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Area69 [0.81] [k78Games]

Release date: 13 April, 2024
Genre: 3DCG, Adventure, Anal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Cheating, Dating Sim, Exhibitionism, Fantasy, Groping, Footjob, Graphic Violence, Groping, Horror, Humiliation, Horror, Interracial, Lesbian, Male Protagonist, MILF, Mind Control, Monster, Prostitution, Romance, Sandbox, Sleep Sex, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Voyeurism, Sex toys
Censorship: None
Platform: Windows, Linux, Android
Version: Area69 0.81 + Inc patch + Cheat Mod + save
Language: English, Spanish
File size: 3.8 GB

About game:
In the city there are rumors of vampires, werewolves, ghosts, aliens and all kinds of supernatural creatures. You must try to solve these intrigues! While touring the city you can meet more than 30 girls with whom you can relate intimately in addition to trying to live the normal life of an ordinary young man! A bar ruled by vampires, alien creatures seen at school, big furry things seen in the park or demonic possessions are some of the most heard rumors!

+ Changelog
Emma Story Final – Last Chapter – New
Emma Home

MC Living – Ava Dream – New – 3 Achievements
Olivia – Living/Nightclub – Full Rework
Emma – Living/Nightclub – Rework Texts
Sara – Bathroom – New – 2 Achiv.
Emma – Bathroom – New – 1 Achiv.
Olivia – Bathroom – New – 4 Achiv.
Emma – Kitchen – New – 2 Achiv.
Sara – Kitchen – New – 2 Achiv.
Emma Bedroom – MC Sleep – New – 1 Achiv.
Emma Bedroom – Emma Sleep – New – 3 Achiv.
Emma Bedroom – Emma Mirror – Full Rework
Emma Bedroom – Ava Fuck – New – 2 Achiv.
Sara Bedroom – MC Sleep – New – 1 Achiv.
Sara Bedroom – Sara Sleep – New – 2 Achiv.
Sara Bedroom – Sara Mirror – Full Rework
Sara Bedroom – Ava Fuck – New – 2 Achiv.
Olivia Bedroom – MC Sleep – New – 1 Achiv.
Olivia Bedroom – Olivia Sleep – New – 2 Achiv.
Olivia Bedroom – Ava Fuck #1 – New – 2 Achiv.
Olivia Bedroom – Ava Fuck #1 – New – 2 Achiv.
Olivia, Emma, Sara, Walter (Ring Talk) – Full Rework
Sara (Home-Nightclub) – Rework Texts.

Emma, Sara, Olivia – Rework Texts

Olivia – Staff room – New – 1 Achiv.
Olivia – Maintenance Room – New – 2 Achiv.

Emma Gym – Rework Texts
Julia Home

Emma Breakfast – Full Rework – 2 Achiv.
MC Bedroom FAP – Rework

– Important Notice: In this update the ending of the story ‘Sacred Sex’ was implemented and all scenes with Lilith and Catalina in the church were unlocked.
All scenes related to Emma, Sara and Olivia, for reasons of time, will be updated and will add in the next update.
– Story ‘Sacred Sex’ – Get out, Demons! #1
– Story ‘Sacred Sex’ – Get out, Demons! #2
– Story ‘Sacred Sex’ – Ecclesiastical Gratitude
– Story ‘Sacred Sex’ – Family Gratitude
– The story can have up to four different endings, two endings for Lilith and two endings for Ava.
– 6 New achievements (Story related)
– Repeatable scene with Catalina #1 (Two possibilities)
– Repeatable scene with Catalina #2 (Two possibilities)
– Repeatable scene with Lilith #1 (Two possibilities)
– Repeatable scene with Catalina and Lilith #1 (Two possibilities)
– Repeatable scene with Catalina and Lilith #2 (Two possibilities)
– Repeatable scene with Catalina and Lilith #3 (Two possibilities)
– Special scene with Julia and Lucy (Scooby) (2 Endings – 2 New Achievements)
– 12 New achievements (Repeatable scenes)
– 2 New memories (FAP)
– Bug Fix: Lily will now give you the book about the Aliens if she hadn’t previously.
– Lag problems fixed.

– List of Chapters
– Story ‘Sacred Sex’ – The Pure Being
– Story ‘Sacred Sex’ – Family Meeting
– Story ‘Sacred Sex’ – Heavenly Decision
– List of Nightmares
– Nightmare – Freddy’s Dream
– Nightmare – Marion’s Dream
– Nightmare – Carol Anns’s Dream
– Nightmare – Valak’s Dream
– Nightmare – Cole’s Dream
– Nightmare – Reagan’s Dream
– Repeatable – MC Masturbation
– Repeatable – MC Masturbation (Human – Vampire – Werewolf) + Julia
– Repeatable – MC Masturbation (Human – Vampire – Werewolf) + Lucy
– Repeatable – MC Masturbation (Human – Vampire – Werewolf) + Julia + Lucy
– Repeatable – MC Masturbation (Human – Vampire – Werewolf) + Emma
– Repeatable – Holy Cleansing (Catalina)
– Thanks to a_ch_e for the constant improvements in the translations!
– 2 New Scenes in the memory system
– 14 New Achievements
– Various bug fixes

+1300 Renders!
80 animated scenes!
Reportedly it’s the most content update so far:
Continuation of The Ghost Story of Samuel and some new characters


