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Bloodshift [3.99F08-PUB] [Amalgam]

Release date: 23 March, 2024
Genre: Puzzles, Adventure, Point & click, Sandbox, Mind control, Corruption, Male domination, Harem, Horror
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows
Version: Bloodshift 3.99F08 PUBLIC
Language: English
File size: 1.21 GB

About game:

Draco, a Stuart era carnal vampire, awakens in 21st century America with no understanding how he got there– or who brought him. To solve this mystery and recover his status, he must find clues, gain influence, drink blood, and enslave beautiful young women into his stable. This is a chapter-based, point & click adventure/exploration game containing puzzles and light stat-management. The story and mechanics are hardcore into MIND CONTROL & CORRUPTION, so if you’re an MC fetishist, this game was made for you.​


Administrator Jezabel Valient added
Secret room added
Animate ability added (Level 6)
You can shuffle through the rows of your Stable by pressing Pause on your keyboard.
Alleywood Hills area added
Gemma Wilson added (Subscribers only)
Significantly reduced GPU usage
Boot and load time reduced about 20%
Some UI elements improved for better player comprehension, especially regarding use of items
Better adaptation to 16:9 resolution.
The Stable screen now shows everyone you’ve fed from.
Jezabel now appears in the stable
Mortar now shows recipe guide during assembly
Téa generic sex scene improved.
Karlee’s scene improved.
Updated sprite for Téa in Stable.
The score screen will now alert you in the event that cheats may have been detected.
Talking no longer depletes time left.
Michelle no longer appears in the Stable screen after Chapter 2, but player has option to travel to Downtown via the Abilities button.
If you gain a level after feeding, characters in the room may duplicate.
Bonus points not properly being added after bonus feedings.
A bug that would infinitely multiple a player’s virulence.
Fixed a bug that might have incorrectly put players into Wraith Mode from out of nowhere.
Fixed an inventory bug that occurs when the player goes to the casino as Ann with the drug pouch open.

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