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Glassix [Ch.1 v1.0.1 Full / Ch.2 v0.12.0] [Gaweb Studio]

Release date: 1 June, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, ADV, Oral sex, Anal sex, All Sex, Animation, Fantasy, Flash, Hypnosis, Sex sim, SLG, Titsjob, Assjob, Titfuck
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Android
Version: Glassix 1 v1.01 Completed + Glassix 2 v0.12.0
Language: English / France / Russian / Chinese / Polish
File size: 6.84 GB / 2.38 GB

About game:
You follow the story of the protagonist, who picks up a suspicious item. These glasses allow him to see through his clothes and use some orders on his target to make them more susceptible to rather peculiar tasks…
Glassix is a project aiming to give you another way to enjoy custom made games. Glassix will focus on the story to let you enjoy a more classic visual novel game with point click elements…

Following the events of Glassix (Prequel, not required to have played it to enjoy Glassix 2), the succubus Lily got her hands on the angel Anael and mainly her divine powers. With those new powers under her control, she started a series of experiments to gather even more power, or was it simply to entertain herself? Her latest design was to abduct a poor soul, you, and push this soul into the lives of various random citizens. By doing so, your actions would generate karma, from good or bad actions, which should could then harvest from you. On the upside, Lily allows you to use parts of her powers by using the karma you earn which gives you access to a wide variety of powerful spells which will make you tasks easier the more tasks you complete. Isn’t it what we call a win-win situation?​

+ Features
– 8 girls with unique kinks, more girls will be added later on
– Roam in the city and interact with the girls, the city is expanded little by little
– Obedience level 2 current max, level 4 will be the max
– Day 1 introduces the story and the 5 first girls
– Additional events and girls to discover in town after day 1
– City map interface
– Manage the girl’s affection and obedience to fit your need
+ Changelog

Newbit scenario extended
Added new “Go to objective” action in slotbar
Added new UI icon to show objective action when there is an active objective
Added boobs physics!
Added quick text skip during event with CTRL key
Changed global water effect in city mode to something closer to some kind of pink fog
Added new infrastructure: RestaurantA
Added new location: RestaurantA Main Room
Added 13 new furniture: ChairD, PlantA, PlantB, PlantC, PlantD, PlantE, TableD, TableE, SignA, PaintingA, StatueA, CeilingLightB, LampA
Fixed livingroom windows model not letting light pass through
Fixed issue with pubic hair and face details layers darkening the skin
Fixed issue with loading screen disappearing before all textures were properly loaded when visiting a location
Fixed issue with city lights not updating properly at night


Added skill experience gain with work action for player based on skills, spells and mentor
Added daily skill experience gain for NPCs based on skill and mentor
Added skill level up system
Added new panel to edit slot bar actions
Added new hire, fire and promote buttons in business panel
Free Mode doesn’t require citizens to have jobs to be able to start playing anymore


Added money feature
Added infrastructure and business ownership feature
Added money, income, income tooltip, expense, expense tooltip, owned infrastructure and owned business information in citizen panel
Added monthly event to earn money from income and lose money from expense
Updated citizen randomizer in Free mode to work by batch rather than overwriting every citizens when randomizing
Added new options to citizens randomizer in Free mode
Added new buttons in the citizen panel in Free mode to select owned infrastructure and businesses
Fixed issue with age calculation in Free Mode
Fixed issue with incorrect date display in specific cases
Fixed issue with hair not clearing in editors


Optimized more hair mesh to reduce vertex count
Added new tag feature to more easily manage several aspects of the game
Added occlusion maps for character skins, outfits, male hair, locations and furniture
Added specular maps for male hair
Added button in location menu to toggle auto hide furniture feature
Added new animations for studying, sitting and teaching
Added new menu to focus camera on characters in locations
Camera movement, rotation and scroll speeds are not reduced the more zoomed in the camera is
Added WASD camera movement (ZQSD for French keyboards) when camera mode is on
Pee particles now properly toggle on and off when engaging and disengaging from sex
Fixed issue with lighting in locations (Thanks HardRock!)
Fixed lighting button issue in location menu not being initialized correctly.
Fixed blank screen when going back from Spells interface when choosing Free mode (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
Fixed tutorial events not launching in Scenario mode (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
Fixed pee effect issues (Thanks Spectre!)

