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Bimbo Life Coach [8.0.8] [lifecoaching]

Release date: April, 2024
Genre: Porn Game, lifecoaching, html, real porn, corruption, hardcore sex, Big tits
Censorship: None
Platform: Any platform play Flash videos
Version: Bimbo Life Coach 8.0.8 Full Game
Language: English
File size: 1.44 Gb

About game:
Bimbo Life Coach throws you into the life of a once-successful businessman who has blown almost all his money on partying and turning a succession of girlfriends into bimbos. Realising the gravity of his situation, but also appreciating his skill for turning women into bimbos, he launches Bimbo Life Coaching. Rather than find yet another young woman to satisfy his drive to build the perfect bimbo, he decides to work as a life coach – New York’s first Bimbo Life Coach…

+ Features
– Full physical transformation for first client, Stella Jackson
– Corruption of client’s daughter, Charlotte
– Business storyline to turn Bimbo Life Coaching into a profitable enterprise
– Introduction to minor characters whose importance will grow in future updates
– Real porn, GIF heavy game
+ Changelog
Added 3 new random early coaching sessions to increase money output in the early game.

Stacy – new bootycall option, post transformation
Natalie – new photoshoot
Skylar – 3 new meetings
Sarah – 4 new sessions
Elle – added start of Elle’s path
Kira – added start of Kira’s path
Lauren – added 3 new meetings
Charles and Evelyn – added a new couples path

June –
– Added 2 discussion scenes
– Added 2 implant scenes
– Added multiple transformation scenes and outcomes

Charlotte College Path –
– Added ways to make money
– Added Porn options
– Added Club options
– Added Photoshoots
– Added Magazine options
– Added a new scene with Charlotte and Sofia

Added Events for the following characters –
Minor bug fixes
Grammar fixes

Big UI Changes
Story Event
Tan Event
A possible new client
Stacy Event
Diamond Event
A new client
Anna Event
2 new Skylar Events

v0.7.0.8 Part 2
June Came Early Part 2, now available publicly.
– June
– Two new events at home.
– Five bimbo coaching events.
– Four photoshoot events.

Multiple Bugfixes

Part 1
– Complete refactor of the variable system to better facilitate new features.
– June
– Event with Tiffany.
– Four new events at home.
– First bimbo coaching session.

– New UI
– Color scheme adjustments.
– Game information has been split over to a new right hand sidebar for easier readability.
– All menu screens use buttons for easier navigation.
– New Sofia Content:
– Changed Jasmine Jae to
– New model: Lisa Ann.
– Changed first transformation scene to give model option.
– Four bimbo training scenes.
– Five random scenes.
– Four repeatable scenes.
– Second possible transformation.
– Two new scenes featuring Priti.
– Various game fixes and coding improvements.
– All game images have been updated to standardize sizing and quality.
– Spelling corrections.
– Improved code checking, particularly around random events.
– Implemented new functions for easier time checking.
– New version variable to reduce manual changes.
– Fixed trigger for Stacy call scenes occurring early.
– Fixed bug where random day triggers were not being called.
– Removed the options to refuse Stella’s transformations, Charlotte’s modelling and path options, and Mom’s relationship as they are dead-ends which do not provide anything to the story.
– New finances dynamics based on game stats.
– Updated the “Dream Files”
— Stella
– Two new repeatable scenes.
— Diamond
– Strip club scene.
– Text scene.
– Body Werx workout scene.
— Raven
– Text scene.
– Photo shoot scene.
— Stormy
– New character at strip club.
– Text scene.
– Strip club dance scene.
— Wilde
– Downtown scene.
– Stacy workout session scene.
— June
– Home gym scene.
– Bathroom progress scene.
– Bedroom photo scene.
— Sofia
– BLC aunt scene.
— Stacy
– Random text scene.
– Photo shoot scene.
– BLC visit scene.
— Natalie
– Cosplay convention scene.

— Improved a number of backend variables.
— Added mute option to sidebar.
— Fixed bug where renovation did not take into account money.
— Implemented new player inventory system. This also includes items at the downtown fashion store.
— Downtown gym has membership and workout options added.
— Random BLC sex event after grand opening.
— New route for Hang to start photography modelling after grand opening. Currently seven events.
— Four events where Hang explores porn after grand opening.
— Added new description content to Hang’s journal page.
— Dani BLC study event after grand opening.
— Added new description content to Dani’s journal page.
— Event after grand opening for Stacy to begin new workout sessions at BLC.
— New workout events to go along with this (12 in total).
— Three new random events that occur at BLC.
— Four new repeatable bootycall events (Bedroom).
— Added new description content to Stacy’s journal page. Also improved some of the hints.

