy guy, in order to get some sexual favor from her. Some ways won’t work with some women, so now it’s like a mini-game where you have to choose right options to use.

You also can see some random women having oral sex with demons in the houses from time to time. Their images also was replaced with new and better animations.

v0.42 Regular
As usual, we restored some old content with no changes, we restored some old content with extended texts (about twice more text variations) that fit to the new corruption mechanics, and we also added totally new content that never existed in the game before.

Old saves worked properly during the tests.

Livingroom content:
– now Emma and Kelly spend time in the living room watching TV. We restored 3 scenes with them (you join Emma watching TV, you join Kelly watching TV, you join both Emma and Kelly watching TV) and 2 options for each situation (you ask politely the permission to switch the channel, you switch the channel without asking) with extended texts.
– we also restored the option of player visiting empty living room and watching TV alone.
– we added 25 new newscast scenes on Demon TV. They’ll tell you about the events that happen in the area.
– among the newscasts you can also see special interview videotapes with Olyvia that have totally new illustration.
– we restored 3 hot scenes with Samantha on Demon TV

Bathroom content with Kelly:
– a scene of Kelly lowering the towel and showing her breasts in the bathroom was restored with extended texts.
– a scene of Kelly removing the towel and showing her naked body in the bathroom was restored with extended texts.
– a scene where player takes a shower together with Kelly was restored with extended texts and also got 3 new animations.

Map content:
– Added a short dialogue when you first time visit a town center after the intro. Also added a dialogue that happens when you explore town center to 100%.
– The following parts of the town are now available for exploration: North-west part of the town, North-east part of the town, South-west part of the town, South-east part of the town. For each of these 4 locations we added a short dialogue when you discover it for the first time. For each of these 4 locations we also added a dialogue that happens when you explore it to 100%.
– The following locations were fully restored and available for interactions: Lisa’s hideout, Police station.
– The following locations were restored but not available for interactions (you can only unlock them in the map and visit them, and nothing else for this version): The Forest, The Demonhunters’ Club, The Cherry’s house.
– The introduction scene for Cherry’s house was added (though you can’t enter her house in this version yet).
– The following totally new locations were added: Hospital, Industrial Area, the Pier. They are unavailable for interactions as well yet, but you can find them on the map, visit them and see the art and short introduction dialogues.

Demonhunters’ content:
– restored a scene where you meet a lonely Demonhunter (or a Demonhunter with carriage) and introduce yourself. Restored all options of exchanging vine or beer for food or demon hearts or information until he tells you about their base location.

Lisa’s content:
– added new art for Lisa’s hideout.
– restored the scene where you find Lisa’ s hideout and meet Lisa.
– added new options for Lisa’s hideout: now you can offer her food and get various reactions based on what exactly you offer. You can learn about what Lisa likes to eat and what not and earn a few of her love points that way.
– added 4 new options for short conversations with Lisa in her hideout.
– restored the scene of Lisa moving in your house.
– restored a scene of player trying to make Lisa wake up while she’s sleeping.
– restored a short scene where Lisa greets player when he enters her room (with extended texts)
– restored an option of giving Lisa a compliment in the library (with new texts)
– restored an option of giving Lisa a lewd compliment in the library (with new texts)
– restored an option of player trying to discipline Lisa in the library (with new texts)
– restored a scene where Lisa tries to make player leave her room and 2 usial choices for player with the following Lisa’s reactions (with extended texts)
– added 4 new short scenes where Lisa finds a new spell in the library for the player (4 various spells actually, one by one) and they both go outside to test the spells together in the background.

Police station content:
– restored a police officer demon type of the enemy – a Biter.
– added 11 new animations for the battle with a Biter demon.
– restored all options of entering the police station (attack the guard or sneak in unseen)
– restored 3 scene of Fiddle giving the player a task and 2 scenes of Fiddle rewarding a player (the 3d task can’t be finished in this version yet.)
– restored the ability of getting special ingredients from the bodies of defeated enemies.

– restored the strategy screen where you can see area tasks and plans for defeating Olyvia.

– a bullet-poof vest. A new equipment for the player that provides better armor and helps to survive in a battle.

Magic spells (visit Lisa in the library and talk about magic spells from time to time to unlock):
– added new spell – Stone Ram. This spell deals damage to the enemy and destroys enemy’s armor. The only possible way to destroy armor in the game.
– added new spell – Stone Wall. Stands between you and the enemy and blocks direct attacks until destroyed.
– restored a spell – Dark Drain. A spell that steals enemy’s energy. A good way to restore your energy and weaken the enemy at the same time.
– restored a spell – Telekinesis. A spell that attracts small distant items to you. For current moment is totally useless in the game, but you can unlock it now for future.

v0.41 Regular
1) We restored 14 scenes and created 2 new scenes:

– added scene where you enter the bathroom and see Emma wearing a towel (after the shower)
– added scene where you enter the bathroom and see Emma taking a shower
– added scene where you enter the bathroom and see Kelly wearing a towel (after the shower)
– added scene where you enter the bathroom and see Kelly taking a shower
– added 3 options of interaction with Emma in the bathroom
– added 4 different conversations with Emma and Kelly in the kitchen (you can use it to earn love points or submission points)
– added 3 hot scenes with Kelly in her bedroom
– added scene where your inner voice tells you to create a home-made armor. This scene runs after you bring your first item of Junk home.
– added scene of making Home-Made Vest.