CH.2 v0.8.0
Added Free mode
Added loading screen when changing locations and spawning cities
Added building highlight when hovering to see what’s clickable
Channel packed irises textures
Optimized hair mesh to reduce vertex count
Added SSGI, SSAO and SSR
Hair materials are now opaque to avoid issue with SSGI
Updated hair shader to use Occlusions and Specular maps as well as dithering
Added water layer on city map
Added button to toggle lights on and off in locations
Simplified day time system for easier control
Enabled volumetric lighting
Thickened wall of all locations to fix light bleeding issue

English translation, Okimi’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)

Fixed bug with Anael being always busy

v1.0 Final
Added Emiri, Hanae, Kumiko, Okimi, Ryoko, Sarah, Shizuru, Utako and Yatsumi missing sexy outfit images for daily commands and toilets event (1800+ images)

Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
English translation, Saiko and Emika’s files, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)

Fixed Kumiko sexy outfits character image, feet should now properly be layered when wearing sexy underwears (Thanks Squark!)
Added a “Nevermind” option in mayor quest lifeguard event to avoid being stuck (Thanks Aridru!)
Enabled “Lick her pussy” option during sex on chair with Fujiko (Thanks Dalzomo!)
Added a “Nevermind” option in vibrator staff meeting event to avoid being stuck if you only gave a vibrator to Sarah (Thanks Aridru!)

CH1. v0.79

Removed Countryside and Concert options for dating events


Added 3 possession events: Kana, Eimi and Yae
Added missing girlfriend night images for Daisuki, Nabila, Atsuko, Romita, Emika and Tokie
Added daily pimp events for Daisuki, Nabila, Atsuko, Romita, Emika and Tokie
Added a new game option to disable Suspicion feature


Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
English translation, Marylin, Nabila and Mitsuko’s files, improved by Spectre (Thanks Spectre and Squark!)


Fixed bug on city map where girls in the Aquatic park would not appear in Southside (Thanks Squark!)

Ch.2 v0.7.0
Channel packed hair, skins and eyebrows textures to reduce GPU and memory consumption
Max texture size is now 2K, down from 4K
Updated furniture, locations, buildings, outfits, hair and skin shaders to work with channel packed textures
Added outfit menu in Appearance and Biography editors
Added 5 new female tops, 3 being exclusive patron content
Added 4 new female bottom, 2 being exclusive patron content
Added 2 new female panties, 1 being exclusive patron content
Added 1 new female boots exclusive content
Added 1 new male shirt
Added 1 new male pant
Added 1 new male shoes
Added 6 new female hair styles, 3 being exclusive content
Added 6 new male hair styles, 3 being exclusive content
Added new game menu to unlock exclusive content through unique codes

Ch.2 v0.6.0
Added 3 new spells: Slave mode, X-Ray and Invisibility
Added 2 new female clothes (used for secretary outfit): Blouse A and Skirt B
Added 3 new male clothes (used for dean outfit): Shirt B, Pants C and Shoes C
Added 2 new sex positions: Missionary and Standing cunnilingus
Updated hair shader
Fixed card rotating bug in character editors
Fixed card background ratio bug in character editors
Fixed problem with aspect ratio on wide screens
Fixed bug with beard not syncing while talking
Fixed bug with character’s skin shader incorrectly darkening the skin

Ch.2 v0.5.0
Added new attribute and skill icons
Added new businesses and business menu
Increased font size in various interfaces
Added sun shafts and moon shafts
Fixed light bleeding issue in small bedroom. All models will be updated later to fix light bleeding issues in the game.
Added new memory caching game option
Optimized texture memory usage
Fixed issue with XML loading on setups using different number formats (Thanks Padd2212!)

CH1. v0.78.1
English translation, Utako’s file, minor fix by Spectre (Thanks!)

Fixed a bug when an exit and girl were overlapping, the exit became unclickable (Thanks Spectre!)

Added 2 possession events: Kristina and Romita
“More ordinary days” events completed for Okimi (12 events in total)

Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
English translation, Utako’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)

Fixed over clicking bug on desktop which interacted between discussion and characters too fast (Thanks Dalzomo!)
Fixed 1 corrupted swimsuit image in Utako’s daily bed blowjob (Thanks Squark!)

