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Staying With Aunt Katie [1.06] [Sid Valentine]

Release date: 1 July, 2020
Genre: 3dcg, Big ass, Big tits, Groping, Handjob, Incest, Male protagonist, Milf, Titfuck
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: Staying With Aunt Katie 1.06
Language English
File size: 714 MB

About game:
Aunt Katie comes to visit you. For some time you have to live with her. I think it will be an unforgettable pastime…

+ Changelog
SWAK v1.05 Release
What’s New:

– Poolside sex scene. After you’ve seen the first sex scene in Chris’ room you can ask Katie for sex in the pool area during the Afternoon period.
– Living room blowjob scene. After you’ve seen the first reward blowjob scene in Chris’ room you can ask Katie for a BJ in the living room during the Night period.
– The day limit has been reduced to 60. If people find it too restrictive or still too much I can modify it further.
– Tutorial now mentions both the time limit and the ability to skip days, both the intro one and the one you can view by clicking on Chris’ bed.

fixes the endless loop at the end, and adds the images missing from the end of v.99

– 90 day time limit. I’ve updated the intro to mention it. Also changed the stat menu, so now it reads ‘Total Days: x / 90’.
– Added endings. Once you hit day 90 your ending will then trigger in the Afternoon period. If you didn’t reach the blowjob event you’ll get Ending A. If you reached the blowjob event but not the sex one you’ll get Ending B. If you did reach the sex event you’ll get Ending C.
– Free play mode. After you see your ending you’ll get transported to Chris’ room during the morning period. From there you can endlessly play the game and see events, giving you access to any new events I might add later.
– Ability to replay endings. Once you enter free play mode you can see the endings via clicking on the Menu button when in Chris’ room.
This is technically v1.0 in terms of content but given my track-record with bugs I figured there’d probably be something that doesn’t work right, so I’ll save v1.0 for the inevitable bugfix update. If anything’s broken report it below and I’ll try to fix it as soon as I can. Also, as I talked about in an older post, I’ve been very conservative with my version numbering, basically adding a 0.01 to it for every new scene or feature added, so even if I added every event that I ever had a passing thought about there’s no chance this game was getting to v1.00 that way.
As for the endings themselves, they turned out better than I thought they would. When I sat down to start working on them I only really had vague (and I thought somewhat lackluster) ideas for them but as I began writing them I really got into them and fleshed them out pretty well. They all begin in the same basic way but quickly diverge. Ending A and B turned out to be more ‘bad ending’-ish than I originally envisioned but I like the final result and they make Ending C all the better.
Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the endings and find them a good conclusion to the game. I still have a couple of ideas left for scenes (mostly just regular sex scenes for the living room, pool, and Katie’s bedroom — nothing really major like Cohabitation’s prostitution events) but for now I’ll be moving onto Cursed.
I’ll put up a new post on the 5th talking about what I have planned for June.

– New relationship scene during dinner. After you’ve finally had sex with Katie, just choose to help prepare dinner during the evening.
– New relationship scene during breakfast. After you’ve seen the morning kitchen sex scene, just choose to have breakfast with Katie.
– New relationship scene during the night. After you’ve seen the nighttime living room sex scene, just choose to watch TV with Katie.
– New shower sex scene. After you’ve seen the first sex scene with Katie in Chris’ room you can now choose to have sex in the shower during the Noon period.

What’s New:
– First sex scene. Once you’ve maxed out the Scholastic Improvement and Affection stats then the next time you go into Chris’ room during the Afternoon period an event will automatically play.
– Night time living room sex scene. After you’ve seen the above then the next time you go into the living room at night when Katie’s there a scene will play.
– Morning sex scene. After you’ve seen the first sex scene then the next time you go into the kitchen during the morning period a scene will play.
– Repeat versions of the above.

– 69 affection event. After you’ve seen the reward blowjob event and have Katie’s affection at 70 or higher then an event should trigger automatically during the midnight period in Chris’ room.
– Pool event. Once you’ve seen the pool titjob event and have Katie’s affection to at least 50 then a new event should trigger automatically when you go to the pool during the Afternoon period when Katie’s there.
– New cooking event. In the kitchen when Katie’s there during the Evening period, the next time you cook with her you should get a new variation of the event once her affection is over 50 and you’ve helped her cook at least once.
– Repeatable versions of the above.
– Fixed a few issues.

– Blowjob reward event. Need to have seen the titjob reward event and have your scholastic improvement stat to at least 70. With all those requirements met this will trigger the next time you enter Chris’ bedroom during the Afternoon period.
– Morning BJ. After you’ve seen the above then the next time you talk to Katie in the morning you’ll get an option to fool around with her.
– Shower BJ. After you’ve seen the reward BJ scene then the next time you take a shower with Katie during the Noon period you’ll get a blowjob option.
– Repeatable versions of the above.

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Tezfiles]

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