2) Now you can find/make and wear 2 new armor items: Golf Helmet and Home-Made Vest. Each item gives you 1 armor point when equiped. Helps you to ignore damage in battle.

3) The following new art was added in Lust and Power:

– sprite of Emma squat in order to cover her naked body when you catch her naked in the bathroom.
– sprite of Kelly squat in order to cover her naked body when you catch her naked in the bathroom.
– 1 illustration of Emma, Kelly and MC at the table during their meal.
– 3 illustrations of Emma in the shower together with MC (when you manage to talk her into taking a shower together)
– now there’s a workbench in the store room.
– also our artist was making experiments with backgrounds and made many small corrections. You definitely won’t miss them.

v0.40 Regular
– now you can use upgrade points in the library to make your spells stronger. You can use upgrade points in various ways: either reduce energy cost of the spell, or reduce cooldown time, or increase the duration of the spell, or increase the effect of the spell. So, for example, you can decide if you want to construct cheap and weak spells or expensive and strong. Be wise, your choice can’t be cancelled.
– now you can use the table in your room to navigate through Patreon rewards. It contains all the links that you need to find rewards on my site or activate them (like cheats or outfit spells).
– added 3 new magic spells.
– added 9 new items that you can find during your raids.
– some food now automatically stored in the fridge.
– fixed the bugs that you reported about
– now having meal in the kitchen restores twice more health and energy
– added 3 scenes of talking to ancestor about some important things in the basement.
– added 3 scenes of ancestor teaching you new magic spells.

Emma’s new scenes:
– Emma comes to your room to ask you to find some item for her outside.
– you can bring requested item to Emma and influence her
– after you change her outfit with a spell, she comes to your room to discuss it.

Kelly’s new scenes:
– you can compliment Kelly
– you can discipline Kelly
– you can give Kelly a lewd compliment
– added a scene where you make a deal with Kelly stating that she’ll do favors for you while you bring her things from the outside.
– Kelly comes to your room to ask you to find some item for her outside.
– you can bring requested item to Kelly and influence her
– after you change her outfit with a spell, she comes to your room to discuss it.
– hot scene: make Kelly do her exercise
– hot scene: make Kelly lift her top and show her tits.
– hot scene: make Kelly take off her top
– hot scene: make Kelly lift her skirt and how her panties
– hot scene: make Kelly take off her skirt
– hot scene: make Kelly dance for you
– hot scene: make Kelly play with her tits

So, to sum, we added 7 hot scenes, 17 common scenes, 2 new interfaces, 3 new spells, 9 items and some bug fixing, and it took us a month. So the speed of restoring + extending the content of the game is really close to 1 scene per day which is exactly what I expected it to be. Sorry for being silent for the recent month, sometimes I’m just in the circumstances where I can’t keep you informed, but I always try to see to any opportunity to fix it.

v0.37 Regular
+3 new scenes with Roxie.
(To start her corruption, first get at least 30 points either of her love or her submission, then she’ll ask you to train her and after this her corruption options will become unlocked. )

+ 3 new scenes with Cherry

– we added +1 Lisa’s scene in the bathroom, which consists of 4 animated stages. Lisa washes various parts of main character’s body and gives him a handjob in the end.
– we added + 2 animated scenes Lisa’s room. Now the player can touch Lisa’s pussy or watch her playing with her pussy.
– we added the progress bar to the part where the main character is sleeping in his room. It’s a part of the game where the code still needs some optimization, and the game slows down a bit during this part, so this bar will help players to understand that the game didn’t crash but executing the code at the moment (especially helpful on android devices).
– there was a problem with the game showing “the infinite loop” error on slow android devices in that part where the main character is sleeping. As far as I can judge using my own device, this error was successfully fixed in this update.

– game crash if you try to talk to Cherry. Fixed.
– game crash if you visit the bathroom while Kelly is there while she’s wearing her red towel. Fixed.
– game crash if you try to use Stun Charm on plant demons in the forest. Fixed.

+ 3 new scenes with kelly

– Jessica’s sex scene crashed if you run the scene while Jessica wearing dog outfit. Now fixed. Great thanks to Mirok Natsume, Isaac Tebbit and Doom stack77 for reporting this.

– when you ask Lisa to wash you in the bathroom, game crashes. Now fixed. Great thanks to Dubsington and Zaitsu for reporting this.

– when you ask Cherry to take off her dress or play with her tits, game crashed. Now fixed. Great thanks to Dubsington and Zaitsu for reporting this.

– when you ask Jessica to bend her knees while she has her jeans on, game crashes. Now fixed. Great thanks to Jacek Blonski for reporting this.

– we added + 3 scenes with Jessica. One of them can be found only in the bathroom, the other works only outside of the house and the last one works only in Jessica’s room in the house. Don’t miss any of it!