Emika’s possession
“More ordinary days” events completed for Rin, Ayumi and Hikari

Two lines of changelog only but those “More ordinary days” events actually cover 12 different events, 4 for each girl and expand the options of their initial unique “Just an ordinary day” events. You can find those by filtering the event list with those keywords.

Those events were actually not included in my final goals for Glassix v1 because I completely forgot about them… My bad… But we’re getting closer to it despite the delay with Glassix 2 which should be out in a few days.

New VIP event “Outdoor magic with Tokie” by Xarexes
Added 1 choice during vibrator event during class
Added 1 possession event: Nabila

Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
English translation, Yatsumi’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)

Added a cancel option during the mayor quest when talking to Marylin to avoid being stuck if all choices are greyed (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed incorrect lines during Iyo possession event with Sexy outfit option (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed missing location in the date status page when planning in new locations (Thanks Squark!)
Disabled concert date location since it’s not implemented yet (Thanks Squark!)

Extended VIP event “School Meeting” by Xarexes with 3 new follow up events
New vibrator event: Mitsuko + Okimi

Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
English translation, Romita’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
Fixed issue with travel time on city map
Fixed issue with prices for taxi and bus on city map

New VIP event “School Meeting” by Xarexes
Event “Mitsuko’s bar games: playing again” is now repeatable
Event “Emiri’s bar games: risk and reward” is now repeatable
Added 3 date events: cinema, mall and library

Added cinema in Street P, Southside

Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
English translation, Atsuko’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)

Added 3 possession events: Hanae, Daisuki and Naomi
Added 3 new vibrator events: Okimi, Sarah, Hikari

Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
English translation, Kristina’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)

Pathfinding is now cached, which should reduce game slugginess between menus
Optimized city map interface which should load faster now
Using slave mode on a girl no longers drops her affection to 160 if it was above (Thanks KingCreeper!)
Lily doesn’t care about the location to have sex anymore, whatever her level (Thanks Squark!)
Added third column in keys status page to display all keys in game properly (Thanks RemoraDFC!)

Added alternative endings for remaining level 1 commands
Added new options for the Town’s employees uniform quest
Added new option to event where classmates discover Sarah secret (Warning! You share your girls in those…)
Added new option for the Belly Dancing Class event with Kristina
Added Tokie’s and Ryoko’s possession events

Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)

Fixed crash with Fujiko Chair Sex Handjob (Thanks Birulei!)
Fixed crash with Atsuko, Tokie, Emika, Nabila, Romita and Daisuki girlfriend night event (Images still missing) (Thanks Birulei!)
Fixed wrong event name in gallery and event list

Added possession events for Okimi and Iyo
Added first pimping event (Devil’s Lust spell) for Iyo, Romita and Emika
Completed alternative endings for handjob commands
Updated some images in Kumiko’s possession event
Extended harem ending with Lily x Anael scene (VIP request by Xarexes)
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
Added missing Toilets and Bath options for Romita

Quite a few scenes this time around! 3 new pimping scene, 2 possession events, more alternative handjob endings and the harem ending has been extended with a Lily x Anael well deserved scene to end the game with a bang!

Added more house key duplicates throughout town in related job locations for easier house access
Added Sarah possession event
Alternative endings for handjob commands
Update some images in Kumiko’s possession event (Thanks Spectre!)
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
English translation, Nabila’s and Kristina’s files, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
Fixed incorrect line in Eimi lifeguard assistant job (Thanks Darkbatex!)

So, a small update this time due to some hardware crash on CarpeNoctem’s side, losing lots of work on the game plus the time to install everything back on a new one. Still, the handjob alternative commands offer some new options to finish a handjob for most girls, different if standing, on the bed or on the chair. Even if it’s only a few images, since it covers more than 15 girls in most of their outfits, that’s a lot of new images we had to create (Thanks CarpeNoctem for his hardwork! ;)). We’ve also added house keys duplicates located in the jobs location so that you can get access to the house even without befriending girls. Especially useful for girls living far away from Eastside or Westside where the player spends most of his time.

After some more insight at the current state of the game, I noticed there were more stuff missing than expected, like girlfriend night options for the latest completed girls, some possession events, pimping events and so on… So I’m preparing a proper final roadmap for Glassix to include all this missing stuff and give you all a better final completion date expectation.

Thanks for your time and support as always!

