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Enchanted [] [January Night]

Release date: 11 November, 2021
Genre: Real Porn, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Toys, Corruption, Transformation, animated,, milf, incest
Censorship: None
Platform: Any platform play Flash videos
Version: Enchanted
Language: English
File size: 1.07 GB

About game:
Enchanted is an adult porn game where the main hero has to move to his relatives – his aunt and her two daughters. The outcome of this adventure depends on the player. Many types of fetishes and different storylines are planned to be realised. You can play either male or female. You can choose a backstory of your character that slightly affects your relationships with others. You can also pick your level of dominance, defining the plot of the game.​..

+ Changelog
v0.1.5.4 (11 November)
– shops improvement: instead of loading all the things in the shop they are now divided into categories;
– new Dungeon rooms: Table and Portal
– First Outworlds locations with an apothecary where the player can buy and sell goods
– new quest from Shala
– the first date with Sandra in the bar
– two new Sandra suggestions: foamy bath and oiled fun
– bug fixes (thanks Darin, keentom, JW, daedalus30 and other guys for reports):
– custom names for Anne, Sandra and Diana, new mentions of relationship status are added to some scenes
– shameful orgasm error during sex with Shala, Azzetha or Irri;
– Anne’s sissy punishment doesn’t lead to an empty screen anymore,
– fixed wrong placing of ‘sissy first shaving’ event
– possible perfomance improvements thanks to reducing maxStates Twine parameter (if you’ve got the Back button. it limits for five scenes)
– using gems of Hunger on Audrey in the Dungeon
– other minor fixes

– three new scenes for the ‘Sucking competition’: Dick on a Stick, Up the Ante, and sucking a dildo;
– three new hypnotherapy sessions: Muladhara stages 2-4;
– possibility to change the names of main NPCs is returned; in addition to that, it’s possible to set their relationship to the player’s character. Available at the start of the game or via Lifehack;
– new page – Diary that represents events that happen with the player;
– pool scene (happens in a week after waxing legs);
– new adult movies genres: ass to mouth, bvkkake;
– new clothes: g-strings, bedroom mules, female jeans, pantyhoses;
– a bimbo scene ‘Woken by Diana and maid’;
– new sissy and bimbo dreams (5 total);
– sissy content guidebook (Night Rider tier);
– “Roadmap” function was renamed to “Guidebook”, the same is for the patreon tier.

– a lot of bug fixes and little improvements
– arousal-based combat skills (at the moment available for female characters only. Talk to Ummuh after completing Call to Arms quest)
– restaurant date with Anne
– threesome sex option with Shala (only for female and male characters)
– improved sex scene with Irri
– new appearance for Anne: Cory Chase
– roadmap for dating scenes

– changes in the prehistory of the game
– new Anne’s punishment for sissy
– new sex actions with demons: get pussy and anal creampie
– three new mini-scenes during work in garden
– new Sandra’s task: take a walk in the city
– waxing legs scene by Brimskull
– minor improvements
– setting breast size via Lifehack
– wrong conditions in sex scenes with succubi
– wrong conditions of the second dinner time event
– multiple activation of the caught jerking off event
– other minor issues and bugs in Enchanted

– aunt: new sex options for the Spell of Suggestion: kiss, jerk off, suck cock, titjob, footjob, deepthroat, cum
– Spell of Proud now has a chance to transform a clit into a cock
– fixed autosaving
– clothing system improvements: possibility to choose outfits for definite days of week, save outfits and quickly change them
– new content in the Red Light District: a fortune teller that sells prophecies (one prophecy is available: BDSM-scene with domination, humiliation, pegging content)
– new older cousin task: take a walk
– new scene during helping older cousin in the morning – foot massage

v. (22 March)
– five new scenes (instructed to shave, shaving lead up, first time shaver, next morning after shaving, aunt’s punishment): the first is peeping on aunt and task to shave the pussy (check aunt’s room door after 22:00), then follow the plot
– elder cousin’s punishment scene (just talk to her in the morning, requires happened aunt bedroom fucking and Vishuddha hypnotherapy stage 3)
– fixed the bug during younger cousin’s fastfood date (13 February)
new scenes with Abella: straight, cuckold and lesbian content
– Shuri’s aunt spanking scene (requires start of the sissy story and at least three days of skipped work, just talk to the aunt after that)
– redesigned messages
– Ash home event (by Kaa)
– sissy: aunt invite to uni scene (by Kaa), conditions: aunt wake up event, cock less 10 cm, wearing panties
– aunt gallery date in Enchanted
– new sissy task: buying high heels + a short scene in the women’s clothing store (by Brimskull)
– choice of flats and high heels is extended up to 50

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