This is the actual list of things that should be in here on top of getting Lucy on the beach:
– Bug Fix: Emilia Laptop.
– Bug Fix: xVideos does not start.
– Lucy: “First time.”
– Lucy: “Tips from the enemy”
– Lucy: New sex scene in her room.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the pool.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the bathroom.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the living room.
– Lucy: New sex scene in the kitchen.
– Ahegao/normal option in ALL Lucy’s scenes.
– Lucy: “Possible salvation” -> Three different endings (Vampire, human and werewolf)
– Implementation of not being able to become a vampire if the MC is already a werewolf, new images in Elena’s quest.
Important: You can’t be a vampire and a werewolf at the same time! If you are already a vampire you will have to start a new game to be a werewolf or wait for some “miraculous cure” to appear in future updates…

Area69 v0.74
(Time to Train) – August/September 2022
– Quest ‘World Championship’ finished with 10 new chapters​
– Quest ‘xVideos’ finished with 3 new chapters​
– Rework of the boxing gym and all old renders​
– Repeatable scenes with six students for the new profession​
– Repeatable scenes with female boxers​
– Repeatable scenes with Angela, Martina and Nicole​
– New profession (Personal Trainer)​
– New NPC: Alana, Nicole’s sister​
– New NPC: Anastasia’s Bodyguard​
– 35 new achievements​ in Area69

16 New Achievements
New Scenes in the Bunker
Amelia Bath
Amelia Train
Elena Shower
Isabella Shower (2 Finals)
Elena/Isabella Fuck (2 Ways)
Bar (Talks)
28 girls to talk
Emma (Successful Talk)
Sara (Successful talk)
Lucy (Successful Talk)
Andrea (Successful talk)
Victoria (2 Finals)
Bar (Dance)
10 dancers
+100 Renders each girl
tip system
2 different outfits + nude (all girls)
Sex for money proposal
Abigail / Naomi (Successful Proposal – 2 Endings)
Olivia (Successful Proposal – 2 Endings)
Evelyn (Successful Proposal)
Julia, Isabella and Amelia (If the story is already advanced, none of the three will probably dance precisely because of the decisions made)
Bonus scene
Julia Night Kitchen (2 Endings – 1 Random MC Vampire)
Other random scenes in Area69
Scare or kill the thief as a vampire
Some tweaks to the story of Lucy being the vampire MC, but they don’t change anything about the story, no need to replay it.

AREA 69 v0.72 – NEW CONTENT:
– Amelia’s Story
– Isabella’s Story
– Elena’s Story
– Choice to be a vampire, kill Elena, take her prisoner or make her an ally.
– Repeatable scenes in the new bunker.
– Two paths (Isabella partner – Isabella enemy)
– More Achievements (It will depend on the path taken)

AREA 69 v0.71 – NEW CONTENT:
Judy’s Quest – 3 Chapters / 2 Reps
Andrea’s Quest – 2 Chapters + Full Game SexFighter / 6 Reps
Victoria’s Quest – 3 Chapters / 1 Reps -> 2 Ends
New achievements in Area69
Repeatable Events: Julia in the Living, Victoria and the pills, Visiting Emilia and Judy.

– Great progress on the NEW quest “Bloody Moon” (Lucy, Evelyn, Sylvia, Roman, Luca, Werewolves)
– New Achievements
– New repeatable scenes (6)

– ALL quests have improvements, new options and new animations, so it is necessary to start a new game*.
– Mission “Let’s play!” completely reworked
– Andrea reworked
– New Achievement System (+100 Achievements)
– New Quest System
– New Personality System (Good / Bad)
– The bathroom and all its scenes completely reworked
– New repeatable scenes in Area69
– ALL game animations reworked
– Music and sound reworked
– Many changes in the interface
– Typography and text options
– Partial rollback working
* The personality system would not make sense if a new game is not started and the player makes their own decisions.

– Scene at the beach with the lifeguard
– Short progression on the story + scene with the police woman (Jessica)
– Short progression on the story + voyeur scene: sex between Eva and Sebastian
– Alicia’s scene reworked

[New Scene] Isabella & Julia in Julia’s Bedroom (Important decision)
[New Scene] Isabella & MC Sleeping
[New Scene] Amelia in the park at night
[New Scene] Aliens in the pool at night

[New Scene] Coffee with Emma and Julia
[New Scene] Emma in her bathroom (Two endings)
[New Scene] Olivia in the school hall (various paths)
[New Scene] Abigail, Naomi, Olivia in the maintenance room (Three endings)
[New Scene] Anna and Olivia in the Teacher’s Office (Two endings)
* Hint: Find keys! in Area69

[Animation rework] MC dreams of Anna
[Animation rework] Vaginal sex with Judy
[Animation rework] Oral sex with Judy
[Animation rework] Julia masturbates the MC while he sleeps
[New repeatable scene] Sex between Julia and the MC in her room (Lucy spy)
[Place rework] Lily’s Book Shop
[Full NPC rework] Lily
[Reworking of scenes] Talks with Lily
[New repeatable scene] Lily and the MC in Lily’s office

– All missions updated!
– A new game is necessary
– New characters!
– New places!
– Optimized music and audio levels
– Computing level up to 10 (More money and earnings)

Visual novel story progression
Stats, arousal, energy, inventory system
9 main quests
+40 people to interact
+40 locations to explore
Relationship system with more than +30 characters
Interactive map in Area69
High-Quality pictures
Music & effects

Download from [File Boom] Download from [Rapidgator]

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