Added new options for Eimi and Yae swimming lessons

Chinese translation updated

Fixed bug with variables not being properly checked when clicking choices

New sexy suit option for academic training with Saiko and Okimi
New training option for fitness training with Shizuru and Sarah
New training option for swimming training with Sarah
New VIP event “Junior extra lesson” by PR
New VIP event “Wakana sex starving” by Xarexes
Added Kumiko possession event (Thanks Spectre!)
Added 2 follow up events for “Bar games” with Mitsuko and Emiri

Chinese translatio

Fooling around during a job now still earns some cash instead of nothing at all

1 new option for administrative assistant job
2 new options for yoga teacher job
5 new options for academic training with Saiko
5 new options for academic training with Okimi

French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)
English translation, Naomi’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)

Romita level 4
Romita good and bad endings
That’s the last girl to be fully implemented in Glassix! There are still a few missing sexy outfits images missing for her but it’ll be added in the patch.
Now we’ll focus on completing a few missing stuff here and there, like some options during jobs, some events to balance unique events between girls, adding the sexy outfits image for some girls which have been missing for a long time or the date options and more. As well as adding VIP events when requested.
Once done, I guess that’ll be the end of development for Glassix and the release of its version 1.0. The VIP reward will be removed once the final version is completed.
Thanks again for your support!

Added Tokie good and bad endings
Added Tokie, Eimi, Yae and Kristina’s pimping events
Updated Fujiko’s bad ending to include Ayane
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
Fixed Iyo and the twins anal images

Tokie level 4

Emika level 4
Emika good and bad endings
Possession events for Rin, Ayumi and Hikari
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)
A pretty straight forward update 😉 Let me know if you encounter any bugs!

Glassix Translation
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)

Translated condition for “Mistsuko’s bar game: First try” event (Thanks DemiArc!)
Fixed bug with girl staying naked after doll mode was canceled by some event (Thanks Squark!)
Added missing anal and vaginal options for Atsuko’s commands, bath event and toilet event (Thanks Birulei!)
Added missing timestop images for Atsuko, Romita, Tokie and Emika (Thanks Birulei!)
Added missing translation for houseQ (Thanks Tapk!)
Fixed bug with Romita’s pact event not triggering (Thanks Spectre!)

Added new event in Glassix “Mistsuko’s bar game: First try” created by Spectre (Thanks!)

Fixed bug with emancipation night event not triggering the single night event if the girl had emancipated (Thanks Tianrui Guo!)
Added missing sex options during doll mode for Emika, Atsuko, Tokie and Romita (Thanks Shockz!)

Added Atsuko level 4
Added Atsuko good and bad endings
Added Atsuko pimping and possession events
Added “Saving Kanto” event for Atsuko to access her good ending if previous step was unfulfilled
Added bonus event “Tokie soaked!” for Tokie
Added bonus event “Romita’s bike fun” for Romita
Added alternative endings for daily commands “Assrub” and “Dildo”
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)

This version completes Atsuko’s story with her high level events. Her good ending requires a specific condition which can be reached either in her level 3 or if you missed it, in a new additional event “Saving Kanto”. You can find the trigger conditions in the Event List as always.

Let me know if you encounter any bug in this version!

Thanks for your time and support!

French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex (Thanks!)
Fix bug with Sarah’s level 3 event images (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
Fix bug mentioning Kanto instead of Ryusei during Bj Contest event (Thanks Spectre!)
Added “Must have met Mitsuko” to Lily obedience level 1 event to stay on rail with the content of the event (Thanks TheJohn!)

Added Tokie and Romita level 3
Added bonus event «A disturbing movie» for Atsuko
Added bonus event «Kinky check-in» for Emika
Added two alternative endings for the daily command «Standing Assrub»
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
Fix bug with emancipation variable not being checked properly
Rounded bus travel time to avoid infinite decimals
Disabled afternoon classroom event on Friday when exams day
Fixed Nabila’s character images in slave mode
The usual new level of obedience for 2 girls + 2 bonus events for the 2 previous girls. Tokie and Romita will have their own bonus event next month too. Same with the new assrub alternatives, the bed and chair commands will be modified next month to allow more easier follow up between commands.

Plus some bugfix after your reports. There’s still a few more to fix but we’re getting there. Thanks for the feedback as always!

