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The Secret of the House [Ch.1-3 Day 25] [Discreen Vision]

Release date: 24 May, 2024
Genre: 2DCG, Incest, Milf, Animated, Multiple paths, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Male protagonist, Oral sex, Point & click, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, Titfuck, Creampie, Groping, Handjob, Masturbation, Blackmail, Sex toys
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: The Secret of the House Ch.1-3 Day 25 v1.1
Language: English
File size: 528 Mb + 641 Mb + 569 Mb

About game:
The Milf story continued! Meet it and enjoy!

Ch. 3 Day 25 v1.1
Bug fix:
– With the help of the players, we found a few minor bugs (Gloria’s conversation bug, Debra’s workroom bug), these will be fixed in the 1.1 Patch version.

Add scenes:
– The Cili scene becomes available to everyone.
-On the 25th day, another sex scene with Debra after getting up in the morning

How does Patch work?
After downloading and installing the game file, the game will work as if it received a normal upload. Save files will also work and Patch will see them.

Do I have to replay day 25?
Yes, because the new scenes are added to the gameplay as an add-on.

If You Do 1.5

TSOTH Chapter 2, Day 22 and day 23 :
The Secret of the house Chapter 1 – day 1-12 Fixes(2021):

Changelog day 23-X-mas Adventure:
-We added X-mas design
-We added sexy costumes
-We added extra long sex scenes
(Svetlana, Debra, Cynthia)
-We added sexy images hidden in the game
-We added x-mas story progress
-We added 3 unique pieces of music to the game

Changelog day 22:
-We added More Scenes
(Anna, Debra, Cili, Diana, Liza)
-We added more character animations
-We added longer gameplay
-We added more story progress
-We added side-characters
-We added a new location

The Secret Of The House Chapter 2 Day 13 to 21
-Over 1 hour of gameplay ( over 20 minutes with fast clicking)
-More new characters
-New kinds of scenes
-A very exciting sex situation
-We added your ideas to our update!

The Secret Of The House Chapter 2 Day 13 to 20

The Secret Of The House Chapter 2 Day 13 to 18

The Secret of the House Day 13-16

The Secret of the House Day 13


Day 1

.Debra asks to clean up.
.Take the 2 boxes in the chamber (2 boxes at the bottom).
.Go in the hallway (towards port to enter), collect the dustbin and the newspaper.
.go around the rooms.
.Take the watering can in the bathroom and water the 8 plants in the house. return to the bathroom to fill the watering can.
. eat the sandwich in the living room. (scene).
.Put the posters on the wall in the bedroom (post in the boxes).
.Make the bed. ask Debra in the corridor for the sheets and take the pillow in the living room (furniture on the left).
.look in the bathroom lock.
.open the bathroom (scene).

day 2

.take the envelope facing the dog.
.take the dog
.talk to grandma and debra in the living room (put the dog in the living room).
.talk to debra .
.wash the dishes.
. clean the dog’s pee. (sponge and detergent in the bathroom).
.clean up the dog’s pee in the hallway.
.go to the door to retrieve the tv. put the tv in the living room.
.take the remote control in the kitchen on the chair on the right.
.take the dirty laundry in the room and use the washing machine (in the bathroom).
. program the tv in the living room (scene).
.study in the bedroom (if you hadn’t done all 3).
.take the dog.
. redo tv programming.
.make a sandwich (take salami – salat – butter – mayonnaise).
.put in pocket and bring to grandma.
.go get glass on the kitchen sink and click on the fridge to get APPLE.
.take the envelope in the room.
.go to the kitchen. debra washing the floor click on it. scene
.grandmother in the living room with the photos. click on it, and take the photos of debra.
.go to sleep.

end of day 2

day 3

.talk to grandma.
.make 2 sandwiches (salami, salad, butter, mayonnaise)
.talk to debra.
.make coffee
.1 click on machine (scene)
.2 filter in the coffee basket, basket in the machine, black box on the right of the machine, put water on and turn it on. (scene)
.3 undo all, put water in the jug (click on the sink faucet)
.4 fetch coffee powder. go to the hallway near the dog. but he doesn’t want to.
.5 Take the dog’s bowl from the kitchen and click on the fridge for food.
.6 bring the dog bowl and collect the coffee.
.7 put coffee in the filter, filter in the basket, basket in the machine, put water in the machine, black box on the machine, on (scene)
.8 undo all, fetch water from the sink, redo 7 and add the coffee pot.
.give grandma coffee
.pee in the bathroom.
.take the backpack in the room and the business on the bed.
.go to college and talk to puffy (friend on the left).
.go home, with puffy.(scene)
.go to the living room (scene).
.go to the kitchen.
.go to the supermarket. buy the 3. and go on stage.
. do the dishes and wash your clothes.
.study the 3.
. do dishes and sleep.

