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Futa Quest [Part 1-3 v1.95] [FutaBox]

Release date: 17 May, 2024
Genre: 2D Game, 2DCG, Anal Sex, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Footjob, Futa/Trans, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Mobile Game, Oral Sex, Parody, Pregnancy, School Setting, Sex Toys, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Netorare
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Futa Quest Part 1 v0.65 + Part 2 v1.85 + Part 3 v1.95
Language: English
File size: 505 MB (part 1) / 775 MB (part 2) / 390 MB (part 3)

About game:
For some time now, things were going really bad for a young teacher Roxy. All because of her bad reputation. Being a futanari with a strong libido, she liked to take off the sexual tension using her young female students, but one day it all came out sideways when she had sex with the director’s daughter. After that, all she could do is pack her things and get away from there before it was too late. But after a while by the greatest piece of good luck, she suddenly got a call from an elite agency and she was offered a specific job. Ah, if you only knew how happy she was when she found out she would work at the private camp for girls from very rich and powerful families. Her goal is to get the girls ready for adulthood and sexuality and to make the three richest girls pregnant with her child. What could be easier than this wonderful task? As it turns out, there are internal rules of the camp which will greatly complicate her life and make the task not that simple…

+ Changelog
1.95 Updated logo before the game starts and new animated menu (1.85 was not planned)
Especially for the third part we made three animations, one complicated with choices and two simpler. (1.85 only one animation)
1.95 redrawn absolutely all 14 + Rosa characters, three of them are new (1.85 no new character)
1.95 Only Roxy\Rosa has 28 emotions + 8 hand positions, besides all other characters (1.85 no new emotions were added)
1.95 15 scenes with two of them animated (1.85 12 scenes with one animated scene)
1.95 The right wing of the camp + another sublocation and all the rooms there are open.
The Princess Palace has also been expanded with two new locations (1.85 no new locations were planned)
1.95 Three separate backgrounds for important dialog scenes (1.85 had no such thing planned)
1.95 New better resolution 1440×900 and changes to locations that we managed to make (1.85 resolution remained 1024×768 )

And a whole bunch of other minor changes that aren’t as important as all of the above.

Differences from the test version.
Fixed all the bugs we were able to find with the help of concerned players (there were even more of them than we initially thought).
Added actual memory room.
Added walkthrough.

Acting persons of the update:
Kate, Rey, Maiko, Lilith + a bit Connie

What’s new
– 12 full-fledged scenes with all kinds of changes inside (emotions, position of hands, different liquids at the end).
– one new costume for the character and a completely new approach to dialog interaction for her.
– now there is the ability to add a lot more emotion and change hand positions in conversation.
– as usual, animation for us has gone to a new level and gives the opportunity to look at several different speeds (slow and fast with changes).
– a record number of dialog choices for us for a single version. In one scene there will be three of them at once.
And a lot of other little things you will discover already in the game.

3- save for the end of version 1.65
4- the end of version 1.75

for those who want to see all NTR scenes in the new version, you will have to use your saves, in which you have also seen all the scenes with NTR, author’s saves will not work.

Added to the public version
Since the walkthrough was available from the test version, we only need to complete the actual memory room.

– Error in consequence of which the game did not allow you to go to the location with a medical room and continue the story.
– Bug where the game would not allow you to go to the location with the medical room and continue the story.

Special thanks to the player known as czarnynight who found it and described it in detail. This allowed us to find it quickly and fix it.

P. S. After completing all the quests, you will end the play day and thus the second part of the Futa Quest will be finished.

The third part will come with a lot of fundamental changes and improvements.

– Got a continuation of a fascinating story: Princess, Hannah, Connie, Rachel, Maiko, and the maids
– New minor character (2 different costumes)
– A new minor character’s house
– New outfit for the princess + new emotions
– New Rachel with small breasts + new emotions
– Modified Connie without a bra
– A new animation plugin. Now you can easily view all the animations presented in any order and as many times as you want
– Revealing the persons who were in the princess steam room with Roxy and Hannah
– The latest saves at the end of 1.65 are up to date and working
– Entering the Princess Palace from version 1.75 onwards will always be with a change of clothes to save your time

The characters of this update are: Hannah, Maiko, Lilith, Kate, Rey, and another interesting person.
There’s memorable content for all the characters that’s sure to leave no one indifferent.
A few initial plot branches in scenes that we want to further develop in the future.
A new costume for one of the girls.
NTR tagged scenes have appeared (with the option to not only skip them, but to avoid them as the story progresses).
More and more camp girls and their stories are becoming connected.
And of course in the game in front of Roxy’s house there appeared a statue of the first sponsor who switched to the $150 tier (we added it as a joke and couldn’t even hope that someone would still dare to switch to it)

The characters are Connie, Rachel, the Princess and a few others. Everyone remembers the unexpected event on which version 1.45 ended, and in 1.55 the consequences will immediately twist with double force. We will not describe all the quests in detail, because it is almost impossible to do without spoilers. We’ll just say that Roxy will get to try on her classic costume from the first versions. Added actual scenes to the memory room.