Regarding the next versions, due to the amount of content for level 4, CarpeNoctem will only release 1 girl per month from now on, so 4 months planned for the remaining level 4 for the last 4 girls. Once done, there will be so more versions to add the remaining missing stuff.

Added Atsuko and Emika level 3
Added new follow up event to «Azeem job»
Added new follow up event to «Rin DP»
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem (Thanks!)
Minor bug fix (Thanks CarpeNoctem!)
The usual two new levels for two girls plus two follow up events for the two events added in 0.58.

Added Tokie and Romita level 2
Added new event «Azeem job»
Added new event «Rin DP»
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
English translation, Hanae’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
Added underwear bug appearing under swimsuit sometimes (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug preventing increasing Ayumi’s obedience level to more than 1 using cheats (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug Nabila slave mode image (Thanks Tapk!)
Fixed events not unlocking in gallery (Thanks Zac!)

– Added Atsuko and Emika level 2
– Added new blowjob contest event with Rin, Ayumi and Hikari


Added Tokie and Romita level 1
Added alternative endings for masturbation commands
Added Yatsumi possession event (Thanks Spectre!)
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed bug with Manor quest in french language (Thanks Aymeric Tual!)
Fixed Ayane’s level 2 hint (Thanks Squark!)

Added Atsuko’s house in Eastside Street B
Added Romita’s house in Downtown Shop A
Updated Emika’s house in Southside Street O
Updated Tokie’s house in Southside Street P
Fixed Daisuki and Nabila characters’ images (Thanks Son_ic!)
Fixed bug with Tokie’s giving key to her room
Fixed bug with Ayane disappearing from the game (Thanks Birulei!)
Fixed bug with wardrobe option not showing in Atsuko’s, Romita’s, Tokie’s and Emika’s bedrooms (Thanks Spectre & Bakkis15!)

Added Atsuko and Emika level 1 in Glassix
Added alternative endings for some commands: show ass, show tits, strip-tease, heel job, upskirt, massage
Added new “must own outfit” condition
Most events requiring the girl to wear an outfit have the requirement changed to simply having to own the outfit to make it easier to trigger those events (Thanks Devil_hunter!)
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
English translation, Mitsuko’s file, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
Fixed night event filter in the Event list so that only the related night events show when filtering by girl
Fixed Shizuru character images in Glassix

French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed issues with Hikari sexy casual, sexy work, sport and work outfits images
Fixed bug with wrong outfits being loaded sometimes during game (Thanks Ocumura!)
Fixed Administrative job icon showing in wrong building in City map (Thanks Kenshuck!)
Fixed sexy work outfit not unlocking for Ayane after completing the quest (Thanks Son_ic!)
Fixed issue with Deidre not showing during St Patrick event (Thanks Pardauz!)
Fixed bug interrupting day 1 if Rin reached 120 affection
Fixed missing image during Rin and Ayumi waxing talk repeatable event (Thanks Birulei!)
Fixed missing image during Sarah toilet event when coming out (Thanks Birulei!)

Added quests to unlock the cop’s and mall’s sexy work outfits
Added Nabila bad and good endings
Added new options in Kristina level 3 and 4 obedience events

So, you might have noticed the changelog is a bit shorter this time since I switched my focus to Lust Complex (new about that coming soon). But there’s still some nice content in this version.

We’ve added the quests to unlock the sexy work uniforms for the cops and mall employees. The lifeguard quest will also be included in this chain of events at a later date. You’ll have to chat with Marilyn in the town hall lobby to start the quests. You can also check all the requirements in the Event list menu, by filtering with the name “Town’s employees uniform quest”.

This version also completes our work on Nabila with her endings and appearance in Kristina obedience level.

Regarding the next girl to be included (Romita, Atsuko, Tokie and Emika), we might go a different way this time and work on all girls at once rather than one at a time. Since lots of images are duplicates (mainly the daily commands), it should be faster to work this way and we could deliver their obedience events and commands in 2 or 3 months rather than 4. So we’ll give it a shot this way for now and see how it goes.

Thanks for your time and support!