end of day 3

day 4

.take the backpack and the dirty laundry.
.wash the laundry in the bathroom (click sink for the lique and click the machine).
. get dressed in the bedroom .
.talk to debra (living room).
.talk to grandma.
.get the dog’s bowl in the hallway.
.talk to debra.
.go to the supermarket and buy (x2).
make 3 sandwiches
collect drink and green box
click on the green box
make coffee
.gave grandmother a coffee and a sandwich.
.talk to debra.
.buy open box at the supermarket.
.go to the kitchen (click open box, box, bowl).
.give the bowl to the dog.
.go to college.
.go back home, click down in the enter(scene).
.go to the living room (scene).
.talk to debra in the hallway (scene).
.neat puffy.
.talk to zoli (house at bottom right).
.talk to bertalen in the living room (scene).
.debra in the bathroom (scene).

end of day 4

day 5

.take back.
.click on dog poop and go to the kitchen.
.take sandwich, coke and on the fridge.
.buy sponge at the supermarket.
.click on the bathroom (scene).
. clean up the poop in the bedroom and do the dishes.
.take out the trash.
.go to college, eat and talk.
.go to zoli.
.talk to hanna house left.
.talk to ester (the supermarket clerk).
.talk to zveltana in front of the supermarket given 250f.
.go to the toolshop and buy the balay.
.talk to liza at the bus stop.
.talk to frodo in front of liza’s (house on the left).
.talk to zveltana.
.click on the lamp to enter your home.
.talk to zveltana.
.give the object to frodp.
.give ring to liza.
.go to zoli.
.go to strip club.(scene)
.go home, go to the living room (scene).

end of day 5

day 6

.talk to debra, go to the hallway and click left door (inventory room).
.vacuumed: in the 2 corridors (click on debra or grandmother).
living room, bathroom, bedroom, kitchen.
.go to the living room.
put the vacuum cleaner in the inventory.
.go to sexy debra salon.
.go look for necklaces in the bathroom, in the flower pot.
.go to the kitchen, pick up necklace on the floor in the middle.
.click on debra.
.go get basket (scene).
.go to liza (house on the left), click on the heap in the middle of the 2 houses.
.go to liza’s garden and talk to her.
.pick up the herbs. emptied the bag into the dumpster in front of the house.
.go to the supermarket and talk to sveltana.
.go home and search in the inventory (enter left door).
.go to liza with the rake and finish.
.talk to liza for the birdhouse.
.take the birdhouse next to the dumpster (bottom left).
.go to the toolshop, buy screws.
.go to the inventory at home.
.talk to sveltana for the screwdriver.
.go to liza to build the cabin. scene
.go home and talk to debra. scene
.go to sleep.

end of day 6

Day 7 – Walkthrough

1. You wake up on day 7, enter the password
2. Grandma took all your money, you have to go to Liza for your payment
3. Talk to Liza in the garden, she asks you to fix the sunbed
4. Pick up the sewing needle in the living room (It is shining)
5. Go home and talk to Grandma in the kitchen, she gives you the linen fabric
6. Go to the university and talk to Kitty
7. Go to the new location: Park
8. Go home and pick up the rubbish bag (Kitchen, under the sink)
9. Pick up the trash in the park, Kitty gives you the thread
10. Go to liza, Fix the sunbed-YOu have not enough canvas
11. Go to the park, talk to Adriana and find her husband in the Toolshop
12. Tell Bram about Adriana, he drove his car away. Under the car there was the missing canvas, pick it up.
13. Go to Liza and fix sunbed
14. Watch sex scene
15. Take the towel from the bathroom and give it to Liza
16. Talk to Zoli
17. Go to the university and talk to Puffy
18. You have a phone now, go back to Zoli to talk with him
19. Go home, you have to wash the laundry( Debra asks you)
20. Pick up laundry, wash it in the bathroom, the dryer broke
21. Talk about the machine with Debra
22. Go to the garden( first door from entrance door right side)
23. Pick u the Flowerpot for Debra
24. Put the pot down in garden
25. Click on the bush, you need a secateurs
26. You find the secateurs in the storage room
28. Cut out the bush and spread out the clothes
29. Pick up the clothes and wash them again
31. Pick up Fifi and put her down in the backyard
32. Buy the clothesline in the shop
33. Talk with Svetlana about the necklace
34. Go home and pick up the coin in the backyard
35. Give the coin to Svetlana( You get the pawnshop ticket)
36. Go home, enter the bathroom
38. Click on the sink and pick out the rinse aid
39. Use the rinse aid on Debra