– we added +2 scenes with Emma. One scene can be found in the bathroom and the other is in Emma’s room.

– we added new quest in Demonhunters club. After finishing it you get access to the new special location in the club – the Arena, where the competitions are being held.

– now you can take part in the Demonhunters competitions (visit the Arena after 18 p.m.) and face 3 new battle opponents. Each of them is a Demonhunter, but they use different skills and tactics. The first opponent uses rather strong kicks, the second one uses poisoned knife, and the third one uses the amulet that can cause the lightning bolt that ignores your mental shield. Moreover, they have rather strong armor. Moreover, their amulets protect them from your Stun Charms. The competition may turn out to be really challenging even if you have maximum levels for all your skills, so if you want to succeed, make sure you have enough of Health and Energy potions and you have your Defence amulet charged and a few extra packs of batteries in your bag. That way you’ll easily win.

– a new equipment was added – the Attack Amulet. You get it if you win the competition on the Arena in the Demonhunters club by winning three opponents in a row. This Amulet allows your attacks to ignore any armor of any opponent when charged, so it will make your future battles really easy to win.

– We added + 4 new scenes for Lisa, as was decided by the results of March poll. 3 scenes are in her room in the library, and 1 scene in the bathroom. And yes, Lisa starts visiting the bathroom in the morning again starting from this version.
– We added new quest from Fiddle. It’s a side quest, and it appears after you finish the quest of potion making. You can run it by pressing the button “Recruitment” on the Fiddle menu. After finishing this quest you get several new advantages:
1) Fiddle introduces you to his colleagues in the next office. Starting from this moment you can join to demons during Ann and Susan scenes and not just peek them through the door, but take part in it.
2) You can repeat Ann and Susan hot scenes as many times as you want. You can strip-search them personally. And if you make them strip-dance first and after that make them kiss each other, you can see their kissing scene while they are naked.
3) You can recruit demons in the Fiddle office. Each recruited demon gives you 10% chance that if you meet yellow demon on town streets, he’ll turn out to be one of your recruits and will give you some useful item (wine, batteries or food) instead of attacking you. It makes sense to recruit 10 demons to increase this chance to 100%.
4) You get a special key from the back door of the police station. Starting from this, the option “Sneak in” is replaced with “Use the key” option and you can enter the police station without any risk of being attacked.
Bugs fixed:
– Game crash during Jessica’s handjob scene. Now fixed. Thanks John C. Finley and Martin Libby Sr for report.
– Game crash when you have Jessica give you a blowjob if she is not fully dressed. Now fixed. (in v.0.30.b)
Thanks everyone for your support! Don’t miss the poll, it starts within a day or two.

+3 Jessica scenes
+2 Lisa scenes

– Added + 2 new options (or 4 scenes) for Emma and Kelly in the living room
Each of 2 options has 2 scenes showed differently based on whom you choose to play the main role – Emma or Kelly.
– Added 1 new big scene for Ann and Susan in the police station. 6 illustrations for each girl

Bugs and errors
– Bug: when you try to use ”Feed the dog” option on Jessica playing domination route, it always fails. The scene was available only on love route.
– Logic bug: players could use smoke potions during the fight with red or yellow demons even if they had no such potions in the inventory.
– Image error: when you look at the town map, forest locations are shown as “Under construction”, though they are already exist in the game.
– Image error: when using dark theft on Jessica’s pants, instead of pants floating over, a text message floats over saying “jess_skirt” not found.
– Image error: game crashes when Jessica is trying to cover both upper and lower parts of her body with her hands while wearing dog costume.
– Image error: in the kitchen, if you talk with Emma and Kelly about your powers while having Emma’s submission points between 40 and 70, you can get message “image not found”.
– Image error: if you visit Jessica in the bathroom having her love points above 40, the game crashes because of the image failure.

– added + 3 hot scenes with Cherry. Now you can make her take off her dress, pose for you or play with her tits. Pay attention: all your previous progress with Cherry was probably lost. Well, she had only one scene in previous versions, so it’s not much to restore actually.
– added + 3 hot scenes with Jessica (Patron’s choice during the November poll). Now you can make her take off her panties, play with her pussy (can be launched only outside) or feed her in the kitchen (can be launched only when she’s in her room) like a real dog.
– added the possibility to use Jessica’s “undress” group of options not only outside the house, but in her room too. It was nesessarily in order to let you watch her “kitchen” scene not only when she’s fully clothed but also when she’s undressed the way you like.
– added the possibility to tell Cherry compliments or discipline her, or use your skills on her, but actually it doesn’t have any sighificant effect on her, so you may not pay much attention to these options.
– we also fixed text error: when you come back home from your raids without any demon hearts in your bag, but the game still mentions leaving demon hearts in the fridge.

+ Cheat Mod
Cheat Mod by D.S.-sama:
This is a cheat mod that doesn’t need to change any original files of the game and it can be removed with ease. If the DEV doesn’t change the variables this mod can work even for future releases of the game.
The mod will also remove the “anti-cheat” feature and will also enable the console in the game, this will work with any version of the game.
+ Wardrobe Spells
sister: sexykitten
mom: sexymaid

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

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