Fixed missing image in Daisuki’s single night event
Fixed bug with girl not showing in the correct room when a new day began
Fixed bug where girl summoned via cheat or spell would not reset her waiting time
Fixed bug where girl would show as sleeping even if she was not in her room at night

Quick interaction option now gives the daily affection and obedience points right after seeing the girls rather than having to click on each of them
All choices are now available in the Gallery after unlocking the initial event
English translation, Iyo’s file and “A bored Rin” event, improved by Spectre (Thanks!)
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed bug giving obedience points with the “Follow me” option when Quick interactions option was on
Fixed some events not appearing as unlocked in the Gallery despite being unlocked in the Event list (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug with some events not unlocking when using the “Unlock all” cheat

Added Nabila level 4
Added Nabila pimping event in Glassix
Added belly dance option for Marylin during her session event
Added possession, pimping, daily pimping, spell corruption, good ending and bad ending events for Ayane
Added new VIP event by Hollow: A bored Rin
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Russian translation updated by FomFom
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
Fixed some lines in Iyo’s good ending
Added missing possession events in Gallery (Thanks Silentsun123!)
Fixed missing image about Shizuru during some good endings (Thanks Yukino!)
Added missing Slave ending in Hikari’s Gallery (Thanks Darkbatex!)
Fixed bug with girls wearing underwear under their swimsuits (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug with girls in doll mode not staying naked

Fixed bug sometimes happening with Ayane’s wardrobe (Thanks Ocumura!)
Fixed missing cum options during Ayane’s anal commands (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed missing cum options during Iyo’s bath and toilet blowjob commands (Thanks Spectre!)
Added missing sex options during girlfriend night with Ayane
Added missing images for Anael’s chair boobjob command (Thanks TheJohn!)
Fixed bug with girl not wearing underwear when starting a new game (Thanks Popfan!)
Fix bug with some girls good endings not being available despite meeting the requirements (Thanks Popfan!)
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Russian translation updated by FomFom

Added Nabila level 3
Added Ayane level 3 & 4
Added new event “Belly dance” for Nabila
Russian translation updated by FomFom
Fixed missing image for Emiri heeljob with some outfits (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed wrong key name in Kana’s room and Ayane’s room (Thanks Popfan!)
Fixed waypoints tooltip not disappearing when activating the glasses (Thanks Fr0stst0rm!)
Added missing toilets, bath and night events in Ayane’s gallery

Glassix v0.51.2
Administrative assistant job has been moved to the Town Hall lobby
You can now only ask money once per day to each girl (Thanks TheJohn!)
Girls now need at least 120 mood to accept giving you money (Thanks TheJohn!)
Russian translation updated by FomFom
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed bug with Administrative assistant job not unlocking after talking to Marylin, fix is retroactive (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug with wrong underwear showing after editing the outfit in the wardrobe (Thanks Ocumura!)
Fixed Aquatic park introduction event not triggering (Thanks 12tegami!)
Fixed event condition for Lily level 3, Hikari must have been met (Thanks TheJohn!)
Fixed bug where MC house was locked in fast travel (Thanks TheJohn!)
Russian language added in Glassix

French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed bug not unlocking Ayane after her meeting event (Thanks Spectre!)
Added missing Ayane avatar icon in popup and city map (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed missing options during Ayane’s bath and toilets event (Thanks Spectre!)

Glassix v0.51.0
Quick bug fix included
Added Ayane, a junior student, Ayumi’s sister and Fujiko’s daughter
The administrative assistant job is now introduced by Marylin
The lifeguard assistant job is now introduced by Tokie
Added Nabila level 2
Added Ayane level 1 & 2
Fixed bug preventing to go to the girl’s status page when clicking on her icon on the city map (Thanks Thanny!)
Fixed bug with events not registering as completed in the event list (Thanks Slifer83!)
Quick bug fix – Fixed meeting event for Ayane

Glassix v0.50.2

Added new game option to earn the daily affection and obedience points faster when interacting with a girl

“Ask for money” event has been moved to its own tab

Reduced money gained from girls when asking them

Added “Ask for money” option in slave mode which does not cause affection loss

Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex

Fixed bug with girl’s icon in popup disappearing too soon when an event triggered

So, a small patch but some important changes.

First, the ask for money event has been moved to its own tab to reduce interactions since players mostly interacted with the talk option to get the daily affection point. I should have anticipated this

Secondly, following up on this logic (too many clicks to do stuff), I’ve added a new option in the game menu so that when the player interacts with girls, he’ll directly get the daily affection point for the talk option as well as the daily obedience point for the follow me option without having to click those options. This should make the game less clickity clack.