End of Day 7

DAY 8 – Walkthrough

1. You wake up and you talk to Liza
2. Go to Liza and talk with her
3. Ask around about a good recipe(Ask Eszter, Grandma and Debra for sure)
4. Go to the Shop and talk with Fodo, he gives you a recipe but you can not read
5. Ask around if someone can help, go to Liza to show her the recipe
6. She reads the recipe, now you can look for teh ingredients.
7. Pick up the orange juice in the classroom.
8. Go to the park and pick up the pink hyacinth
9. Go home and pick up a mushroom in the garden
10. Try to pick up the spider, you can not
11. Go to the backyard and pick up the blue tulip
12. Go to the kitchen and click on the refrigerator, Fred picks up the egg
13. Talk to Grandma, she needs a insecticide spray
14. Go to the park and click on the trash can, Fred found a insecticide spray
15. Go to the kitchen and give the spray to Grandma
16. Follow Grandma to the garden, she killed the poor spider
17. Pick up the spider
18. Go to the park, there is a small lake
19. You find Liza there, she is searching for the white flower you need
20. Clean the park, you need a rake and a rubbish bag
21. Go home and pick up the rubbish bag from the kitchen(under the sink)
22. Search for the rake in the storage room
23. Go to the park and clean up(check Liza if you like)
24. Throw out thrash in the trash can(park) when your bag is filled
25. After cleaning the lake Kitty appears
26. Small SCENE
27. Go to the shop
28. Talk to Svetlana, she gives you money
29. Small SCENE
30. Buy the Dry yeast in the supermarket
31. Go home and search for Debra
32. She is in the garden, ask her about a bowl
33. Go to the kitchen, there is the bowl on the table
34. Click on the bowl and prepare the cream
35. Go to Mr. Puli and click on the bowl with cream, Fred applies the cream on Mr.Puli
37. Watch out and click on the STOP button in time!
38. Go home and search for Debra, she is in the backyard
39. Talk with Debra, she gave you some housework
40. Go to the storage room and pick up the secateurs
41. Go to the Kitchen and pick up a rubbish bag
42. Go to the backyard and pick up the weeds
43. Click on the bushes to clean them(use the composting bin to throw out the trash)
44. Debra and Grandma talk in the backyard, click on them to talk
46. Use the rake on the piles of earth
47. Go to sleep

End of Day 8

Day 9 Walkthrough

1. You wake up around midnight.
3. Go home, enter the living room.
5. Go to sleep
6. Go to the backyard, click on the pool.
7. You have to look around for a downpipe and a hose pipe.
8. Go to Lizas house
9. Click on the hose pipe next to the trash can.
10. Click on Anna
11. After helping Anna go to the park to find (Jim)
12. Talk to Jim, he hides behind the bushes in the park.
13. Go back to Liza’s house and pick up the green downpipe
14. Go home and put the downpipe in the pool and put the hose pipe on the water supply.
15. The hose pipe is full with holes. Go to the park and talk to Adriana
16. Choose the text: I did not have a mother and ¦
18. Adriana needs fresh water.Go home, pick up the glass in the kitchen and click on the water supply in the kitchen.
19. Go to Adriana and give her the glass of water. She gives you sticking plasters
20. Go home and click on the hose pipe, Fred will repair the hose pipe
21. Grandma and Debra talk in the garden. Click on them
22. Go to the bathroom and pick up the sponge from under the sink.
23. Go to the kitchen and pick up the detergent( it is next to the rubbish bags)
24. Go to Debra and give her the tools
26. Click on Grandmother. She is in the garden next to the pool.
28. Go and search for Puffy. He is talking before the tool shop with Svetlana
29. Go to Lizas house. Talk with Rita
30. Find Ritas cat (Pepper). He is in the park next to the lake. Click on the cat.
31. The cat is in the park, try to catch him again. It does not work
32. Go home and pick up the Dog bowl.
33. Click on the refrigerator, Fred picks dogfood up.
34. Go to the cat and click on him again.
35. Go to the Supermarket and feed the dog with the food.
36. Go home and search for milk
37. Go to Debra and ask her about the milk
38. Go to the park and and talk with the sad old man
39. Go home and make him a sandwich
40. Go back to the old man, he gave you the milk, put it in the dog bowl
41. Click on the cat, still no result.
42. Feed the puppy with the milk and ask Rita about the cat
43. Now you have to catch a fish. You have to build a fishing rod.
44. You need 2 worms for the fishing rod!!!Pick up the worm in the park and at home in the garden next to the bushes.
45. Go to the backyard and click on the clothesline. You have to put the clothes in the basket first. Go to the corridor and pick up the basket. Go back and click on the clean clothes.
46. You have the worms, the fishing line. Go to the sad old man and click on the branch on the left.
47. Go home and pick up the secateurs. Go back and try to cut the branch.
48. Go to the graveyard and pick up the saw next to the gate.
49. Cut the branch in the park
50. Go to the lake and talk to Anna
52. Go home and ask Debra for the Disinfectant
53. Go back to Anna and click on the hook
54. SCENE- Touch her ( 3 places)
55. The fishing rod is ready, click on it to catch a fish from the lake
56. Put the fish in the dog bowl and give it to the damn cat in the graveyard
57. Give the cat to Rita
58. Go home and click on the remote controller.
59. Go to the corridor, click on the door near you on the left.
61. Go to sleep
62. SCENE starts