6.1.1 Release

– Complete re-design of UI sidebar and menu.
– New images on sidebar.
– Permanent dark mode.
– Charlotte photoshoot (bimbo & college) and logo scene.
– Charlotte college bar scene.
– Charlotte college friend scene.
– Charlotte college friend scene part 2.
– Elaine backstory scene.
– Journal rework to include a more in-depth guide and new images.

– Back-end coding and structure has been re-written to allow for more efficient variable management and extensibility without breaking compatibility with older saves.
– Journal pages have all been upgraded to new common structure based on character descriptions. This removes the emphasis on grinding stat values.
– Construction on your new space is complete.
– New BLC meetings.
– Dream files updated (Patreon vote).
– Co-op board additions.
– Interactions with Rosa Hernandez.
– Interactions with Elaine.
– Interactions with Stacy.
– Interactions with Tan.
– Interactions with Natalie + Photoshoot.
– Interactions with Dr. Yanovic.
– Interactions with Sofia.
– Repeatable and Training sessions with June.
– Repeatable scene with Jessyka.
– Interactions with Erica.
– Training with Stella.
– Text with Tiffany.
– Interaction with Ana.
– Interaction with Charlotte.
– Scene with Ana + Charlotte.
– Events with Dani.
– Events with “Designers”.
– Final event “scene”.

– A new event with Ana has been added.
– June’s first training event has been added.
– June’s stripclub encounter has been added.
– The main storyline has been expanded slightly.
– A new stripper will appear on a specific day.
– A meeting with Dr. Y has been added.
– Natalie event added.
– A new pre-transformation Sofia event has been added.
– The new building progress has increased.
– Dani event/encounters have been added.
– Stat pages have been reworked.
– Many fixes throughout passages to include loops, grammar, and variable errors have been fixed.
– A new file structure has started to take place.

This patch is mainly to set up for 6.0, which will be the next patch. The intent will be to give every single character some type of scene/addition, as well as expanding the main story line. You will see a new file structure/variables in 6.0 as well which will be game breaking, old saves will no longer work after this patch.

0.5.3 Patch Notes – HUGE shoutout to NCAegis for helping with text/grammar edits and working on character text coloring.

-New text colors for all characters have been assigned and should flow throughout the story.
-Light/Dark mode added.
-Changes to Ravens dialogue.
-Added 4 new randomized Tiffany “Events”.
-Natalie’s introduction has been added.
-Stacy’s story extended and scenes added.
-Fixed some minor things in the TFC.
-Added new Downtown area.
-Added a new Coffee Shop.
-Added a Downtown Gym.
-Added a Fashion Store.
-Ana’s story briefly continues in the coffee shop downtown.
-Sofia’s Transformation surgery is now possible.
-June’s lesson has begun.
-Changed bimbo dream pictures to add/change variety.
-Stacy Bootycall has been added.
-Grammar and other errors corrected

Bug’s Fixed
-Hangs anal scene repaired.
-When you visit the old coffeeshop variables for $ana / $Rosa / $Yanovic have been removed.
-The $metnatalie was not pre-defined as false.
-The $StacyElaine1 was not pre-defined as false.
-Mom surgery loop should be fixed.
-The “Black-Rock Coffee Shop” the return button took you to the other coffeeshop.
-The “slut” stat of Tan is reset to 4 has been fixed.
-When you teach June the second time at home no longer breaks the game.
-Stacy after class now progresses you forward with her story.
-Photoshoot1d Stella text has been fixed.
-Strip club not displaying pictures on certain days has been fixed.

Known Bugs
After some June and Hang events, their stats are not updating correctly.

– New series of e-mails and interactions with Tan regarding Hang’s transformation
– Charlotte goes to college – two events for Charlotte’s college path
– New Tan sex scenes and development
– Two new Ana scenes (girl from the coffee shop)

Bugs and fixes:
– Fixed the save text colour
– Friday option to wakeup and skip to BLC meeting
– Made a fair few changes to how the game itself is programmed, cutting down on the confusing code on my end and allowing the game to expand more naturally.
– New autosave method, autosaves at sleep page each morning. This is because sometimes you will be unable to go back, due to the above changes.
– Consolidated some pages to limit duplication/etc.
– Fixed an issue with the 8-hour sleep system
– Fixed the Isaac guide count error

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

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