Finally, two small points, players reported the amount of money given by girls to be too high, which I thought too but was not sure yet. Since it’s been confirmed by players themselves, I’ve reduced the amount. However since the affection penalty stays the same, this downside is balanced by the new option to ask money in slave mode which does not cost affection points this way.

Let me know what you think of these game changes to know if I’m going the right way. I’ll go back to working on Ayane now

Thanks for your time and feedback!

Glassix v0.50.1
Nearby event will disappear if not enough time to reach destination
Nearby event will disappear if the target moves from destination
Fixed black screen bug occurring during afternoons in several locations (Thanks PatrickP!)
Fixed incorrect narration line ine Iyo event level 3 (Thanks PR!)
Waterlily event now correctly awards sexen (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed missing translations during Emiri’s anal commands (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed Nabila’s and Daisuki’s slave character image (Thanks Spectre!)
Fixed bug with events sometimes not being registered as completed (Thanks Metawe!)
Fixed instant transition time between location
Fixed bug with wardrobe introduction event occurring to early during day 1

Glassix v0.50.0
Added «Nearby events» feature to easily find nearby events
Added «Nearby events» option in Options menu to select which nearby events should be targeted
Added new text travel option
Added rollback feature during events with mouse wheel or up/down arrows (Requested by Nullshadow)
Added a popup to warn the player when time changes during events
Sound volume can now be adjusted in the game options (Requested by Hans-Olav Tangen Bråtun)
Traveling by bus is now 10% faster than walking/subway
Traveling by taxi is now 25% faster (before was 20%) than walking/subway and cost 0.5$/min (before was 1.5$/min)
You can now quick travel using the city map by double clicking on the destination. If cheats are enabled, time will not pass, similar to teleport spell without stamina cost.
Removed quick trip to school event in the morning
Changed some events conditions to make them still accessible at higher obedience levels (Requested by Prinplup)
New game menu now display important game options before starting the game
Add new icon in top menu to toggle nearby event help
Reorganized the help menu to introduce the features as the game goes on
Added events to introduce the Event list panel, the different ways to travel around the city, magic spells, opening locked door, dating and using the wardrobe
Keys are no longer required to enter rooms and buildings when cheats are enabled
Player can now ask girls for money when talking to them once a day but it’ll decrease their affection. The amount given depends on the wealth of the girl. Requires 80+ affection.
Aiko will now give some pocket money on Day 2 then will give more after the first exam on each Mondays depending on the exam results
When triggering an event by talking with a girl, unique event will always trigger before repeatable events
New search events based on luck and location
Added Daisuki’s good and bad endings
Added Daisuki’s emancipation event to date her
Added Daisuki’s pimping event
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed issue with background image not updating when time passed during an event
Fixed bug where girl tracker icon would move up when a popup disappeared
Fixed issue with tooltip sometimes not displaying when hovering over smaller icons on city map
Fixed Utako obedience level 4 being inaccessible (Thanks GTVA_Heretic!)
Removed Marylin endings from the event list since they shouldn’t be displayed there, only in gallery (Thanks Slifer83!)
Fixed bug when quick traveling/teleporting to shrine
Fixed issue when selecting «No underwear» in wardrobe management
Fixed issue with the event to reveal Sarah’s secret to Hikari (Thanks Slifer83!)
Fixed issue with girl in doll mode or slave mode not giving access to her room if player did not have the key
Fixed bug with pimping icon not reverting when you canceled slave mode by talking with her if the girl was pimping herself (Thanks Dalzomo!)

Glassix v0.49

Added Daisuki level 4
Added new timestop event for all girls
Added new event with Lily and Shizuru
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed event aborting unexpectedly during Daisuki’s event obedience level 3 when selecting the second choice

Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
English translation, Shizuru’s file, improved by Spectre
Fixed autosave not loading sometimes
Fixed Iyo missing slave images
Fixed missing dailysexstandingoutside4 for Daisuki
Fixed time stop spell outdated description
Fixed bug preventing Daisuki level 3 hint to be accessible
Fixed missing image during Daisuki daily golden shower bath

Glassix 0.48
Added time stop spell
Added Daisuki level 3
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
English translation, Hikari’s file, improved by Spectre
Soooo, this version contains the usual new level for Daisuki.