Futa Quest v1.45
We planned to have the game ready for release sooner than usual between versions, and we’re very glad we did.
Characters of version 1.45:
Hannah, Maiko, and someone else…
Also, for the first time since the beginning of game development, we are implementing pregnancy as a theme.
It was simple in theory, but we faced some difficulty portraying pregnancy in a seductive and sexy way.

A brief summary of version 1.45 (again, no spoilers):
– 3 new costumes
– 1 new location
– the cool plot twist we’ve been planning for a long time
– the reveal of Hannah’s pregnancy appears.
The game files contain author’s saves.
Files up to the end of version 1.25 are suitable, not later (all others can cause errors).

Fixed a small bug that made it possible to get the ending of 1.45 at any time, not just during the day.

v1.35 Test
Continuation of the story of such characters as: Rachel, Connie, Kate, and the Princess.
This is the first time we’ve been able to release so many characters with an adequate amount of content for them in standard development time.
A new lecherous costume for Roxy.
New animated scene made with the program Spine 2d.
(be sure to leave a detailed comment on it for feedback and improvement of the game)
I wanted to write some mini spoilers for a general understanding of the plot, but after reading them I understand that even with vague wording, it’s still too much.
Therefore, without spoilers just wish you a pleasant game.

Futa Quest v1.25 test
In spite of all the difficulties and the slight forced postponement, we still made it.
Hooray, hooray, hooray!
All other saves may not work correctly. Be careful.
In this version of the game, there are actual saves that are right before the new content!
We didn’t have time to finish the memory room in its entirety for the test and the actual walkthrough.

A huge request not to put the game on third-party resources (until the release of the public version, or at least a few days).
Let those people who support us in this difficult time enjoy the privilege of exclusivity.
The project exists solely on support and is completely free, by sharing the game at once you deprive people of additional motivation to support.
We hope for understanding.

What’s new in the version.
– Continuation of the story with
Princess and the maid.
Maiko and the Thing.
– Roxy will have a new costume in the princess palace.
– New chibis and a bunch of other little things.
I won’t describe the rest of the things, so as not to accidentally make spoilers and ruin the impression of the game.

As always, since this is a test version, there may be bugs and other things that shouldn’t be there. If you notice something like this around, be sure to let us know here or on the discord channel.

Futa Quest v1.15 Test
The main characters of this update will be Kate and Connie, which means even more exhibitionism and futa-futa love.
The jewel of 1.15 is the new mini-game.
We took into account past mistakes and the wishes of the players and on this basis made everything cooler and bigger.
Now the achievements for completing the challenges work as they should.
The mini-game can be passed in two completely different ways.

The animation of the sex scene is as good as ever and won’t leave anyone indifferent.
I’d really like to go into a little more detail here, but I can’t in order to avoid too many spoilers.

New costumes for Roxy (2 costumes) and one for Connie.

Since version 1.15, the button to increase the standard speed of walking on the map is available in Roxy’s room.

Your latest saves work, but if you lost them, you can always use our saved file in the game.

Also, we found a way to take even more care of the players with disabled futa-futa filter and made for them a personal ending of the new version.
Although for such players, our team still advises passing the game without this filter, because they lose just a huge amount of content and the opportunity to get acquainted with the wonderful character – Kate.

*Didn’t have time to add the memory room and walkthrough for the test version. All this will be in the full version 1.15.*
And as always, if you notice a mistake or a bug, please write about it, so we can get better.

P.S.: For all players who will play the new version, there will be a Christmas gift waiting under the tree, don’t forget to pick it up.

Futa Quest v1.05
For the version with one in the beginning, we tried to make it even more special. According to the amount of sexual content I see in front of me, I think we did it.
Saves work in version 0.85 and earlier, all others the game simply will not see.
You can use my save, it is made so that you can evaluate only new content.
For version 1.05 I have changed the principle and will not list here all the changes in the game.
This is done because if I start listing them, I will surely make a lot of spoilers and just ruin a lot of people’s impressions of the play.
So I don’t want to be that dude who usually spoils the storyline stuff in a cinema.
I will just say that during the development I was able to improve my anatomy drawing and backdrop drawing skills even more.
I redrew Roxy for the menu.
Also remember that since this is a test version, there may be bugs in it, if you notice them please let us know, so we can make the game even better.
Have a great time playing, and be sure to give us your feedback after the game.

As the winner of the vote in this update, she received special attention.
a new redrawn look for everyday life in the camp and for the stream
new activities during the stream and at her house
new redrawn look for everyday life and for walking on the street
continuation of experiments and special ” lessons ” on the street
Connie is the first one to have a turning point in the game (do you want her to fall in love with you…)
like the two previous girls, completely redrawn look + a more spicy suit
Hannah is a slutty engine of this update, interesting and challenging in the implementation scenes are attached.
+++At the end of version 0.65, you will enjoy a nice erotic scene separately with Roxy+++
Finally what many have asked for, waited, and hoped for.
In the game files, there is a step-by-step passing. Now for those people who had any difficulties, there is a place where everything is described.
3 save files in the game, which the coder made specifically for everyone, start exactly with new content!
Now no one will need to replay anything.