End of day 9

Day 10 Walkthrough

2. Pick up your bag
3. Pick up the 2 sandwiches and the cola in the kitchen
4. Go to the university
5. Talk to Puffy and Rita
6. Go and search for a job, You do not find any.
7. Click on the ruins
9. You find an old box, check it. The name Maria is all around
10. Check the padlock, you need 4 numbers to open the old box
11. Go to the cemetery. Click on the 3 dirty graves
12. Go to the park and talk to Kitty
13. She needs matches.Go to the cemetery and pick up the matches(left side next to a burned grave)
14. Give the matches to Kitty, she will give you a spatula
15. Go home and click on the storage room
16. Scene
17. Go to your room
18. Scene
19. Pick up the paint remover
20. Go back to the graveyard and click on the dirty graves
21. Click on the box and on the padlock
22. Type:1629
23. Search for the bracelet pieces- 6pieces
24. You have a bracelet to sell. Go to the shop and click on Svetlana
25. Go to the cemetery and visit Mr. Baby
26. After visiting Baby talk to Puffy
27. Go to the confectionery
28. Talk to Rita
29. Talk to Mr.Puli
30. Talk to the stranger
31. Talk to Lidia
32. Click on Lidia after she appears behind the counter
33. Go to the park
35. Go to the lake in the park and talk to Fodo
36. Go to the shop and talk to Eszter
37. Go home and in the kitchen talk to Grandma
38. Go to Zoli
39. Go to the cemetery gate and click on the emergency box
40. Go to the park and talk with Rita
42. Go home and talk to Bertalan in the living room
43. Go to sleep

End of day 10

Day 11 Walkthrough

1. Talk with Svetlana.
2. Pick up your bag
3. Pick up the sandwiches and the Cola in the kitchen
4. Go to the university
5. Go to Svetlanas old place
6. Listen to Svetlanas story
7. Watch the photo
8. Pick up the old dress
9. Pick up all Boxes one by one and carry them to Svetlana’s new home
10. Talk to Svetlana
11. Go to the confectionery
12. Ask Lidia of the beard
13. Go to the tool shop
14. Ask Piri of the beard
15. Talk with Bram
16. Talk with Piri again
17. Click on the beard in the inventory.
18. Go back to the confectionery
19. Ask Rita about the glue (confectionery)
20. Go to the Graveyard
21. Pick up the roses
22. Talk with Amanda
23. Go back to the confectionery
24. Give Rita the flowers
25. Go to the university
26. Pick up the Russian book
27. Go home
28. Go to the bathroom
29. Pick up the washing powder
30. Click on the washing machine
31. Go to the park
32. Talk with BOBO
33. Go to Lizas home and enter living room
34. Talk with Cili
35. Click on your Phone in the Inventory
36. Click on Cili again and talk with her
37. Go to the Shops and talk with Alexander
38. Go home and enter the bathroom
39. Click on the washing machine
40. Go to your room
41. Click on the Russian book
42. Scene
43. Talk with Edit
45. Go home
46. Enter the living room and talk with Debra
47. Click on the storage room
48. Scene
49. Go to the backyard
50. Pick up the ladder
51. Go back to the living room
52. Click on the ladder
54. Put the ladder in the storage room
55. Go to the supermarket
56. Talk with Ester
57. Go to the park
58. Click on the bag next to the donkey
59. Click on the bench
60. Pick up the old hat
61. Click on the donkey
62. Go to the graveyard gate
63. Click on the emergency box
64. Go home
65. Enter the living room
66. Scene

