Cover Pandora's Box
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Pandora’s Box [1.0 Final + 2.0 v0.14] [Void Star]

This time we’re looking through the eyes of both the male and the female. Depending on the situation if both characters are present in the same scene, the one that makes…

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Cover Divergence
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Divergence: Beyond The Singularity [0.20.1] [Artifixion]

In the near future, where artificial general intelligence is reality, and androids are now a part of human society, you’ll embark on an intriguing, elaborate and steamy journey. During your play-through…

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Cover Alenja's Adventures
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Alenja’s Adventures [0.15] [Wet & Wild Production]

The game takes place in a dark fantasy world where “Alenja”, the main character and daughter of a female warrior, will go on a journey to not only develop her fighting skills, but also discover her sexuality…

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Cover General Practitioner 2
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General Practitioner 2 [0.0.9] [Bruni Multimedia]

Live the life of TWO doctors in this brand-new medical simulated Visual Novel. Andrew and Julie are siblings and MDs and they recently inherited a once-renowned medical clinic from their aunt. Join them in rebuilding the clinic…

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Cover Honey Select 2: Libido
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Honey Select 2: Libido [DX R2] [Illusion]

Honey Select 2: Libido. The sequel to Illusion’s 2016 release of Honey Select will include a similar premise of its predecessor in which you are greeted by a new lady named Für who introduces you…

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Cover HookApp
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HookApp [1.069] [KlonHad]

HookApp is a game that will have multiple playable characters using an online dating app. You can use it for fun, Getting laid, Or even finding a relationship. In the app you will…

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