Glassix 0.47
Added blowjob and anal commands in doll mode
Added Daisuki level 2
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
English translation, Rin’s file, improved by Spectre
Fixed wrong key name for Marylin’s room and house in french language
Fixed wrong name tag in the talk with Lily about the nun
Fixed Street K night version
Fixed wrong image order in Hikari daily blowjob with sexy underwear
Fixed missing cum option translations during anal commands
Fixed missing image in Okimi’s pact event
Added missing chair and bed in Daisuki’s room
Fixed missing images during Daisuki’s night event

Glassix .0.46.1
Added one stripper event for Iyo
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
English translation, Saiko’s and Ayumi’s files, improved by Spectre (Huge thanks to him!)
Fixed several issues with pathfinding for Iyo’s, Nabila’s and Daisuki’s house (Thanks Thornum!)
Fixed bug with Iyo not sleeping (Thanks BDI!)

This patch fixes important bugs with pathfinding for the new three latest houses (Iyo’s, Nabila’s and Daisuki’s). You should not be spammed with error message anymore

Glassix 0.46.0
Added Nabila level 1
Added Daisuki level 1
Added slave pimping button in the girl status page, 3 girls max. Requires Slave mode and Devil’s Lust spells as well as having unlocked a specific event related to pimping.
Pimping girls using this new button now earns some money and sexen at the beginning of each day
Added 3 short daily pimping events for each girl
Added Daisuki’s house in Downtown Bakery and Bakery Street
Added Nabila’s house in Northside street H
Chinese translation updated by Darkbatex
Fixed bug with Iyo not sleeping at night (Thanks Peixe751!)
Soooo, I’m late again for this version, sorry about that. I’ve been swamped with web dev last month and it took me some time to catch up. Anyway, everything is back in order.

This new version includes 2 new girls level 1, thanks to CarpeNoctem for his hard work.

As for the new slave events, as said before, I decided to make it a bit different than the usual additional events. There is now a new button in the girl status page which allows you to order your slaves to pimp themselves automatically each day during their leisure time. This requires both the Slave mode and the Devil’s Lust spells as well as having triggered the first pimping event of the girl. This changes their usual behavior and instead of going home or go to their hobby places, they will instead go to the airport rooms and will spend their time pleasing customers there. This will earn you some money and sexen automatically each day. Only 3 girls at a time can be ordered to pimp themselves. There are 3 shorts pimping events for each girl, one for each room.

The aim was to make the mid/end game a bit easier with automatic money and sexen for players who don’t cheat (wait, do they even exist? Kidding :p I know some of you play fair ;P). This new daily income might need some tweaks though, I’ll wait for your feedback on it.

Finally, the chinese translation has been updated by another player, Darkbatex. So I’ve enabled the chinese language once more in the game. A huge thanks to him for his hard work. I know russian language has been requested too but since it has not been updated for so many versions, I’ll leave it out to keep things clean. Either a new translator shows up or once the game is completed, I’ll use some quick machine translations tools to complete all the removed languages. We’ll see.

Thanks again for your patience and support and let me know if you encounter any troubles with this version!

Iyo level 4 in Glassix
Added Iyo bad ending
Added Iyo good ending
Two bonus events for Iyo
French translation updated by CarpeNoctem
Fixed typo in Fujiko toilet event (Thanks Dregrin!)
Fixed incorrect variable change in Fujiko night event preventing second option to be unlocked (Thanks Dregrin!)
Fixed bug with Hanae’s vaginal event not displaying choices (Thanks Zeph!)
Fixed bug with Marylin lingerie set C not appearing in the item list (Thanks Zeph!)
Fixed missing character images during St Patrick’s event (Thanks Zeph!)
Sooo, this version was supposed to contain the first batch of new slave events. The plan was to create a new order for your slaves to have them automatically pimp themselves (once you unlocked the Devil’s Lust spell) each day so you could earn money and sexen on a daily basis, making the end game easier and giving a better feeling of really controlling your slaves. However, this requires some changes in the AI behavior so that the selected girls would go the airport to pimp themselves during their hobby time and at the moment, it’s a bit buggy at the moment. Since I was already late for the delivery, I decided to release this new version without this content and will instead push it to v0.46 with every girls at once instead of splitting the content in two versions like what I’ve been doing in the previous updates Glassix.

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

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