End of Day 11

Day 12 Walkthrough

2. Pick up the bag
3. Pick up the sandwiches
4. Pick up the cola
5. Go to the university
6. Click on Jim
7. Click on Kitty
8. Click on Rita
9. Click on Mark
10. Click on Puffy
11. Click on the door
12. Go home
13. Enter your room
14. Talk with Liza
15. Go to Lizas house
16 Talk with Liza in the garden
17. Pick up the dumbbells in Lizas living room
18. Click on the rose building on the map( right side)
19. Click on the elevator
20. Talk with Cili
21. Scenes
22. On the corridor Click on the black haired girl
23. Go to the green tent
24. Talk with Bobo
25. Go to Lizas house and talk with the big guy( Alfonz) on the street
26. Go and visit Zoli
27. Go home
28. Talk with Debra in the livingroom
29. Go to the park and pick up the Spade next to the bushes
30. Go home and go to the garden
31. Click on the composting bin
32. Go to the backyard
33. Click on the kitchen garden
34. Scene
35. Go back to the garden and click on the Flowerpot
36. Go to the corridor and click on the Flowerpot
37. Go to he living room and pick up the cream
38. Click on Debra
39. Scene( You can watch all options by pressing the BACK button down on the screen!)
40.Go to the backyard and click on Grandma
41. Scene
42. Go to the confectionery and click on Lidia
43. Scene
44. Go to the cementary gate
45. lick on the old mouse on the left
46. Give the mouse to Lidia in the confectionery
47. Scene
48. Go to the park and click on Adriana
50. Click on the trash
51. Click on the trascan
52. Click on Kitty
53. Scene
54. Go home
55. Click on your books
56. Go to the cementary gate
57. Pick up a condom from the emergency box
58. Go to the park
59. Click on Rita
61. Visit Svetlan
62. Click on Svetlana
63. Scene
64. Go to the Stripbar
65. Click on the guard
66. Click on Buzzy again
68. Go home
69. Enter your bedroom
70. Click on the phone in your invertory
71. Click on your bed

End of Day 12

Day 13 SOTH Walkthrough

1. Start a new game for grandma scene

2. Enter kitchen
3. Talk to Debra
4. Make coffee:
5. click on the coffee machine
6. take apart
7. go back to grab the big pot
8. get water from the faucet
9. click on big pot to refill the coffee maker with water
10. click on the small pot
11. click on the coffee beans bag
12. then coffee bean filter
13. then the small machine thing
14. then the lid
15. click the red button
16. Go to Sventlana
17. talk to Svetlana
18. Go to supermarket
19. Buy semolina
20. Back to Svetlana
21. Talk to Svetlana
22. Click on the eggs on the floor (10 of them)
23. Scene
24. Go back home
25. Then kitchen
26. Click on plates on the cupboard
27. click on the fridge
28. Click on the kitchen cabinet on the bottom left
29. click on the stove top
30. talk to grandma in the backyard
31. Go to the apartment building
32. click on the elevator
33. Talk to Cili
34. Click on Fifif
35. Go home
36. backyard
37. then garden
38. talk to grandma
39. Accept
40. Scene
41. Go To Debra’s room
42. talk to Debra
43. go to the kitchen
44. click on the cabinet under the faucet
45. go back to Debra’s room
46. click on the pile of paper
47. go to the backyard
48. click on the wooden bin
49. rinse and repeat until room is clean
50. pick up secatuers across Debra’s room
51. talk to Debra
52. Go to Liza’s house
53. talk to Liza at the front yard
54. click on the green trash bin
55. Go to the Diner and talk to Lidia
56. Go to the Cemetery
57. Click on the brown box to acquire wire
58. go to the tent
59. talk to Bobo
60. Gnome-> short -> shit -> licked -> worm
61. Return to home
62. go to Debra’s room
63. click on the feathered broom
64. Scene
65. go to the bathroom
66. pick up sponge
67. click on the sink cupboard
68. back to Debra’s room
69. click on the cabinet
71. click on the books
72. click on the top cabinet
73. Talk to Debra
74. click on the typewriter
75. click on the photo frame
76. click on the The White Milf book
77. click on the blue stationary
78. go to your room
79. click on the books
80. Scene
81. Go to Debra’s room
82. Click on fake sleeping Debra
83. Scene
84. Go to your bed
85. Go to sleep

End of Day 13

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