Futa Quest v0.55:
– new completely redrawn whole body picture in a lewd teacher’s uniform(super sexy)!
– new swimsuit (whole-body picture and chibi)!
– secret costume (whole-body picture and chibi) (I don’t want to spoil your impressions of the game)!
– continuation of the scene where you stopped at the end of version 0.45
– Roxy’s chibi for the sex-basement
– 3 new extremely hot scenes (as the coder aka writer said, one scene is the best thing he’s ever done)
-one new emotion
She’s the pearl of this update since lots of the most sensual and hot things happened to her!
– in this version, you’ll find out a secret about Kate
– new secret costume (whole-body picture and chibi)
– quests in her room, in the gym and somewhere else! *winking*
– as I said, a lot of hot content
– testing Roxy while she has a big cock
– Roxy uncovers the doctor’s hidden sexual potential, from now on, no one can stop her!
The maid of the princess:
– this side character is becoming more important
– new completely redrawn whole body picture
– 4 new emotions
– one sex scene
If I describe it, it will be a giant spoiler.
I don’t want to spoil your play, so let’s say there are 2 new actions with her!
– she’ll take part in one scene in this update
Some technical details:
Thorough work has been done on the translation of this update.
I made it as good as possible for not a native speaker.
The amount of text increased by 25% compared with the last version, the quality of pictures increased as well!
Lots of other things I can’t remember now…
As you can see, the list is pretty big, and I couldn’t do all of it without hard work and, of course, your wonderful support!
Thank you, my friends!
Have a nice play!
– Maiko’s freezing in Kate’s room (when the player holds space) was fixed.
– old pictures of Roxy working in the medical room were changed to new.

Futa Quest v0.45
Ends the play day and restart all future quests.
This version is focused on Hannah, Maiko, and Rachel. Also, there’s some significant changes in Roxy’s appearance.
The first change is her penis size! Yes, you heard right, it’s going to grow much bigger and this makes it more difficult to finish her main quest. A futa should have a big dong.
The next point is that she will accidentally (or not) show her secret to a character and this will change the mind of this character on herself forever!
Now let’s talk about Maiko. She was always busting Roxy’s balls because she couldn’t fight back. Bullying, spanks, and humiliation.
In short, without going into spoilers, you’ll be able to return the favor in this version, but since Maiko is a very dangerous enemy, Roxy will pay a lot for this.
The battle between the most colorful women has begun.

Futa Quest v0.35
New part of the camp
Camp’s library (+ attic)
Camp’d gym (+hotsprings)
Princess’ palace (4 locations)
you can know all characters better
more hot content in comparison with the last versions
test in the classroom
greater familiarity with the princess and following adventures
Rachel – an absolutely new stream
Connie – development of relationship after the scandal
Hannah – uncovering of certain mysteries
Kate – events in the room and gym
(Note) if you have futa-futa filter disabled, you’ll miss many interesting scenes with Kate (be careful)
new hot scene in the medical room
Chuck has 2 new items
Everything else:
Roxy has a new costume (more sexy uniform)
New background character Francine (princess’ maid) full model + chibi
Kate’s sport suit + chibi
Futa-futa filter (you can turn it on in Roxy’s house)
Lots of other things I didn’t remember.

Futa Quest v0.25
– Every single female character has development and additional scenes.
– Miss Maiko (story development, new pictures, new quests)​
– Connie (ongoing experiment, story development, new pictures, 1 new expression)​
– Rachel (new costume+new pose, 2 new lessons, story development, 3 new expressions, new chibi)​
– Princess (story development, new pictures, 4 new expressions)​
– Hannah (story development, new pictures)​
– new girl Kate (hot content!!!)
– 8 lessons in the classroom (instead of 6 in the last version), new pictures and extraordinary adventures
– 2 new locations available (house of poor girls, storage)
– an interesting cameo of Sasha “Futa in the Police Academy”
– and, as usual, lots of other things I can’t remember but still, there they are.

Futa Quest v0.15

9 locations are available for exploring
6 side characters
32 expressions are available now (and 11 of them are protagonist’s)
4 times of day (morning\day\evening\night)
erotic and ordinary quests
“special” classes for one of the students
smooth development of the plot
ability to fast-forward time in special places on the map.
ability to take a side job and to teach girls in the classroom.
a great deal of work on music and sounds has been done
unique chibis for each character
lots of other things I didn’t remember but they are present in the game

SCR Futa Quest_001.jpgSCR Futa Quest_002.jpgSCR Futa Quest_003.jpgSCR Futa Quest_004.jpgSCR Futa Quest_005.jpgSCR Futa Quest_006.jpgSCR Futa Quest_007.jpgSCR Futa Quest_008.jpgSCR Futa Quest_009.jpgSCR Futa Quest_010.jpgSCR Futa Quest_011.jpgSCR Futa Quest_012.jpg

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

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